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  1. His leaving NYCB/SAB as staff a few years ago was related to other matters, come more publicly to light since all the Peter Martins allegations.
  2. I don't think someone mentioned this already-- but Darci Kistler was the primary person to do the female role for many years and did so beautifully, and she was a taller dancer.
  3. I like Ash, though I think it's a dancer killer.
  4. I meant throughout that entire spring season, which was a wonderful crash course in Balanchine. The telecast was the final performance.
  5. I think they did T&V on its own during the Balanchine Celebration in '93. There were many things brought back for just that season I wouldn't mind seeing again, not that I recall any ballet names.
  6. I actually love this production of SB for that very reason. I'm of a Balanchine pace, and so typically full-lengths are just not my cup-of-tea. I realize it may seem like reading the cliff notes than reading a book to some, but you still get Petipa's (and Balanchine's choreography) and numerous moments for corps in soloist roles to shine. I think, perhaps, this production of SB is so much better than Martins' other productions because... he interjected less of himself and his tastes in it!
  7. I have appreciated both men in the past, but they really were superb in Divertimento -- graceful, with ease, and engaged-- and quite a contrast to Veyette. I have been a fan of Veyette's generally-- but this performance, like others said, was so very labored. It marred an otherwise splendid performance of the ballet.
  8. To those who asked about the Janice Levin dancer -- The person is honored at the annual Guild luncheon usually held around Valentine's Day, and then that's when the name usually goes in the program. Always a corps member, as it's meant for an up-and-coming dancer. Sometimes dancers are so up-and-coming, they skip right over that award or get promoted within the year.
  9. Should be. They usually do list the women in order of variation, and the first man is the lead.
  10. Juliet wears a short dress (as shown), while the other female ball attendees wear floor-length gowns.
  11. I only know ABT and NYCB: Julie Kent Irina Dvorovenko Jenifer Ringer Darci Kistler Suzanne Farrell Helene Alexopoulos Margaret Tracey (more pretty than "beautiful") -amanda
  12. Just wanted to highlight this post, as tomorrow and Monday are SAB's workshop performances, so we should mind what Alexandra's note says.
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