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  1. Volcanohunter answered that a few posts back. It is frustrating to see that though, isn't it? She's been languishing there long enough...and if they could bother with changing her photo, why not just go ahead and put it under Principals?
  2. She looks youthful and pretty in the new photo. The previous one, with the cropped 'do, was more glam.
  3. Even if McKenzie miraculously offers Veronika principal status, that doesn't guarantee that she will stay. Her problems with ABT probably go beyond that.
  4. We don't know what her real reason for leaving is and wouldn't be so quick to judge her actions based on what's given in the article. Part seems awfully reluctant to talk about her situation, so I would assume it's more than not fitting into the ABT culture. The bottom line is, she's unhappy there and her loyal fans should support her decision to leave and seek out something better for herself. The problem is we can't figure out a place that would be a perfect fit for her. Part's New York audience will sorely miss her, but hopefully this does not mean the last of her presence here.
  5. What chamber-sized company could contain her talent? It hasn't really worked for Monique Meunier, and I don't think it will work for Part. She could go the Sylve route and be a nomadic ballerina of sorts, but she doesn't seem to be the type who could handle that kind of demand.
  6. Clips of her in "Ice Age" (the name of the show) are available on YouTube. Her partner is Anton Sikharulidze.
  7. I wonder if they are already married? That update was actually awhile ago. In any case, best wishes to the engaged/newly weds!
  8. Compare with Viengsay Valdes performing the step on the 'Tube. Type in "Valdes [Joel] Carreno" in the search field, and it's in Part 2 of the Black Swan pdd. You can also watch her hold some very long balances in Part 1!
  9. My main problem with criticisms (I'm speaking of professional critics, not anything I've read here) is that they will make blanket statements about how she is unmusical, boring or dull without really qualifying it. I had the same problem with Gottlieb when he wrote about a few NYCB dancers being boring or uningratiating (how in the world does that word even begin to describe someone's dancing?)
  10. Part's Swan Lake is second closest to being sold out (tied with Kent's SL). Only orchestra prime, balance, and family circle are available. Ananiashvili's performance is already sold out. Either Part has many, many adoring fans, or her audience is equally divided: those who think her O/O is one for the ages and those who want to find more to complain about her.
  11. I'm not sure how artistic interpretation can be separated from the storyline, and I wasn't suggesting I only pay attention to the plot, or there wouldn't be any reason for me to go to the ballet since I already know it. The magic Gomes and Part create on stage is so powerful that for 2 and a half hours I'm completely immersed in that world. How is that not artistic interpretation? While Part's technique is not spectacular, it is sufficient enough for me to overlook her flaws. Her feet and center are weak but she has worked hard to improve these. I really shouldn't say her technique is poo
  12. I very much disagree with that. It's interesting how people can react so differently to the same performance, same performers. To speak the truth, I was so caught up in the love story between Part's Nikiya and Gomes' Solor that I was reluctant to see him with another woman--ehem--Nikiya.
  13. You are not alone in your judgment of her skills at the time. I just came across this somewhat dated article: The Guardian (June 24, 2000)
  14. I agree with Carbo, and I would keep Farrell as most beautiful, too, although I didn't list her previously because I was sure others would. I remember reading on here someone saying whether or not he/she would find Farrell attractive if she were not a dancer- in my mind, she still would be. She isn't beautiful in a glamorous way, but rather has a natural prettiness, kind of Uma Thurman-esque. Anywho, there's the old cliche: beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
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