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  1. Erin Patak of the Houston Ballet is of mixed heritage (American-Indian). She is leaving the company to join another in Germany. Some of the reasons for a lack of South Asian dancers could be as follows: 1) Islam does not encourage dance, and thus dancing (especially of females) is not encouraged in Pakistan 2) Within India, the local dance forms flourish. Western dance performance are extremely rare (far less than Indian performances in the USA for example). So one can images how few ballet schools (probably one can count them on your finger tips) there are. China and Japan embraced a
  2. Some unusual images resulted from the light show.... http://insightphotography.smugmug.com/Dance Serenade and Sleeping Beauty (Act III) will follow in a month or so. Enjoy.
  3. Houston Chronicle has the scoop. I have only seen her in Welch's Swan Lake, and am looking forward to her in the Gala coming up.
  4. I do not know how long the NY Times keeps these articles online. But if you have membership (free) you should be able to see the review of Simple Elegance and article on Mr. Tetley. Houston Chronicle reviews...here and here. The performances run through this weekend.
  5. Photos can be viewed until October 2006 here. A detailed review is here Enjoy
  6. There was some discussion on the group Nrityagram a while ago. Rudrakshya is another group, in the same genere, touring the USA. They finished covering Texas in early August. Images from the performance in the DFW metroplex can be viewed at insightphotography.smugmug.com Enjoy
  7. Austin's newest dance company, the American Repertory Ensemble, gave their premier performance in Austin with some stellar artists. Dancers from Ballet Austin, Boston Ballet, Atlanta Ballet, Joffrey Ballet , and OBT displayed their expertise in classical and contemporary pieces. The company followed the Austin performance with a stint at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Visit photographyinsight.blogspot.com for impressions and images of the performance. For images only, visit insightphotography.smugmug.com. Enjoy
  8. Are ready at the usual place at http://insightphotography.smugmug.com/Dance until July 2006.
  9. Melinda Nelson, the marketing director of TBT, indicated that next year's season includes the full Sleeping Beauty and Mr. Stevenson's Alice in Wonderland. Of course the Nut, and a few mixed rep programs are on the agenda. Two dancers from the Kirov will guest for excerpts from Don Q some time. Details are here.
  10. A few photos from the latest production of R&J are available for viewing. BA Academy's Spring Recital was also held in May, on Mother's Day. A couple of photos from the performance are in the May Summary gallery. These will be removed in July. I plan to remove all the galleries from the dance section by the end of June. Only productions I have shot over the last few months will be on display from now on. So enjoy the older galleries for one last time.
  11. This should be up in on the web site soon...at http://balletaustin.org 2006/07 Golden Anniversary Season Sept 23-24 ~ Not Afraid of the Dark Oct 27-29 ~ Sleeping Beauty Act II, and Serenade Dec 9-23 ~ The Nutcracker Feb 15-18 ~ Director's Choice/Golden Apr 6-8 ~ The Taming of the Shrew May 10-13 ~ A Special Evening with Stephen Mills
  12. http://insightphotography.smugmug.com/Dance The show will run in Dallas this weekend. The production is well paced. Production values are excellent as usual. Christina Gianelli's lighting was beautiful. Using males for the stepsisters is imaginative, but a tad much at times. Nevertheless it works. The court jester brings a wonderful energy I really enjoyed the PDDs. The choreography was very lyrical and gentle - not over dramatic. I alway look for different types of peaks and combinations in Classical Ballet. Creating something fresh and different I am sure is difficult. There w
  13. http://www.cubanballetgala.com/ Scheduled to appear... Rolando Sarabia Lorena Feijóo Juan Boada Katia Carranza Luis Serrano Lorna Feijóo Nelson Madrigal Reyneris Reyes
  14. Full Lengths.... Nutcracker Dracula CoppÉlia Madame Butterfly Carmina Rest 4 are mixed reps http://www.houstonballet.org/Ticketing_Sch...eason_Calendar/
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