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  1. Hm... Actually, there are many. I'd say Polina Semionova, Suzanne Farrell, Elena Evteyeva, Sofiane Sylve.
  2. Martyna

    Egle Spokaite

    At last there's someone that says that she's not that strong technically! I definitely agree that she has very good acting skills and dances with lots passion, but what do you not like about her technic? Maybe she's getting old? And i think that injuries she had affects her dancing.
  3. Martyna

    Egle Spokaite

    I live in Lithuania (though not in Vilnius), so I've heard about Egle a lot (I've also seen her dancing). She IS an amazing dancer, though actually she's more classical - I mean, she can create a wonderful Juliette or Giselle, but she's too "soft" for Carmen she's really praised here and claimed to be the best dancer in Lithuania :yes:
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