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  1. As far as I'm concerned, Marcelo Gomes can do anything, can find a way to make any role fit him (or, more properly, make himself fit any role). But if we look to the film actors as the archetypes, Rob Fairchild's apple-pie cheerfulness is much like Kelly's. I was also struck by Leanne Cope's resemblance to Leslie Caron (same initials, too!). More than that, her animated facial expressions mesmerized and enchanted me.
  2. Here's the soundtrack of the film. Lise does not sing. One question for me is, who will play the Oscar Levant role? A second is, IF Robbie Fairchild ultimately lands the Jerry role, why has no one yet suggested that Lise be played (if she can muster a credible French accent) by his fiancee/Broadway veteran, Tiler Peck, with whom he shares such great on-stage chemistry? And finally, how can this number possibly be translated to a live performance????
  3. carbro

    Natalia Makarova

    Thank you so much, Janneke. I would urge viewers to click through to Part 2. So moving! With all due respect, and I know you're a veteran ballet watcher, Jane, this is not my experience at all. I've seen many Makarova O/Os, including two consecutive late-career performances with ABT, separated by only one day (if I recall correctly [maybe it was two days]), each characterization consistent throughout and totally unlike the the one of two nights before/after. The first was a fiery, passionate, powerful Odette fighting Rothbart's curse with all her might, the second a more subdued one, te
  4. Thank you for reviving this thread, Cristian. Sometimes the only job open comes with a corps contract. I don't know that this was the case for Frometa, just suggesting that maybe ...Good to see you here, meunier fan. Welcome to BalletAlert!
  5. carbro

    Locating dancers

    Just a reminder to please be discreet with information that Ms. McLain might prefer not to publicize. Please use the Contact Us link, and with her permission, we will send Fra's email address for you to forward to Ms. McLain. Thank you.
  6. Sorry, Joyce, but is it any worse than, as a permanent amateur dancer, sharing a barre with an ABT soloist?
  7. carbro

    Roberto Bolle

    For all of you Roberto Bolle fans, his publicist forwarded his schedule for the remainder of 2013: ROBERTO BOLLE’S ENGAGEMENTS FOR CALENDAR YEAR 2013 MAY From May 1 to May 12: NYC Rehearsals ABT May 13 Opening Gala night Met May 14: Onegin first performance Met May 16: Onegin, Met May 15and from 17 to 20: NYC Rehearsals ABT May 21,22: a Month in the Country Met Forom 23 to 31: NYC Rehearsals ABT JUNE June 1, 3:ALEXEI Met From June 4 to 14: NYC Rehearsals ABT June 15: Romeo and Juliet Met From 17 to 24: NYC Rehearsals ABT 25: Sylvia Met 26,27: NYC Rehearsals ABT 28: Sylvia M
  8. We're always complaining about the dearth of up-and-coming choreographers. Here's an opportunity to help develop some. http://www.indiegogo.com/Nachmo4 This project makes it possible for new choreographers to develop their craft by providing studio space and a performance opportunity. They're awfully close to their goal with seven (six and a half?) days to meet their goal. This year, the choreographers are working in San Francisco and New York, with two performances in Brooklyn on February 8 and 9. NACHMO's website: http://www.nachmo.org/ What is Nachmo? Nachmo is your yearly choreog
  9. Me, too, although I appreciate it when it is done well, i.e., with unison and as much lyricism as the choreography and music allow (not much). Really? Interesting. I've only rarely seen it that way, and then from dancers who are generally mechanical and academic. Also, I find it hard to dislike any variation with renverses.
  10. It's not a variation but a duet -- the Puss 'n' Boots from Act III of Sleeping Beauty. Even when it's cast with a favorite dancer (or two!), I can't wait until it's over. I think this is a great topic, Bart B., and I'm surprised no one's posed the question yet. I'm sure I'll enjoy reading some of the responses, and I'm equally sure I'll be confounded, even angered, by others.
  11. I heard the same report. This does not include external links, such as those found here or in friends' e-mails. Those are still unlimited. At least until further notice I don't know how the new policy applies to links from search engines.
  12. Welcome to BalletAlert!, desiree. I'm glad you asked for help locating the publications, rather than asking directly for information, since we do not allow this forum to be used as a research source for academic work. Your query is permissible. As you may have noticed, the posts herre are over a decade old. Neither Estelle nor vagansmom posts here regularly anymore. It appears that Les Saisons de la Danse has ceased publication -- a shame. I can't offer helpful suggestions, but perhaps some of our readers can.
  13. Hi, judiann. You might want to look at the page I linked in post #3, above. Specifically, a post on that page by cheryl44tn, here. If you'd like, I can forward your e-mail address to any of the contributors to these discussions. I know how comforting it can be to share remembrances of a loved one with others. Just let me know. This assumes, obviously, that the addresses we have are still current.
  14. Welcome, Bonnie, and we're glad you enjoy BalletAlert! You can get e-mail notifications of any topic, subforum or forum by clicking the WATCH link at the top of the page. I hope that, in addition to reading our discussions, you'll add your own insights, opinions and experiences.
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