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  1. Thank you, abatt. Alicia seems very happy and optimistic for the future. She's grounded, smart and talented. All the best, Christian @christiancudnik @balletinitiativ
  2. Alicia Graf Mack is the face of Alvin Ailey American Dance. Alicia joins me in the studio to talk about the back injury that is currently threatening to end her career. We also have a candid conversation about race in ballet, and the lack of women in executive roles in dance. http://www.balletinitiative.com/podcast/2014/8/20/alicia-graf-mack
  3. Damian Woetzel is the Artistic Director for the Vail International Dance Festival. Each year, this innovative festival presents a diverse offering of dance in a truly unique setting. On this episode, we discuss some of the finer points of the festival. Specifically, serial collaborations, new works, debuts, community work and arts education. http://www.balletinitiative.com/podcast/2014/7/28/damian-woetzel Follow Ballet Initiative on Twitter and Facebook.
  4. Thank you. I've got a couple of new ones coming. I speak to Alicia Graf Mack on Monday, and Damian Woetzel from Vail. I'll keep you posted. Appreciate you.
  5. Thank you for all of the great comments and continued support.
  6. Victoria Simon was a soloist with the New York City Ballet. Toward the end of her career, George Balanchine selected her to stage his ballets around the world. On this episode, my curiosity takes us behind the scenes of the process and responsibility of staging Mr. Balanchine's work. Follow BI on Facebook and Twitter http://www.balletinitiative.com/podcast/2014/7/16/victoria-simon
  7. Check out the new Ballet Initiative Podcast here: http://www.balletinitiative.com/podcast/2014/6/13/carol-sumner Carol Sumner was a soloist with the New York City Ballet from 1958 to 1978. Under the direction of George Balanchine, she danced principal roles in Concerto Barocco, Divertimento No. 15, Agon, Western Symphony and The Nutcracker. I've found the relationships between Mr. B and his dancers to be fascinating, and often complex. In this case, it's very sweet. Ms. Sumner was moved to tears when she recalled his final days and ultimate passing. I appreciate her candid nature. If you'd like to see images of Ms. Sumner from this period, go here while you listen. http://artsmeme.com/2012/01/25/what-makes-a-balanchine-ballerina-meet-carol-sumner/ Twitter: @balletinitiativ Facebook: Ballet Initiative
  8. Ms. Govrin was a soloist with New York City Ballet for 15 years under George Balanchine. Today, she's a renowned teacher and the Artistic Director of Eastern Connecticut Ballet. In our conversation, she shares her life as a dancer and gives fascinating first hand insight into the legend of Mr. B. Listen here: http://balletinitiative.com/podcast/2014/3/25/gloria-govrin You can also follow us on Twitter and Facebook
  9. Nancy Buirski is the Director of "Afternoon of a Faun: Tanaquil le Clercq". I should admit, I fell in love with 'Tanny' through photographs over decade ago. So, to see her move on screen truly deepened my intrigue/ crush. This is a universal story of struggle and change. I feel that her story will appeal to more than our dance community. It's beautiful. Really well done, Ms. Buirski. Thank you. Twitter @balletinitiativ and @christiancudnik http://balletinitiative.com/podcast/2014/2/5/nancy-buirski
  10. Pherank, Thanks for the lead. I've been trying to connect a some of the dancers you've mention. But, to no avail. So, I'll reach out again. Speaking of photographers, I'll have Steven Caras before too long. All the best, Christian
  11. Episode 20 & 21 of the Ballet Initiative Podcast features Wendy Perron. Wendy is the author of the new book, "Through the Eyes Of A Dancer". She's also the Editor at Large at Dance Magazine. You can listen to the conversation here: balletinitiative.com/podcast On Twitter @balletinitiativ and @christiancudnik
  12. great partnership. wish it would have been explored deeper. but, life is complicated. thanks for listening and sharing!
  13. Vipa, we spoke for 2 hours! 45 minutes was 'off the record'. I do plan another conversation with her.
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