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  1. Vipa, That truly means a lot. Thank you very much. We'll keep going. Keep in touch. Christian
  2. In part one of our conversation, we talk about her road to becoming a principal, dancer burn out, and how changing her approach preserved her career. In part two, I wanted to give Tess more time to talk about her position on ballet in the media. Her October 2013 interview in the Wall Street Journal started a deeper conversation about the way ballet is presented and perceived in the mainstream. Plus, she shares her views on the art of ballet in the media. Including, Sarah Jessica Parker's new project with NYCB and her thoughts on Breaking Pointe. Carla Korbes appears on the next episode. ball
  3. "Enduring Tradition: Ballet in the Heartland" a 30 minute documentary featuring former NYCB principal dancer, Gen Horiuchi and his company the Saint Louis Ballet is now complete. The film will be broadcast on local public television at the end of the month and will also be available on DVD. Probably via the company website. (stlouisballet.org)
  4. Is Maria back? I do hope she's on the mend if not back on stage.
  5. Did anyone happen to tape it? My local never posts the guests until the following day. So sadly, I missed it. :mellow:
  6. I am confused and suprosed that Amy Aldridge isn't being featured more with PA Ballet. Especially during a series featuring the work of Balanchine.
  7. Last week there was an NPR story featuring the students at Ballet Academy East and the Nutcracker. I forget the shows name, but it was on NPR. It was rather positive. I missed the segment that started this thread.
  8. Respectfully, I was more interested to see if she was ok. Sadly, I won't be in NYC until the new year.
  9. Hello from the mid west. Is Maria Kowroski injured? I haven't seen her name much and hope she's well. Best,
  10. As a photographer, it's great to see that there is such an appreciation for capturing the art on film. St. Louis Ballet (www.stlouisballet.org) has been kind enough to use my work. Feel free to pop around. Best, 32tendu
  11. Rosalie! Yes, she's doing some fine work.
  12. As a photograher, I agree with your post celebrating Martha Swope and her work. Ballet was truly fortunate to have her. Paul Kolnick certainly has unlimited access to beauty and he captures it accordingly. I view ballet photography as a tool paramount in the preservation of the art and it's significant contributions. Best, 32tendu
  13. I just want to add my appreciation of this photo. It's one of the coolest portrait images I've seen. Thanks for bring it up. Peace!
  14. This is an excellent forum. As I have a pocket full of questions. Why is it that ballet and most art programs are not supported by the government here in the states like it is in most countries? It's a heavy topic, but it's important and probably best answered the government. It seems that the USA loses great performers and choreographers to countries that have art supported and funded programs. Peace.
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