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  1. Gina Ness

    Raven Wilkinson

    So sorry to hear of her passing... Her important place in ballet history will live forever.
  2. Gina Ness

    Sean Lavery Has Died

    I knew Sean when he was a teenager at SFB back in the days before he became a star at NYCB. What a great guy with a great sense of humor! We all loved him! He will truly be missed by many, many people. Many friends feeling very sad today...
  3. She was so amazing in A Midsummer Night's Dream! What a wonderful, inspiring life...
  4. Gina Ness

    Ruth Ann Koesun

    So sorry to hear of her passing. I grew up looking at photos of her in the souvenir programs. She was so beautiful...
  5. Gina Ness

    RIP Willa Kim

    I was so very sorry to hear of Willa's passing. I had the privilege to wear costumes designed by her ( Michael Smuin's "TheTempest" and his "Shinju", to name a couple ballets) when I danced with San Francisco Ballet in the seventies and eighties. Her costumes were designed with the movement of the dancer in mind as well as just being amazingly beautiful! She shall be missed!
  6. Gina Ness

    RIP Violette Verdy

    http://news.iu.edu/releases/iu/2016/02/violette-verdy-tribute.shtml Such sad news... She was a brilliant teacher and mentor to so many young dancers at Indiana University. An iconic ballerina has left us...
  7. Richard G. Holden has passed. He was known on this forum as "richka". He will be missed by family and friends. He had a remarkable career, and it was an honor to know him. Kathleen C-Schwartzman wrote this wonderful obituary. I met Richard on this forum several years ago. He helped Mr. George Zoritch in Mr. Zoritch's final years and days. We will miss you, dear Richard... http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/tucson/obituary.aspx?pid=176188285
  8. Gina Ness

    Maya Plisetskaya

    I was privileged to see her dance Odette/Odile and the Dying Swan at the SF Opera House when I was young... She inspired my generation with her strength, artistry, and passion. I was speaking about her at some length with my advanced class the very day she passed away! I didn't know she had left us until I returned home! I try to tell my students about the amazing dancers of the past who are leaving us... I don't wish for Maya to be forgotten! She is iconic and will be so missed...
  9. Gina Ness

    Joan Benesh

    Thank you, Richka, for sharing your remarkable connection... May she rest in peace.
  10. Gina Ness

    Margo Marshall

    I am so sorry to read this... I didn't know her personally, but I know and danced with her son Dennis at SFB during the seventies. I'm really thinking of her family and the many students she inspired throughout the years at this sad time...
  11. Gina Ness

    Marc Platt

  12. Gina Ness

    Marc Platt

  13. Gina Ness

    Marc Platt

  14. Gina Ness

    Marc Platt

  15. Gina Ness

    Marc Platt

    In the "Barn Raising Dance" from "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers" posted above, Marc is brother Daniel in the purple shirt...