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  1. she is very special- great breadth and passion and essence. When will she be made a soloist, already?
  2. Can we talk about Sarah Kaufman's Washington Post “Othello” review? Of course, the odds of two successive glowing ABT reviews from her would be astronomical. Yes, she is accurate that the biggest fault of Othello is the lack of character development. But, I am bothered by the fact that about 70% of Ms. Kaufman's review is devoted to that lack of character development, and not other important elements of the ballet, like the exceptional corps work and overall choreography. Rather, Ms. Kaufman uses significance space to point out examples of ballets that did have character development an
  3. Yes, I mean the ushers. While I am sure they are under strict orders from the Met, I am not so sure ABT has such orders. And, actually roping them in? Please. We are not cattle. If ABT felt that way and had that control of a house, then standees would not have been able to sit at the Kennedy Center, which they were always able to do when the house was not full. The Met is the landlord; ABT is a tenant. The Met makes the rules, I would think.
  4. Saw Othello again tonight, this time from the first row. I must retract my earlier comment about Carreno being ABT's best actor- he's very good but Marcelo really is in another league. He was remarkable. His intensity is just riveting - like his incredilbly nuanced and strong von Rothbart in the third act of Swan Lake (thankfully recorded for all time on DVD). Reyes was interesting as Desdemona today. Certainly not Julie, but a strong performance nonetheless. Rasta Thomas was fine, but I much prefer Gomes in this. Why did they need to bring in Thomas? Who did it last decade when Desmo
  5. To the Hallberg-Gomes acting contingent- do you not think Jose is a good actor? To ZB1, welcome- you have some very astute comments and I look forward to your opinions on Othello. I was not aware of the student ticket situation but was aware that last year the Kennedy Center stopped selling standing room tickets unless the performance was sold out. Significant numbers of teens (mostly female) used the standing room tickets- and, what was so nice, unlike the Nazis at the Met who literally rope standees in, the Kennedy Center ushers would allow those standing to sit in available seats. New p
  6. Stella was focused, dramatic, passionate, gorgeous, and her scenes worked wonderfully.
  7. OK, it's the middle of ABT week in DC and here are my humble oberversations: WOW, a glowing Sarah Kaufman ABT review. She is often far more critical of ABT than other companies. Maybe she is coming around. KINGDOM OF THE SHADES I don't know what problem that letter-writer to Dance magazine this month has with the ABT corps. Since Swan Lake, they are the best they have ever been, and are now, me thinks, on par with the Kirov, Royal and Paris Opera. First night just a little rough around the edges, but Carreno superb. Maybe not as high as before. But, there is no better actor at ABT. S
  8. It was Marian Butler last night as the cowgirl. Her sister, Martha Butler, was with the company about five years, retired a few years ago and did a wonderful cowgirl herself.
  9. I grew up on NYCB in the early 60s in New York but am not a terribly big Balanchine fan. I have seen NYCB only when they are in DC but for a dreadful afternoon a few years ago in NY. I attended the Wed. and Thursday night performances in DC. Wednesday night was mind-numbingly boring. Allegro Brillante - I just don't get Miranda Weese. Hubbe good in Duo Concertant. The first four pieces were, to my mind's eye, far too similar, the dancing uninspired and ordinary. What was the point of the R & J balcony scene? No connection at all between the dancers and no dancing for Romeo real
  10. Alexandra had perhaps the best ballet quote in ages when she said in her review of Romeo and Juliet: "Franklin can greet the dawn, celebrate life, be at peace with his God and plot the politics of an entire city in three steps and a look." So very, very true....
  11. Back to the labor issue. Jason Palmquist was quoted in mid-December as saying that Washington Ballet could not negotiate with the union because their attorney was not available! Are you kidding me? Then get another attorney. What BS. And to cancel Nutcracker, rather than hammering out an interim agreement, is just stupid. It's an INTERIM agreement. Can't Kennedy Cener sue them of something for cancelling their Feb. na dmRach performances. This is just the latest in the series of actions reflecting the absolute inability of WB to deal with the union. There was the cancelled trip to Italy
  12. I attended the mixed bills and the four Romeo and Juliet performances. I agree with LAC that Hallberg was very good as Death in Green Table, as was Kelley Boyd as the Young Girl (keep an eye on this one). That R & J is one gorgeous ballet. Gong has grown on me a great deal. The costumes, lighting, non-stop action- never a dull moment. I love the music-less pieces and the shadows. Gillian Murphy, in the first music-less piece, was extraordinary. Regretfully, her partner Radetsky does not have her balance (but then, who does?). As for Afternoon of a Faun, Kent and Abrera were very
  13. Arthurs has a long, ballet-ideal physique but a rather uncharismatic face in what I've seen thus far. To me, she's the Gillian Murphy of NYCB...which isn't really an insult, after all! [Arthurs was perfect in one of the 'Theme couples' in Four TTs.] Natalia- To compare Ms. Arthurs to Gillian Murphy is actually quite an insult. Gillian may have an "uncharismatic face" and certainly has an extraordinary physique but she is far more interesting and a spectacular technician, while Arthurs is, well, average on both accounts. Her Maria could not have been more lifeless.
  14. Them's fighting words, Paolo!! Sorry you didn't like much of what you saw. Try catching Ashley Bouder in Stars and Stripes and any of the performances of Polyphonia. I remember some of the posters thought the company looked a little sluggish at last year Kennedy Center's performances. But this is after The Nutcracker and 8 weeks of repetory in NY. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> While I did not get to see Stars and Stripes this time, I did see Polyphonia and must say I was most impressed. Wendy Whelan and Janie Taylor and Ansanelli and Soto were extraordinary- what ballet should be all ab
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