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  1. I was at ABT's Thursday evening mixed rep performance. 'Theme & Variations' didn't give me the goosebumps that it has in the past but I don't fault the dancers for that. I think I was sitting too close to the stage to get the real effect of the complete sweep and movement of the piece. I always knew that this ballet was Balanchine's mini tribute to the glory of old Czarist Russian Ballet, but I learned something new about it also that evening. I attended a talk given by Kevin McKenzie & Alexei Ratmansky and one of them said (I think it was Kevin) that it was akin to a mini Sleeping Bea
  2. I am so very sorry to hear of this. We always looked forward to seeing her during the ABT rehearsals coaching the dancers. We send our heartfelt sympathy to her family, friends, and all of the ABT Family. We will miss her greatly.
  3. Yes, please keep me too! Thanks
  4. Natalia, thanks for the wonderful reviews. Let me just add something about Brief Fling. As much as I adore & admire Cornejo's dancing, I found him 'too classical' for Tharp. The only reason I noticed this was because the Kennedy Center opened a rehearsal that afternoon and I got the chance to see Marcelo Gomes in the same role. His performance was more attuned to Baryshnikov's head and shoulder movements from "Push Comes to Shove" and it just rang more Tharpian for me. I will be interested to see if anyone else noticed the difference. Ditto on Wiles' Hagar. Either I'd forgotten how mov
  5. Just a quick entry before I start work - I was there Tuesday night and there were many things I did love about ABT's new production. Call me gaudy but I did enjoy the brilliantly colored costumes and glitter. The cast was very good. I sat fairly close to the stage and even though Paloma was technically strong and has such a lovely face for Aurora, I had the sense she was emotionally detached. (Did I detect a tad of annoyance with her partner or was it my imagination?) Halberg danced with his usual classic elegance. It's a perfect role for him. Still, they partnered well and deserved the bravo
  6. Hans, I'm not sure about the week's other Solors but Sunday afternoon's Solor at the KC did take a puff or two off of the old pipe while watching the snake charmer.
  7. ABT's website has finally posted the "Sleeping Beauty" casting for their January performances in Washington, DC - January-29 7:30 PM Washington DC The Sleeping Beauty P. Herrera D. Hallberg Buy Tickets January-30 7:30 PM Washington DC The Sleeping Beauty X. Reyes H. Cornejo Buy Tickets January-31 7:30 PM Washington DC The Sleeping Beauty J. Kent J. Carreño Buy Tickets February-1 7:30 PM Washington DC The Sleeping Beauty I. Dvorovenko M. Beloserkovsky Buy Tickets February-2 1:30 PM Washington DC The Sleeping Beauty M. Wiles D. Hallberg Buy Tickets
  8. Since the 2008 Spring Season casts have been announced for the Met I wonder... does anyone have an inkling of what the casting will be in Washington for Nutcracker in December or Sleeping Beauty in January? (Fingers crossed & hoping...)
  9. Bingham, it's not too early for me to hope that they would do Ashton's "A Month in the Country." I've been wishing for that one for a long time!
  10. I was attending a performance of the Paris Opera Ballet in the eighties at Wolf Trap. They were doing Nureyev's "Swan Lake" on a very hot, muggy summer's night. Sylvie Guillem was mesmerizing everyone as Odile when her sequinned black swan bodice split down the side as Nureyev was spinning her. He looked only mildley alarmed when he saw what happened and she danced to the wings and shortly reappeared in a very basic, not so glamorous black tutu that was still passable as a swan costume. That wardrobe malfunction made the night even more hot and muggy for the male contingent in the audience.
  11. Well, did anyone go? What did you think of Fadayev & Obratzsova?
  12. I was able to see all three casts of "Othello" during this run. A side thanks to the powers that be at the Kennedy Center for those $20.07 tickets. I was able to obtain some in the side orchestra which were wonderful because we had row R where there is an aisle between that row and the rest of the rows so there were no worries about the tall guy coming in and blocking the view. I was trepiditious about seeing this ballet because I had seen it in New York years ago and my fading memory of it did not leave me leaping to go again. However, after seeing the Gomes/Kent/Cornejo/Radetsky/Abrerra ca
  13. Natalia, I know Susan Jones does most of the corp coaching but I believe that Irina Kolpakova may have had a hand in it, too, to add that Russian touch. Bravo to the corps.
  14. I am still bleary eyed after going last night, getting home late, and rising at 5:30 this morning for work. Oh, why didn't I take today off? But here are my takes on last night. For me it was the best mixed program ABT has brought here for awhile as far as ballet choices. It was a very blalnced blend. (Sounds like coffe doesn' t it...hmmmm I must need another cup.) I'll leave the technique observations to the more knowledgeable on this board but I thought the corp in the 'Shades' did a beautiful job. Jose Manuel Carreno looked stronger than Paloma Herrera last night but they partnered togethe
  15. This topic brings to mind my mother, God Bless her soul, who gave me a love for both cats and dance. I don't think she could have been happier than when she had a cat on her lap while watching a Fred Astaire movie. Today, my family would not be complete without those beautiful and funny creatures. Luckily, my husband is a patient man who also has affection for all pets in general. I have a tabby, Roxanna, with very pronounced markings on her face. It looks like perfectly applied stage make-up for a sylph, especially the dramatic eye liner. Then there is KC, our solid white kitty with big green
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