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  1. Hi Cuban, For as long as I could remember, Italy has been my dream destination. I think everyone has a place or several places that resonate with them on a completely personal and intimate basis. Italy has been my special dream place. This year, after much tight-fisted savings, we managed to finally go to Italy. I'm thrilled to report that it actually lived up to my inflated expectations. Rome made me feel like I've always secretly wanted to see myself. Sophisticated and cosmopolitan, even though I am neither of those things. Sipping Asperol Spritzes while seated at an outdoor table at a t
  2. Thanks Miliosr for taking the time to post your thoughts on the All-Star pairings. I agree with pretty much every thing you said. Bristol/Mark and Helio/Chelsea are my first picks to go home. The former because she's a bad dancer (among other reasons) and the latter because while he's a better dancer than Bristol and not nearly as annoying, he won purely on Julianne's razzle dazzle charm and smoke and mirrors choreography. The Apolo/Karina pairing looks exciting to me. I adore Karina. I could spend hours watching Slavik and her dancing during their competing days on Youtube, and Apolo has ch
  3. Puppytreats, I'm laughing at him, not with him. His complete lack of self-awareness as to his own ridiculousness is what I find amusing.
  4. I finally got around to watching the final two episodes online. The show started to pick up some steam once rehearsals started for the spring season. The first episode was so deadly dull that I almost gave up on the show. The most interesting person on the show for me is Allison. The producers paint her in rather broad, bratty strokes. Mind you, she is a real pill but I think most of her brittle fickle behaviour hides a very wounded soul. You could sometimes see her pain and confusion through all the bravado. I thought she looked really lovely in the tiny little bits of Emeralds we saw her d
  5. I'm comfused. Are they going back to having each movements tutus be a different color only with a new design? Please don't tell me they are getting rid of Karinska's powderpuff tutu and replacing it with a pancake tutu. I swear I will rip apart those new tutus with my bare teeth!
  6. Since working with gemstones is part of my job I was happily surprised to find out that St. Hildegarde used various gemstones as part of her healing ministry along with herbs and assigning specific diets for many maladies. She was a facinating and awe inspiring woman!
  7. A pilgramage to Varanasi is a very important event in a Hindu's spiritual life. The river is the beginning and the end, a way to purify and heal. I'm not Hindu, but I lived in India for a time when I married my husband there. The really devout Hindu's have a purity and serenity about them and a devout belief in devotions, prayer and giving that I found much to admire about. I think the path to spirituality is such an individual personal thing. Prayer can be many things. Surrending yourself to a higher power or a noble ideal is one way. Communing and sharing with that higher ideal is the
  8. Some BalletAlerter must have seen Farrell dance The Siren! It seems to me to be such a delicate act to dance an aloof/inviting and cold/warm personality like The Siren.
  9. Note to Oprah: Give Jeni her own show on your network stat! She's one of those ballerinas that makes you feel happy whether she's dancing or just sitting there.
  10. Wow Violin Concerto, you really socked me in the gut with that statement about Balanchine. It made me realize why I love his ballets so much. I've always been drawn to mystics. They vibrate to a higher tune than the rest of us. They have the ability to transcend normal human needs and wants in order to communicate and draw closer to the Divine. I think that's how Balanchine lived, loved and created. He did say he was a cloud in pants after all.
  11. Oh I don't know Richard53dog, once I finally started to pronounce La Sonnambula correctly it made me feel instantly smart and worldly, at least for a few days! It does sort of trip off the tongue in a romantic, mysterious way. I love the pictures of Danilova as The Sleepwalker. I'm used to seeing only blondes (Kistler, Whelan) dance this role. She seems less ethreal and more sensual. More moody. I like it.
  12. I had read somewhere of the change at one time to Sugar Plum having four cavaliers instead of one. I can't imagine how jarring that must have been! The little tweaks and experiments over the years that Balanchine made to this production are facinating. It seems so strange to compare how many principals the company had at that time compared to now. Of course, they had a much smaller season and repetory then. Maybe I'm easily amused but I also love seeing the old advertisements as well. TransAtlantic voyage anyone? I would really love to see more of these old programs posted if you have any
  13. Speaking from the Midwest, seeing Balanchine choreography danced live is an extremely limited experience. The classic's still dominate the regional dance companies. I suspect the main reasons to be name recognition and inability of smaller companies to stage a Balanchine ballet. Ask ten people where I live if they have heard of Swan Lake or The Sleeping Beauty as a ballet, you would mostly get an afirmative answers. Now, ask those same ten people if they have heard of The Concerto Barocco or Symphony In C ballets and you're going to get 10 blank stares. Heck, ask them if they know of George
  14. Amy, I've been having the same exact problem! Thank God I'm not the only one! I thought I was going crazy! I'll click on say around 8:30 am, hit view new content and it will say "only 3 new entries since 5:10AM, or I'll try in the evening and get "2 new entries since 2:45PM. I'm not anywhere around the computer during those times! It's seriously curtailed my viewing experience with BalletTalk. I even accused my husband of spying on what I post here. And for what it's worth I have a Mac as well.
  15. I agree with the above posters regarding Jennifer's Today show appearance. She was calm, warm and open and seemed to me a little overwhelmed by the firestorm. She did acknowledge that she was appreciative of the outpouring of support from so many who rushed to her defense. On a completely shallow note, her shoes were to die for! I didn't appreciate seeing the clips from Black Swan used to suggest that ballerinas are under pressure to be too thin. Gad, I'm sick of that movie!
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