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  1. Her dancing in that clip is both delicate and luxurious. It's simply intoxicating!
  2. It's been almost a year now since we brought Leo the stray deaf cat into the fold and it's still a struggle at times, although much better than it used to be. The main problem is between Frisky, the only girl and Leo. Frisky was the only one of our three cats that I got when she was still a kitten. So she is my spoiled little princess (I need therapy! ). She looks down her bewhiskered nose at Leo as if he were some stinky bedraggled peasant who dared to invade her royal space. Sebastion is my sweet big himbo cat. He's the alpha male and takes his duties as such very seriously. When Frisky
  3. My "reformed" tomcat also would've made Balanchine reconsider his beliefs about cats. What a clumsy boy. He misses the bathroom countertop when he jumps up to supervise my teeth-brushing, he ran into our glass sliding door, which unfortunately was closed at the time, he rolls off the stairs while doing stair watch duty. But, he is a sweet boy who sleeps next to my head all night. This also means he takes his bath right in my EAR! Ugg! We recently adopted a white deaf boy cat. He is the curious one who knocks over things and goes into places he's not supposed to. He also likes to leave a bro
  4. My male cat wakes me up by latching on to a lank of my hair with his mouth and pulling. He does "call" to me with a rather pitiful meow when he's downstairs and I'm up and he's feeling left out. Our female will jump up on the table in front of the computer and give me a little adorable kittenish meow. Of course I can't resist that, which she knows very well. In my experience with both cats and dogs, cats are the more emotionally manipulative creatures. Yes I know, this is a really groundbreaking statement isn't it? Not literary cats per se but definitely companions to a literary giant were
  5. Ostrich I can't help but think that you and Farrell Fan are thinking of two different books. The one FF refers to is Arlene Croce On Balanchine, a book we have been waiting on since 2003, the year of the Balanchine Centennial. First the release date was pushed to 2004, then followed a series of setbacks on the release date. I emailed the publisher, Farrar, Strauss & Giroux at this time last year and was told to expect a release date of February 2007. Of course Feb. 2007 saw no new book (big surprise). So being the persistant little bugger that I am I emailed them again in August of this ye
  6. After just re-watching my Ballet Russe DVD, I'm craving an Alexandra Danilova biography. I've read her own autobiography which was nice but think an objective well reseached biography is needed. So many of the younger female dancers recall her taking them under her wing, almost becoming a mother figure to them, yet we also know what a forceful strong personality she could be. I think she was a dancer who never knew how to be anything BUT a dancer. Every breath she took she breathed as a BALLERINA. A true creature of the theater. I think she was facinating. Editing to add: I also agree that a
  7. That was one of the best interviews with a dancer I've ever read! What a charming, down to earth lovely dancer and woman she is. Lucky Joe and Cameron to have her for a mom
  8. If you think of certain ballet steps being done by nude dancers on stage than you can begin to see why it's a bad idea. A very high developpe' to the side done by a female? A grand jete' done by a man? It's ridiculous, inappropriate and well..... just yucky. Having never seen it, I do need to ask HOW in the Ek's version of Giselle did Albrecht manage to wind up nude in the finale? Was he simply too hot and sweaty after all that dancing to his death to wear his clothes one moment longer?
  9. Alla Shelest Tanaquil LeClercq Margot Fonteyn Patricia McBride Lourdes Lopez Pauline Golbin Sofiane Sylve
  10. A tape of Sofiane as Aurora! Somebody pick me up off the floor!
  11. From the past: Michael Mordkin, Michael Somes, Nicholas Magallanes. The latter is featured with Marie-Jeanne in a serious of photos by George Platt Lynes. They are nude and posed by Balanchine. Both are beautiful but Magallanes is a lovely speciman of Manhood, uh......so to speak. From the present: Nikolaj Hubbe, Albert Evans, and although he isn't dancing anymore I've always thought Patrick Dupond was good looking. Maybe not in the classical sense, but he always did IT for me.
  12. Lilac Fairy should definately be front and center. The music tells you so.
  13. Off the AP this morning, the Russian Labor Ministry, after receiving a formal complaint from Volochkova has called her dismissal from the Bolshoi illegal and states that they should rehire her. At least they are treating this as a labor dispute and not a "fat dancer" story.
  14. About Kirkland being hard to lift, if I remember correctly in her autobiography after she started to study with David Howard, he taught her that "you have to go down to go up" or something like that. That pushing down to the floor as your partner lifts you creates resistance that results in a more stretched out form or arc. I think that's how it goes. Anyway I've been reading all the comments about Volochkova and I think the Bolshoi is using the weight issue as a smokescreen to hide the fact that she is she is too opinionated for them. They can't fire her for that, but they can if they
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