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  1. Yes, I have always thought Martins’ ending is essentially Balanchine’s ending, minus the dummy swans (which would certainly look very out-of-place against Per Kirkeby’s backdrop.). I love the dummy swans! And everything about the Balanchine version. It has been shown occasionally during the last 20 years, and while I’m sure the box-office algorithm doesn’t like it as much as the Martins version, I believe it is a better calling card for the company (based on the tiny sample of people I’ve taken to each). BTW—yes to Ballade, yes to Tzigane and yes to Harlequinade!
  2. Don't we want them to come back?
  3. I just came from tonight's performance of the Brahms-Schoenberg Quartet. Unfortunately, I felt the moths had gotten to the first three movements, though they were still good in parts. I much enjoyed the gypsy Rondo, although I felt the performance was not quite as finished as Suzanne Farrell's staging of Monumentum/Movements. Please, please, can she be invited to coach Teresa Reichlen and Adrian Danchig-Waring in Chaconne?
  4. I thoroughly enjoyed tonight's performance of Monumentum/Movements! I look forward to Suzanne Farrell's staging of Brahms-Schoenberg, and I hope she is invited back to teach many more ballets.
  5. What wonderful news! I will make sure to attend these programs. https://twitter.com/nycballet/status/1217132496846049280?s=20
  6. I loved today's performance of Diamonds! I hope Suzanne Farrell is invited back to coach many more ballets.
  7. How wonderful it was in a single weekend to see two beautifully-staged ballets set to scores by Leo Delibes! Did this ever happen in nineteenth-century Paris? It felt particularly wonderful since both ballets were coached by dancers who originated roles in them. I once took this as a matter of course, though I have a sinking suspicion that this may become rarer as time goes by. (Just as at one time my mother thought nothing of seeing a Balanchine ballet supervised in every detail by George Balanchine). As Suki Schorer took her bow during the curtain call of La Source at SAB, I felt (as ever) what a treasure she is. Coaches at City Ballet never appear on stage under any circumstances, but I felt Coppelia was extra-wonderful this year because of Patricia McBride. So I salute the quadrumvirate for inviting her back. At the same time, it was all so bitter-sweet. Why did we all have to wait almost 30 years for this to happen? It seems like (artistic) murder! Oh well. It is not like there is a “do-over” button in ballet or in real life. But I hope the quadrumvirate continues their laudable open-door policy, and that the door does not slam shut under a future regime.
  8. I've been a fan of the company since 1999 and saw it every year at the Kennedy Center (except for missing one year, which I now regret--oh well!). These farewell performances were bittersweet and and now it feels like something so valuable has vanished. Many thanks to Suzanne Farrell and all her dancers!
  9. I notice the online casting has not been updated and still lists Bouder for tomorrow's (Wednesday's) performance of Raymonda. Has the casting sheet in the lobby been updated? If she has been replaced, by whom? I have a ticket for that performance and I'm not sure whether to go.
  10. The casting for the Kennedy Center performances is now available on the NYCB website, at the "On Tour" page: http://www.nycballet.com/Season-Tickets/On-Tour.aspx
  11. Yes, you can pick your own seats. I was pleased by the ample selection offered!
  12. Looking back, I much enjoyed the winter season! Especially the debuts in Chaconne and Harlequinade. It was a bright spot in a cold, difficult winter--or, as Eve Harrington said, "a drop of rain in the desert."
  13. ivanov

    Misty Copeland

    Thanks! The video of Violette Verdy is extraordinary!
  14. I can't speak about ABT, but my father told me about a call of a similar nature from NYCB earlier this year. The caller was trying to reach my mother to ask for a donation. My father explained that my mother, who had been a member of the City Ballet audience since she was a girl, had died recently. The caller said "no problem!" and hung up. Like you, kbarber, my father wrote a letter of complaint to the company.
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