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  1. Thank you California and Kaysta for your information.
  2. When will NYC Ballet be performing at the Kennedy Center? Can't find mention on either website.
  3. Eileen

    Joy Womack

    I agree with all the comments here about Joy Womack. I have found myself looking at her vlogs, and am simply bored. I am not of the generation that recorded every thought, or expressed my emotions for the world to see and hear. I do want to add that Joy is eliciting resentment due to publicizing her life in the US, where she comes from a family that, to Russian eyes, is living in luxury. And her apartment may evoke envy from dancers who have less space and comfort. For all her training and dedication, she is absolutely naive about politics in Russian ballet, and in Russia in general. You don't
  4. In the wake of Jenny's farewell performance, here is her book, ready at last, and I leapt upon it! Jenny is or rather, was, my favorite dancer in NYC Ballet, and her dance biography is elegantly written and put together. The photos are delicious and she has given close attention to important milestones of her career. I have written a review on Amazon. I hope her future will be as fulfilling and filled with dance in some form. I also admire her speaking ability and poise as host of a Dancer's Choice program several years ago at NYCB.
  5. Thank you Carbro, a good point. However, I asked my teacher that very question at the beginning of my voice training, at about age 33, if I had potential for a career at this point. She sensitively pointed out that many others were more advanced than me. So I did not think it realistic at 33 to pursue voice as a career. I did, however, join amateur choruses like Oratorio Society, St. Cecelia, and learned much great choral music. When I "finished" my amateur vocal career, I put up a sign at Juilliard to sell my music, and sold my precious scores (most of them) to a new generation of singers fro
  6. I will relate this question to my own adult voice lessons. As a teenager and young adult, I was busy with school and college and my parents could not pay for lessons, anyway. But once I was on my own and making enough money (in my early 30's!) I took up voice again with a former City Opera star. I stopped for awhile, then enrolled in Juilliard Evening Division, where the teacher, David Dubal, inspired me with the joy of music again. If I could not play piano (the subject of the class) I could perform Schubert, Schumann, and many great composers with my voice. So I returned to my teacher. This
  7. Eileen

    Kathryn Morgan

    I checked the casting for the week ending December 24, and Kathryn Morgan still has not been cast. There's only one week left of the season. I have not checked what she has said on Twitter, as Twitter is a mystery to me. I am rather heartsick at not seeing Morgan's name yet again on the casting list. What a talent she is. She was one of my favorite dancers and I am fearful for her career. Does anyone have any information?
  8. Eileen

    Kathryn Morgan

    Krystin, thank you for giving us this news. I feel very sorry that Kathryn Morgan has been so ill. I hope and pray she recovers fully and can resume her very promising career.
  9. Eileen

    Kathryn Morgan

    From her Twitter account and Facebook page, I got the impression Kathryn Morgan will be back performing this season. I certainly hope she is well, as she was truly missed this past season after a glorious 2009-2010 season. Please be well and come back and dance for us, Kathryn! (I know one is not allowed to speculate on the condition of dancers, but this is from her own social media accounts.) She wrote she is back in New York and rehearsing.
  10. Thank you for your kind response. I looked up the quote "ballet is about behavior" and saw where I initially read it, in a New York Times article about Garielle Whittle, children's ballet mistress at NYCB, who attributes it to Balanchine (she was in the company in the 1970's). Thank you for telling us your thoughts on the book, Eileen, and I imagine your own experience is more extensive than you realize. Balanchine reportedly said, "La Danse…c’est une question morale," although your quote about behavior may be correct - it just doesn't ring any immediate bells with me. It's subject to a w
  11. I don't mind purple prose from Bentley when she's writing about ballet. From some writers, it reads like cliches in the place of smart description and analysis. From her, for me, it reads like emotion layered onto smart description and analysis. Gosh, all of you diamond and silver circle and 5 star commenters and I, a mere nobody, in your midst! I am reading Apollo's Angels and I love it! I also adored Toni Bentley's review, because it was so emotionally true, not just reportage, yes, lavender prose and all. I think Jennifer Homans is brilliant - though I haven't gotten to her pessimistic
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