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  1. Emma

    New York City Ballet Fall Season

    I'd love to see Stanley as Apollo. Finlay and Catazaro have in recent years. Do they have any Apollos currently on the roster?
  2. Emma

    New York City Ballet Fall Season

    Perhaps it has changed. I recall Unity Phelan saying that apprentices now have contracts (of what kind I don't know), and Clara Ruf-Maldonado dancing as an apprentice for a second year (but perhaps she was injured for part of the first year?).
  3. Emma

    New York City Ballet Fall Season

    She was not cast in it last spring.
  4. Emma

    New York City Ballet Fall Season

    If I recall correctly, Mira Nadon was taken into the company as an apprentice either last fall or during Nutcracker, so she should not be due for a promotion into the corps until the end of this season.
  5. Even in criminal cases, this would likely get admitted. Basically, what Waterbury saw would form the basis for probable cause, sufficient to get a search warrant for the police to search Finlay's hard drive . Since this is a civil case, none of that applies, but that would be the procedure in a criminal case.
  6. Well, She was an SAB student, which is part of NYCB, Inc. But yes, she probably turned 20 after that part of the complaint was drafted and her attorney should have updated it accordingly.
  7. I'm most concerned about the principal accused of raping a soloist in Vail and assaulting a corps member in DC. Or the principal who returned to work one week after domestic violence allegations were brought by a corps member. Both instances were brushed over in the complaint (Ms. Waterbury is unlikely to have the receipts, whereas I'd imagine she has them for Chase's text and email exchanges), but absolutely shocking.
  8. There is resigning by choice, and there is being provided the option to resign. I have seen the latter used for conduct violations many times. If that is too speculative, feel free to delete.
  9. This is so much more disgusting than I could have imagined. And to think City Ballet knew of these allegations back in June, but only chose to dismiss Chase and suspend Ramasar and Catazaro (just for a season!) after reading the complaint days before it filed. I'm honestly shocked and incredibly disappointed in the leadership. And I feel so much for all of the female dancers.
  10. Emma

    Joy Womack

    It's interesting to see that many of the competition stars do not succeed in company life for whatever reason. I can't remember whether Joy Womack was, in fact, a competition star, but she certainly had significant attention at a young age, as did Gisele Bethea, Juliette something, the girl from first position (not Michaela dePrince, who is so lovely!).
  11. Macaulay criticizes and coaches Parish in the comment section of that post. Wanted to flag the conversation, not really sure what to make of it.
  12. Emma

    Ballet Now

    Ballet Now was also the name of her programs at the LA Music Center. While her rehearsal schedule seemed insane, it did not seem unreasonable at first glance for her to dance in six different ballets over the course of three nights. But, I didn't realize it was a three night engagement until I looked it up after watching the documentary. Perhaps I missed that in the documentary.
  13. Emma

    Ballet Now

    I enjoyed the documentary and am so glad it exists. I echo the thoughts of previous posters regarding Tiler's increasing maturity and Michelle Dorrance's light. But I so wish the producers could have gotten permission from the Balanchine Trust to show some Balanchine! To think that Tiler's performances of Who Cares?, Stars & Stripes, etc. could have preserved for the public, and yet...
  14. Emma

    Ballet Now

    Polina was on Hulu as of last month.