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  1. Agreed. That choreography is so fast and complex I had to watch the clips about five times to even begin to understand it! I love seeing dance clips on Instagram and am glad Brandt posts frequently.
  2. Agreed. Coming from out of town, I was able to make it to a number of performances this fall (will write about them soon!), but Spring 2020 is slim pickings. There's a few programs I'd like to see but they're not scheduled near enough together for a single trip.
  3. And it's only in response to c Agreed. Having now seen the her comments, I think the criticism is overblown. Only in response to people asking her whether she will perform Giselle in DC does she say, "I hope!!" I see no problem with that. And I love seeing her rehearsal videos and wish more dancers posted them.
  4. I noticed she doesn't have Boston Ballet on her Instagram bio. Did she remove it or did she never add it?
  5. Lovette is blonde-ish in her most recent instagram posts. It's disheartening to hear about SPAC ED's remarks and conduct.
  6. Excellent. I loved reading her blog and was wondering what she up to post retirement.
  7. The few times I've used TDF at ABT, I've been on the far sides of the orchestra. But both times there were plenty of open seats still in the orchestra sides, but much further center, so I (and everyone else around me) moved closer in.
  8. Emma

    Kathryn Morgan

    I'm hopeful her blog will continue: MCB did cite that she has 152,000 instagram followers in its press release.
  9. Sadly I wasn't able to catch the livestream. Is a recording available?
  10. She is (was?) dating the movie star Ansel Elgort (well, apparently he's a movie star) and they met as children/teens at SAB. Can't speak to her dancing career but the relationship explains her amount of followers.
  11. Whoops! This is what I get for posting too quickly—sorry for the confusion Pherank. My edit is more accurate.
  12. I believe Wona Park posted a short video of her dancing in a tutu with a fishdive, saying "ready for Beauty." Unless Bluebird also does fishdives (can't remember), sounds like she's dancing Aurora as well.
  13. Methinks she should choreograph for herself! To the dancers on this thread, why is it that professional dancer/choreographers don't typically choreograph for themselves? My only experience is amateur, but throughout my recreational dancing, if we were choreographing a piece, we always danced in them as well.
  14. Agreed. That Jon Stafford told the Times that Martins expressly disregarded his request to not immediately go backstage shows, to me, that the Board has not fully empowered Stafford as the interim leader of the company. And if Stafford does not have real authority, then no one does. Which allows the leaderless state to continue....
  15. I find it a bit strange Mearns was asked (had chosen?) to retire Lilac, as I believe she is younger than Bouder and Hyltin, who still dance the 16-year-old Aurora. Not that I'd want any of those fabulous ballerinas to have to retire roles while in their prime.
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