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  1. I'd imagine there are special regulations for your industry vs a private person.
  2. I find it a bit strange Mearns was asked (had chosen?) to retire Lilac, as I believe she is younger than Bouder and Hyltin, who still dance the 16-year-old Aurora. Not that I'd want any of those fabulous ballerinas to have to retire roles while in their prime.
  3. Dude needs a lawyer. And a black marker. That was ... something. Please keep posting the filings.
  4. If soloists are given the opportunity to learn and perform principal roles they wouldn't get to dance otherwise, and ballet is exposed to an audience who would be able to see it otherwise, it sounds like a great idea. ABT does much less touring now, so it's harder for younger dancers to get opportunities to develop before being thrust on stage at the Met. Now, if ABT is in truly desperate straits and is mounting full scale productions of Bayedere, well...not so great.
  5. Agreed. Crazy to think that the most recently promoted female principal was Lauren Lovette in 2015.
  6. Isaacs is back in a pointe role (as Ruby on the Sat. mat.)
  7. Honestly, in the video she's very pretty and seems to have much potential, but Emeralds seems to be out of her depth at the moment. She's not dancing with the maturity that the role requires: she almost hits a position, but never stretches it. In her waltzing balancés backwards, she doesn't move with gravity, like she's moving through water, but instead seems to swing her arms. To be fair, I felt the same way about Khoreva and Ionova in the instagram videos.
  8. No, the Levin. If you look into past winners and the year they won, it was typically awarded to young corps dancers. For example, Taylor Stanley and Lauren Lovette received the award after a year and two years respectively in the corps. Actually, it seems in the past few years it's changed.
  9. Interesting. While I think Segin is a lovely dancer and always appears to be so happy on stage, I had thought the purpose of the Levin award was to acknowledge potential in junior members of the corps. Perhaps the purpose of the award is changing now to award longstanding corps members to boost morale?
  10. From my recollection it's mostly partnering. Definitely not a bravura role.
  11. I haven't seen Trenary's Aurora but have heard wonderful things. I saw Seo's Aurora in DC; Marcelo was her prince. Marcelo stole the show. Oftentimes, when Seo was dancing in front of the corps, I forgot she was dancing and watched the corps instead. She was pretty but bland.
  12. Mack is a stunning dancer—he has charisma and technique to spare. I remember seeing him in Washington years ago wondering why he wasn't dancing with a major company.
  13. Is Lovette out the entire Nutcracker season? I understand from instagram she's working on her choreography at NYU.
  14. Yes, that's standard for the NYT's wedding announcements.
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