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  1. Emma

    NYCB 2018 Summer Season

    Per Indiana Woodward's instagram, Sebastian V
  2. Emma

    "Dancing Through It"

    I've been on a ballet book binge, and well, this is no Dancing on My Grave. My inner editor wants to strike half the words. Should I power through? Any interesting nuggets?
  3. Emma

    2018 Spring Season

    That's so unfortunate to hear about Hod. I was particularly impressed with her earlier this season. Speaking of Ashleys, any news on Ashly Isaacs? I haven't seen her dance in the longest time.
  4. Emma

    2018 Met Season

    My TDF tickets for ABT have been side Orchestra as well.
  5. Emma

    2018 Spring Season

    And for some corps dancer shout outs: Ashely Hod looked particularly lovely in Concerto Barocco. She moved her long arms with such grace. And Emma Von Enck handled her belt mishap with perfection. She was dancing in that sequence with such lovely energy, but then I noticed some strings around her waist. And then her belt fell. And it was so funny, but as you can see in the video, she handled it perfectly. Had I not already been watching her I doubt I'd have noticed.
  6. Emma

    2018 Spring Season

    I love reading all of your reviews, and since I finally made it back to the ballet after a long winter somewhere rural and cold, I thought I'd share my thoughts. I'd never seen any of the ballets on last night's program and bought a ticket solely for the opportunity to see Tiler Peck dance Tschai Pas. She more than exceeded my already high expectations—she and De Luz danced the pas de deux beautifully and were so incredible in their variations. Perfection. I also am grateful for the opportunity to see Maria K at her finest twice in a week: first in Concerto Barocco and second in Apollo. In fact, Maria K was so compelling in Apollo I forgot to pay attention to Apollo... Well Chase Finlay certainly had more energy in Apollo than in Agon two nights ago, but that really shouldn't have been hard. This was my second time seeing Agon—the first time I saw it I loved it; it was witty and edgy and the music and the dance acted as one. On Tuesday, it fell flat. There was no tension in the pas de deux. Reichlein appeared to bring some edge to her role, and she is so strong and has such control of her limbs, but Finlay brought nothing to the role. He's handsome. But he's edgeless. And his technique does not compensate for his lack of vibrancy. On the flip side, I fell asleep the first time I saw 4Ts. On Tuesday, it was an entirely new ballet. Everyone danced with energy; the music was beautifully played. It was simply gorgeous. And Balanchine's brilliance sparkled. My only quibble is that Megan LeCrone, who entered strong as Choleric, lost her energy in the Coda(?) while dancing between Sara Mearns and Miriam Miller. Miller, on the other hand, kept up with Mearns—I was impressed. I'd write more about Symph in 3 but I was in a post-Tschai Pas daze. I loved it and it was so fun to watch. I just can't say much more than that!
  7. Emma

    2018 Met Season

    The Met Opera has a student discount program where you can buy individual tickets to ABT instead of 3 packs. It may not reach as many young adults as NYCB's 30 under 30, but it certainly helps.
  8. Emma

    Winter 2018

    I'll bite -- I enjoy Martins' one act works much more than that of the new "star" choreographers (from what I've seen). I've enjoyed Ash, Infernal Machine, and Hallelujah Junction. They were fast paced and fun. I also loved his Swan Lake Pas de Quatre. Ninafan, which other R&J did you see this week? I'm out of NY for the year and it's ballet starvation out here.
  9. Emma

    Winter 2018

    It must be hard though. Wheeldon and Ratmansky did not become star choreographers over night. New choreographers need opportunities to develop. I just wish the new choreography were sprinkled in with Balanchine.
  10. Emma

    Winter 2018

    Amplitude -- great description! Nanuska, that's a really interesting observation about the shape of her shoulders. Conversely, I've thought Mearns always looks like a queen on her stage in part because of her shoulders.
  11. Emma

    Winter 2018

    I don't think it's her body type -- NYCB is stacked with talented shorter dances. Erica tends not to project or expand her limbs through space. Her arms are wispy rather than strong and lively. I saw her and Ashly Isaacs in the Thrid Movement of Symphony in C within a week: Erica blended in with the corps; Ashly, I knew a star was on stage.
  12. Emma

    2017-2018 season: Washington Ballet

    The Washington Ballet does not typically publicly announce casting in advance although their playbills include the casting for each performance in that program. Sandi K suggests a great idea--I wish I had thought that of when I was in DC!
  13. I didn't mean to imply I don't think it's awful for the dancers. But I don't have much more to say than that -- the state of the arts is depressing -- but that adds nothing to the conversation. I have no insights. I do expect journalists to do a better job covering the dispute.
  14. Neither here nor there but why does the Times have a photo of SAB students in an article about ABT ...