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  1. Emma

    Nutcracker 2018

    Is Lovette out the entire Nutcracker season? I understand from instagram she's working on her choreography at NYU.
  2. And Yukionna, thank you too!
  3. Emma

    Sara Mearns Weds Josh Bergasse

    Yes, that's standard for the NYT's wedding announcements.
  4. I can't speak to the choreography itself, but Tereshinka lacked the wit, charm, and lightness the role requires. Her variations did not sparkle, and her movements felt exaggerated but lacking musicality at the same time. For example, in her second variation, she focused on her pliés down in fourth, and seemed to stay there for a while, rather than on the beat to perk up to attitude or passé.
  5. I thought the Calliope and Polyhymnia were weak, with a bit sloppy technique and very awkward facial expressions, but Khoreva was stunning. For me, she lived up to the hype, and I can't believe she's at most 20 years old. I'll submit a lengthy review of the Wednesday and Thursday performances tomorrow.
  6. Emma

    Maria Khoreva

    What does it mean to be a trainee at the Mariinsky?
  7. Emma

    Where is Brooklyn Mack?

    Yeah, there's not much of substance in that letter. And I'd disagree that DC is going through a "cultural renaissance," especially when that statement is based in part on the number of Michelin starred restaurants in the city. H Street is pretty fun though. But Baltimore still has much more homegrown culture/artist residents/fun areas (imo).
  8. Emma

    Where is Brooklyn Mack?

    ABT also does very well with families, assuming they bring family friendly repertory. Their weeknight Sleeping Beauty was packed with children. In fact, in my experience, ABT programs have sold much better than City Ballet's. The Washington Ballet under Webre also presented a number of family friendly story ballets. I can't imagine it would be easy to bring children to Kylian's Petit Mort or Forsythe's In the Middle Somewhat Elevanted.
  9. Emma

    ABT 2019 Met Season

    I should add I am excited about Jane Eyre and Manon. I wish one of the two overlapped with NYCB for the out of towners (i.e. me).
  10. Emma

    ABT 2019 Met Season

    4/8 weeks of Ratmansky, including full weeks of Harlequinade and Whipped Cream. Do they sell well?
  11. Emma

    Where is Brooklyn Mack?

    Incognito mode/private browsing may also work.
  12. Yeah, I didn't mean that the score for R&J was different (although to be fair all I've seen from any R&J production is Kathryn Morgan's videos), but my friends were certainly not impressed and were expecting a much more moving and emotional production, more classic ABT than NYCB does a full-length story ballet.
  13. I'd argue if ABT invested in marketing like NYCB does, Sylvia would have sold better. I'm on the younger/newer to professional ballet side, and I hadn't heard of La Sylphide until NYCB restaged it and invested significant marketing into selling it. The house was packed. But perhaps that's an argument for another thread... I think the problem with the NYCB Don Q is that the audience would expect the ABT Don Q, and would perhaps be disappointed when the score, among other things, is different (I haven't seen Peter Martins' Romeo & Juliet, but I've heard that complaint about it from friends).
  14. Emma

    Where is Brooklyn Mack?

    That article, linked below, was very disheartening to read. Although I'm no longer in Washington, I was a bit disappointed to see the direction of the Washington Ballet. There's little marketing to the broader public and tickets are expensive. Their mixed bills largely overlap with those that the major companies bring to the Kennedy Center. I'm not shocked that the house continues to be rather empty (I saw one Friday evening show where maybe the theater was a third full). Septime Weber's programs were funky, different, and fun. When I left DC, I couldn't distinguish the WB from any other company, and I'm sorry that it doesn't seem that the situation has improved. https://www.washingtonpost.com/entertainment/theater_danc/washington-ballet-is-struggling-with-empty-seats-and-a-3-million-debt-what-will-turn-it-around/2018/10/22/9f05bba0-d0b2-11e8-8c22-fa2ef74bd6d6_story.html
  15. Emma

    ABT 2018 Fall season

    From up thread, it looks like Brandt was supposed to be the first dancer (in the cast list) in the second cast, but instead replaced Murphy in the first cast.