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  1. i'd just like to remind you. Hee Seo is not a soloist. She maybe on her way. But there's no telling what could happen. There are some very talented girls there.
  2. I was just wondering what everyone's opinion was on her? I find her to be one of the most incredible and well-rounded performers in the company. She seems to be having a great season. Her Desir this week was incredible, not to mention her performance in Dnieper which blew me away. So what says everyone else?
  3. As someone who managed to see pretty much every cast that went on in each of these pieces this week I would like to take a minute to speak on each of them. Prodigal Son- I had not previously had a chance to see this piece but I was told that I would love it. As expected I did. However of the three principle casts Wiles/Cornejo were indeed the weakest. I didn't so much have a problem with Cornejo because, who can hate a boy who can fly? But, I severely disliked Wiles in the role of the siren. As previously mentioned in the thread she lacks the sex appeal that makes it necessary for the part to
  4. I had the pleasure of seeing both the first and second casts of each ballet in the program. It really is a shame that you didn't get to see Misty Copland and Marcelo in Sinatra Suite, because if you thought Carreno and Paris were as good as you let on, you would be blown away by this other cast. Marcelo's solo was especially exciting. He delivers it with a sense of ease and an enormous amount of depth the Jose wishes he could achieve. No, of course he's no Baryshnikov, but he comes close and it by far the best I have seen in person.
  5. i've only seen ABT dancer in Manon but i hold Ferri and Bocca above all others kent was not bad but she cant hold a candle to ferri
  6. i saw manon..um every time it was preformed and then some. in fact, ok..i was in it. i was a super, a begger in the 1st and 3rd act. i must say this is by far one of my favorite ballets. In fact, i think this was the first ballet to evoke extreme emotion within me. it took my views on ballet to the next level.
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