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  1. Marga

    Locating dancers

    How nice to hear from another former Dance Academy student! As you mentioned, the studio is different. It hasn't been the Dance Academy for 20 years. I think it is/was called Silva. I took my 28 year old daughter there when she was just beginning ballet in hopes she could take some ballet classes (Silva advertised them) while we were visiting back home for the summer. We watched a ballet class and I found it terribly lacking. The two studios had been renovated into one large, gleaming studio with tables and chairs on one side for dining or something. It was indeed geared toward ballroom dance
  2. Marga

    Locating dancers

    Hi gggoodgggirl! It's gratifying to get a response. I check Ballet Talk every day so am always reachable here. The only other female ballet teacher from my time that I remember was Alice Green (or Green-something, sorry!). Otherwise it was Karl and Marie who taught ballet. You started at the Dance Academy the same year I entered Adelphi University as a dance major, so our paths just missed intersecting. I think about Karl Klauser quite often and would still love to know what he did and where he went after selling his studio to Marty Morginsky.
  3. Marga


    I've just finished reading this thread and watching the videos embedded in it and am very bothered that someone has made such an effort to produce a compilation video of Skorik's flubs. I think it's just plain cruel, no matter the reason or the impassioned discourse surrounding the post with the video.
  4. Marga

    Evgenia Obraztsova

    Today is Obraztsova's 29th birthday!
  5. I guess I'm a free rider then, as I stopped vaccinations on my oldest children when they were little and refused to have the remaining children vaccinated (for reasons that are very sound to me - and very researched). I used to publish a magazine called Nurturing that was a proponent of homebirth, breastfeeding, and natural, gentle mothering. I ran articles against vaccinations. (Feel free to hate on me now.) Since we're wondering, I take Mme. Hermine's supposition seriously.
  6. Thanks, FauxPas, for drawing our attention to this exquisite dancer. I would think that in 1967 (I was 20 years old then and it was certainly not the dark ages) she could have been spared death from measles. Russia was known for its focus on good medical care. My goodness, how tragic! Such prodigious talent! Who knows where it would've taken her?
  7. It's John Clifford himself who is posting his pics to the site!
  8. Marnee Morris died on May 28th, 2011. Her children have started a facebook page in tribute to her and to remember her and ask for posts from those who knew her. The page is called 'Marnee Morris Memorial'. I got the information from Linda Hamilton who posted it on her facebook page.
  9. I have read via her NYCB friends and co-dancers' posts on Facebook that Marnee Morris has died. I could not find anything on Google to verify her death, as required by Ballet Alert, but thought that the cross next to her name on the New York City Ballet's alumni roster would supply the needed proof. Cross added to Marnee Morris' name This news saddens me greatly, especially since the last many years of her life had been so difficult for her. A massive stroke several years was only one of her health problems. Marnee Morris was one of the most stunning ballerinas at NYCB in the 60s and 70s. H
  10. Marga

    Julie Kent

    Thanks for the link, Robert! That was fun to read. She is so lovely and sounds like a very good mother.
  11. Thank you, Barbarina, for your beautiful description of Eva Evdokimova. I, too, mourn her passing.
  12. I have seen Volochkova dance (after the brouhaha). I thought her performance in two solo pieces was wonderful, both technically and in interpretation. She also spoke onstage together with two other dancers as the 3 offered messages in English, French, and Russian. She was hardly taller than Patricia Barker, whom she was standing next to. They were in evening dress, so I don't know the height of the heels on their shoes, but, really, what difference does an inch or two one way or another make? Oh, and she had a beautiful slender, dancer's body which she used artistically and impressively.
  13. Martha Swope was the foremost dance photographer of that time. Those pictures are indeed valuable. I remember Diana Adams -- I revered her as a child. I am so sorry to hear about the fate of her and Ronald Bates' daughter.
  14. I used to watch Lauren in class at the American Theater Dance Workshop, school of the Eglevsky Ballet and as a child performer with the Eglevsky. She was about 12 years old when I first saw her. If ever anyone had a perfect body and facility for ballet, she did. I've seen her only once as a member of the corps de ballet at NYCB (since I live in Canada), but I mainly watched her, since I "knew" her. So nice that she's gotten a mention in this thread. I, too, love her dancing.
  15. Your post makes me wonder to whom you are alluding? I read back through the thread and am perplexed as to the identity of the dancer you mention. Could you reveal his name?
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