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  1. Folks: I've just exchanged correspondence with Ron Seymour, photographer and son of the imminent Chicago dance photographer Maurice Seymour, creator of so many memorable dance images in the 40's and 50's. Anyone remember Maurice or his dance photography? King
  2. Carla Fracci. Remember her? Sigh. King
  3. King

    Locating dancers

    Thanks very much for the tips...I'll follow up. Most of these folks are featured on my website--I photographed them--and I just want to drop them a message to that effect. Some are old friends that I've lost track of. I know that Ron and Carinne are in Sacramento, but I don't have a good contact number/e-mail for them. The Eleanor Bernard I'm looking for is a graduate of Southern Methodist University. I've Googled all. King
  4. King

    Locating dancers

    If you have any idea of the whereabouts of any of these dance professionals, especially their e-mail or current professional affiliation, I'd sure appreciate the tips: Talal Al-Muhana Katherine Anderson Elaine Bauer Eleanor Bernard Carinne Binda Becky Blair Ciscoe Bruton David Bushman Sanson Candelaria Ron Cundiff Ron Cunningham Jerilyn Dana Kathy Devlin Dayna Fox Marjorie Hardwick Leslie Jonas Walter Kaiser Krystal Kaiser Lisa Massei Rebecca McLain Lorenzo Monreal Clyde Nantais Ellen O'Reilly Tracy Owens Alphonse Poulin Gregg Schramel Cydney Spohn Clive Thompson M
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