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  1. Kaysta

    Bolshoi La Bayadere in Cinema January 2018

    Other than the black faced children which makes me want to crawl in a hole.... i am LOVING this cast. Super impressed with all 3 leads, especially Marchenkova, who may be the fiercest Gamzatti I’ve ever seen.
  2. Kaysta

    ABT in D.C. - Jan 2019

    I have tickets for both performances on 2/2, so I’ll see Brandt and Lane. Looking forward to seeing Harlequinade, as I didn’t have a chance to see it last spring.
  3. Kaysta

    Winter 2019

    That trailer is adorable! I have tickets for both Balanchine programs on the 26th. It’ll be my first time back in NYC since I moved to Baltimore last year, so I’m looking forward to it. The evening Balanchine/Stravinsky program will be my first time viewing all of those ballets. Will be so nice to have my ballet-loving soul restored by a whole day of Balanchine.
  4. Kaysta

    ABT 2019 Met Season

    I’m also excited to see Mack! Kind of hoping he could be brought on to guest more frequently.
  5. Kaysta

    Bolshoi La Bayadere in Cinema January 2018

    I’m thrilled Smirnova is dancing the broadcast, her Diamonds was one of the highlights of ballet watching for me. I can’t wait to see her Nikiya.
  6. Kaysta

    Sergei Polunin

    He’s crazy. And not in a good way. I have no desire to see him dance again.
  7. You are right, I needed Kleenex. So awesome to see those kids dancing.
  8. Kaysta

    2018-19 Season

    Thanks, you are all correct, it is at Opera Bastille. I was thinking the seating chart looked big in comparison to the pictures, now I know why! And to think I booked a hotel right outside Palais Garnier! 😆. I’ll just have to do the public tour, as was nicely suggested!
  9. Kaysta

    2018-19 Season

    I am making my first trip to Paris in March and picked up some Swan Lake tickets. I don’t really care that much about casting, as I’m just excited to see the Palais Garnier, but when in general is casting listed?
  10. Kaysta

    2018-19 season: Washington Ballet

    I saw the matinee yesterday and the Seven Sonatas PDD was the highlight for me. Stella and Marcelo were absolutely amazing today, especially Stella. So much emotion and chemistry. I also loved Andile Ndlovu in Tarantella. So musical! I was slightly less impressed with Graniero who I felt at times was a bit behind the music. Except her turns, which are blazing fast. i thought Barkman was good, and she improved as the PDD progressed but I thought she lacked the sharpness of attack I prefer in my Odile. In the beginning, I kept thinking maybe I’d prefer her as Odette, because she has such smoothness to her movement. The audience loved her though, they received a resounding ovation. As I’m new to the DC area, this is my first experience with the Washington Ballet. I enjoyed the day and am looking forward to supporting the company.
  11. Well, if they have the texts to back up what is in that complaint, I’m glad Catazaro and Ramasar are gone. And the donor is just disgusting.
  12. I’m not sure what to think about Ramasar’s second statement. But I will say this: if he received photos of Waterbury and knew she didn’t consent or he didn’t bother to ask Finlay if she was alright with him receiving them, then he failed at being a decent human being, regardless of whether he publicized them to anyone. A decent person wouldn’t be ok at looking at them if the subject didn’t consent to it. Just my opinion. Whether he legally should lose his job or not will be for others to sort out.
  13. Wow! While I’m sad that this has happened (because Ramasar was my favorite male dancer at NYCB) I’m happy that NYCB has finally decided to take a strong stance. I don’t believe they would have done this without having the appropriate evidence to proceed.
  14. It wouldn’t be so horrible if they did a small season at the Kennedy Center in DC.
  15. I know enough of the facts to come to a reasonable conclusion: 1. Finlay resigned before he could be investigated 2. NYCB did an investigation and punished two dancers (one whom is exceedingly popular) and put out a statement essentially saying while they—NYCB—are not guilty, , they did have enough evidence to suspend dancers they were relying on for their fall season. I’m sure NYCB has seen the texts and did not decide to suspend without evidence. I am not going to feel bad for someone who abuses others. Women are not farm animals. Covering up or minimizing abuse is not ok with me, no matter who does it. No matter how great a dancer they are. No matter how much I love the institution they are a part of. Further, whether I, or you, forgive Chase Finlay means nothing. We are not the victims here.