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  1. Went to the premiere as I was already out in LA for a work trip. I loved it. Will write more tomorrow.
  2. I’ll be interested to see what everyone else thinks about Hurlin’s Myrtha in the spring. The only disappointment from yesterday was the corps Willis. They were a tad off, especially the hopping arabesques. I could see heads bobbling at different speeds. Not a horrible performance, just a bit off.
  3. I thoroughly enjoyed Ahn and Brandt today (especially Act 2) but the star of the show was Catherine Hurlin. WOW, she was a phenomenal Myrtha. Her jumps were so light and airy, she flew across the stage. She was impressively menacing. Her portrayal had nuance, honestly probably the best Myrtha I’ve seen from ABT.
  4. I have tickets for Sunday. Excited to see Skylar’s debut.
  5. I’m also going on Saturday. I’ve seen Teuscher as O/O but it will be my first time seeing Bell as Siegfried.
  6. Not feeling very talkative, but I agree they were fantastic. I was very impressed with the whole company, but especially Nathalia Arja. She was explosive in Walspurgisnacht.
  7. Super happy for Kathryn Morgan
  8. I find it a bit irritating to see Shyklarov is performing with Staatsballet in Diamonds with Somova after pulling out of KC. Guess he felt he had better things to do.
  9. Really disappointed in the casting changes. Need to add a performance with Khoreva now.
  10. I love Alexandra Hughes, she is one of my favorite dancers at PAB. Though I will admit that I favor her in the Balanchine rep (what little is left at PAB), and have no clue what kind of Giselle she would be.
  11. Excited about this season, I’m going to try to see them all. Especially happy to get to see the Ratmansky R&J again. Does Obratzsova ever tour? I know she has littles, but would love to see her Juliet.
  12. I’m excited to see Khoreva! I may add on Tuesday night as well, because I love Tereshkina.
  13. Just got my brochure from Wolf Trap and it looks like ABT will be performing Swan Lake 7/11-7/13. Odettes are Hee, Misty and Devon and Siegfrieds are Cory, Herman and Aran. Just saw this was posted in a different forum so feel free to delete.
  14. Kaysta

    Sergei Polunin

    As a pathologist who holds organs in my hands everyday, I disagree with this. A human heart is a human heart. I can’t tell what gender someone is by inspecting their heart. When I’m doing a gross examination of colon cancer, the colon looks identical in both men and women. And given intersex conditions, even the reproductive track may not help me distinguish. Binary gender is set by having hormones produced in the correct ratio, and then strongly influenced by environment and culture. Sorry to be off topic. I am glad to see that Polunin’s posts have been deleted.
  15. Glad I went. Some bobbles by all 3, but the 3 leads were all great. Outside of Tiler Peck, Smirnova may be my favorite current dancer. I thought she was a hauntingly beautiful Nikiya. My only complaints besides the black faced kids (which is completely unnecessary and should be changed) is the camera work during the corps Kingdom of the Shades. I don’t want to see close up shots during the Shades entrance. I also was not that impressed with Shrainer or Chapykina’s solos. But overall, an afternoon well spent!!!!
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