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  1. Just saw that Sarah Lane will be guesting with New Jersey Ballet in Paquita, partnered by Carlos Gonzalez. I’m happy that she’s found an opportunity to dance again! Good for Carlos too.
  2. It’s disheartening to see that Sarah has erased the “Dancer” from her written bio. She worked so hard to earn “Principal Dancer @abtofficial.” But Sarah is clearly still dancing/putting in the studio time, as evidenced by her recent posts. I know that Misa Kuranaga just joined SFB. So despite COVID, there are still seasoned dancers joining other companies. (I bring her up because I believe that she and Sarah are around the same age.) I just want to see Sarah dance again in the future. I’d travel anywhere to see her, as I’m sure many of her other fans would as well. Even a regional company! I’d
  3. I certainly don't mean to disparage these dancers, including Gabe. They are all lovely. It's just very hard to be happy about the promotions when Sarah's treatment has been so despicable. As a staunch Sarah fan, this feels akin to a death. A great, sudden, unexpected loss. The salt in the wound is that there has yet to be any acknowledgment of Sarah from the company. In all honesty, I have been grieving all day ever since I found out. It would be different if Sarah had been given one last season, one last show, even a paltry social media post thanking her for all her years of dancing. It's the
  4. I wholeheartedly agree with everything you've said, Laurel.
  5. Lane's break with Cornejo was quite clear, but I hadn't realized that it extended to Ratmansky as well. I thought it odd that Lane wasn't cast as the Rose for met 2020, but didn't think anything of it because she was still cast for SB. Oh man. A break with a long time partner and apparent close friend is one thing. But a break with your mentor and the artist in residence is quite another...They have all been tight lipped on social media. So it's true, we'll never really know what happened until one of them decides to let us know. Still, whatever Lane did or didn't do, her termination is still
  6. Ah, I wasn't aware of those union rules. Then Lane's Juliet debut must have been a parting gift. Now I'm even more grieved to have missed it. The good news of the promotions is, for me at least, darkened by Lane's unjust termination. If there was any hint of a legitimate reason...but there's nothing. Lane was at the top of her game for her D.C. Giselle and Richmond Swan Lake. Nothing unsavory in her personal life. So much rep under her belt, waited patiently for ten years to be promoted, put up with being Copeland' s unofficial understudy...I am just sick at ABT's abominable treatment of Lane.
  7. Yes, this is exactly how I feel as well. Copeland is older than Lane, the latter also being the superior dancer. There's no way Copeland would've limped through her Swan Lake's without Lane to prop her up. Yet she's a "celebrity" who brings in money, so ABT decides to keep her. There is no legitimate reason for this outrageous and uncalled for treatment of Lane. I too am thoroughly disgusted with ABT. I will only go from now on for a small handful of performances, with the few dancers left that I support. (I will also be extremely disappointed if Lane's fellow dancers don't acknowledge her lea
  8. Yes, my sentiments exactly. I do think it unlikely that Lane left on her own. Similar to what Nanushka said, Lane is very active on social media. I think that if she was leaving of her own volition, she'd have removed her principal status. It seems highly probable that she only found out today, along with the promotions. That likelihood makes it even more despicable. Here's hoping!
  9. I am so devastated about Sarah Lane. I can't even be happy about the other promotions. I was worried that she'd be pushed out like Veronika Part, but I never imagined this...I thought she'd at least get a farewell performance...the fact that this has happened again to an underappreciated dancer well before their retirement time, only confirms my great disgust for ABT management.
  10. Hear hear! Lane and Forster are long time veterans of the company who severely suffered from the guest star policy. Now they are both being overlooked in favor of the younger, management-favored rising stars. How hard would it have really been to include Lane and Forster in the debut videos? Even now off stage, management shows what they really value. Just further confirming my dislike. When performing is allowed, I will only go to a select few. I'm really not happy with ABT and the direction it's taking. (In other news, it appears that Copeland has deleted her Instagram account after an
  11. Very disappointed to hear this, but I can't say I'm surprised. He's had issues with injuries and hasn't been cast in that many lead roles over the past few seasons. I recall he had to bow out of his one swan lake last (?) year. (To my recollection.) Still sad that he won't get his well deserved farewell. Wish he could've had this last season, but I'm very fortunate to have seen a lot of his dancing over the past few years. One of the best Tybalts/The Jailers I've ever seen! 2016 was really my first in depth met season and I remember seeing Hammoudi as Siegfried in Swan Lake, Firebird, Romeo i
  12. I was holding out hope that ABT would push their spring season into July and August, but this news makes me think otherwise. It seems likely that they're facing a reduced makeup season next fall. Something is better than nothing, but I was so looking forward to Lane's Juliet debut and Brandt's Aurora debut. Perhaps they'll both premiere this fall.
  13. YES both of these observations are exactly what I meant. Thank you for clearing that up. (Kinda bums me out even more. I'd thought there was still the possibility of Lane's SL, but this seems quite unlikely now.)
  14. Yes that's exactly what I was thinking. Before, I thought that if Lane was being phased out/not paired with Cornejo, at least her value as an understudy would keep her important to ABT. Now she might not even have that; Copeland's understudy position.
  15. Agreed regarding Lane. I'd hoped that She and Cornejo might dance together if they had to due to injury. (Since she was Copeland's understudy for Apollo last fall.) I guess it'll really never happen again. That said, I'd also much rather see Brandt than Copeland. Wouldn't be surprised if there's another passing the baton post.
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