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  1. Sarah Lane has posted some clips from her 2018 Kitri debut on her social media. Kind of hard to watch, knowing the likely end of her partnership with Cornejo. Also not knowing if she'll be cast the next time ABT stages Don Q, given this coming season.
  2. Not to get into a whole other discussion, but is this unnamed dancer Lane? If so, I too am in deep mouning and honestly finding it very hard to summon usual excitement for the 2020 met season. Lane? If so, I am with you!
  3. I hate to have to agree but this does seem likely. Although Ratmansky does seem to favor Lane and has cast her in his other ballets. Me too! I'd hoped for a Lane/Simkin R&J but alas not. Their casting in the new Ratmansky is my hope for this spring. Would be a shame if Giselle, while their best, was their only performance together.
  4. I completely concur. I am so upset by this devastating news regarding Lane's lack of casting. She is in her prime, it's not like she's in her retirement season. This seems to be further proof that management is forcing Lane out like Part, taking away shows until Lane leaves voluntarily or her contract simply isn't renewed. This is all leaving a very bitter taste in my mouth. I'm all for the advancement of homegrown dancers and a big fan of soloists like Trenary, Brandt and Hurlin. But not at the cost of veterans like Lane and Abrera. Those two have had their careers severely mismanaged, suffered from the guest star policy, and now are being passed over for fresher faces. Like I said, a very bitter taste in my mouth. It will be hard to look forward to this met season.
  5. Thanks you so much for the heads up regarding Brandt's Giselle debut! Now there's a show I don't want to miss. Will be a good test of her soulful, emotional dancing.
  6. Jane Eyre was not my favorite last spring but I have to say that Brandt was mesmerising as young Jane. She certainly had the deep, emotional maturity to play/dance this troubled girl. The way her family abused her and her reactions were quite similar to the family dynamics of Juliet and her parents. Brandt is known for her bright, happy dancing but I'd definitely say her Young Jane proved her deep capacity for emotional, soulful dancing.
  7. Wow, that's quite a lot! In addition to his Rochester in Jane Eyre. Hopefully he makes it through without injury. I'm so happy he's finally being given these opportunities. I'll be surprised if he's not promoted along with Bell. Probably not Royal but then again Royal is getting Romeo and Albrecht.
  8. I came across this post on Instagram. Casting for “Of Love and Rage” hasn’t been announced yet but this lovely photo of Aran Bell and Catherine Hurlin is giving me hope! I’d love to see them dance this together.
  9. Oh that's probably what she meant. I'm the one who asked about the spring. There's also the possibility of being an understudy.
  10. On another note, I recently saw on Skylar Brandt's Instagram story that she reposted a fan congratulating her performance and saying that they couldn't wait to see her Giselle. I messaged Brandt, asking if that meant she was going to be debuting Giselle in the spring. She responded by saying that she doesn't know yet but she had her fingers crossed. So I guess that means there's still a decent chance that she might make her Giselle debut. Or maybe she's an understudy and hopes she'll get to go on. From her brief Giselle on that Russian T.V. show, I think she'd be a lovely Giselle.
  11. Exactly. Who knows how comfortable she is now after that weak partnering in T&V. This is her dream role and she might be saddled with a partner who can't lift her. Let's hope our worrying is in vain and their performance goes off without a hitch.
  12. Very true. It does seem telling that Cornejo has done a deep erasure of Lane from his Instagram, going back several years. While Lane still has posts like this up. Oh well.
  13. Yes, I really hope they dance the new "Of Love and Rage" together. And that the tba on Lane's Sleeping Beauty turns out to be Simkin's debut. I so wish he was her Romeo.
  14. That's all something to ponder. It's still months away and there's plenty of time for casting to be changed. I'm not too keen on the new "Of Love and Rage" but would definitely see a Lane/Simkin cast. I'd hope the tba on Lane's Sleeping Beauty was being held for Cornejo but given the breakup of their partnership, I'd gladly welcome Simkin. He certainly has the technical skills for that ballet. I hadn't thought of Simkin for T&V but now am really hoping he's cast, to see Lane perform it with a steady partner would entice me to buy a ticket. (At this point, I'll see any Lane performance regardless of partner. Who knows how many shows she had left. I'll see any Cornejo show with Brandt or Trenary. Still not sure how I feel about that bayadere with Boylston.)
  15. The breakup of the Lane/Cornejo partnership is tragic but definitely spells more trouble for Lane. Cornejo has Copeland, Trenary and Brandt to dance with. Lane doesn't have such options. Simkin is part time but more like a one off guest artist and Gorak is a weak partner. I would like to see her dance with Hoven or Stearns, the latter were amazing in Some Assembly Required. But Stearns already has Seo and Teuscher. I did like Lane with Carlos Gonzalez.
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