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  1. I echo this 100 percent. She is puttng in the hard work and being honest about her goals. Copeland went on and on about wanting to be principal, without having the chops to back that desire up. Brandt is only after a role debut, not a promotion. She has paid her dues.
  2. Yes and although it sounds like a story we've heard before, if it gives Sarah Lane another lead role, then I'm all for it. These days, we can only rely on Ratmansky to give Lane lead roles.
  3. Yes I completely understand. It is SO frustrating. After years in soloist purgatory, getting passed over again and again, to making it to principal only to be the standby for swan lake and shoved into matinee performances. Lane is at the top of her game and ABT is just not worthy of her. After that stunning Giselle in 2017, Lane should be opening the tour and getting two shows. Instead, she doesn't get to perform at all in N.C. and was regulated to a single Wednesday matinee in 2018. Won't be surprised if that's all she gets again this 2020 met season. (I will never get over that appalling Copeland Swan Lake when Lane was deemed only good enough to substitute but not get her own show. That right there sums up ABT's priorities.) Rant over
  4. Thank you so much for this exciting news! Thrilled for Forster! Fingers crossed for a repeat during the Met season. Disappointed re Lane, as Giselle is her best role. But Simkin' s unavailability doesn't mean Lane can't dance with another partner-she was amazing with Cornejo.
  5. Yes that is true-more rehearsal time would have reflected a better partnership between Bell and Boylston. Regardless I'd rather see Bell with Brandt in D.C. Though they haven't performed together (to my knowledge), their extensive rehearsals with Irina and Max have undoubtedly bolstered a very promising potential partnership. Even from that brief clip on Bell's Instagram story looked exciting.
  6. Aran Bell just posted some Giselle rehearsal footage with Skylar Brandt on his Instagram story. Seeing them together make me want Brandt's Giselle so much! Wish Bell was dancing in D.C. with Brandt instead of Boylston. They were just okay as a partnership in SB this past met season, in my opinion.
  7. I hope to see Lane and Brandt dance in all of those. (Although I'm not holding my breath that Lane will get her own long deserved SL.) Still holding out hope that Brandt is the Giselle tba in D.C. Given the fact that Lane dances in (I believe) every Ratmansky ballet, I hope she will be in his new one as well. I'd also love a return of Don Q, R&J (with a debut for Lane) and a repeat of Manon, just to see Lane and Cornejo's final pas again. Additionally, I wonder if Whipped Cream, Harlequinade or SB will make an appearance. Which one, if any?
  8. Oh wow. That's too bad. When I saw Lendorf at a performance this past spring season, he had said he was working to come back asap. At least some more homegrown dancers will get more opportunities.
  9. I might hop on a train to DC just to see Lane/Sinkin again. Pure heaven. Lane is without a doubt the perfect interpreter of Giselle. Maybe the tba with Murphy is for Lendorf? I think Brandt could pull off Giselle. More likely that Trenary would get her debut first though. Just like I think Brandt would get her Don Q first.
  10. I am very disappointed that Sarah is not dancing Apollo with Herman. I had hoped it would be Herman, Sarah, Skylar and Cassandra. Also very surprised, like Fleurfairy, that Sarah isn't included for Herman's anniversary. Let's hope she is indeed the yet-to-be-announced Piece d'occasion. Otherwise, also very happy that Sarah and Joseph get T&V as well as that other pas featuring Sarah and Cory. They are an unlikely partnership but I'm interested in seeing them. Excited for Calvin and Joo Won's Apollo shows.
  11. It is so irritating that Sarah is considered only good enough to understudy. Yes, I meant the white swan pas. It was listen as dying swan in the program, but perhaps that was only for the benefit of the children's understanding. I do hope Christine gets two shows next spring. While lovely dancers, Hee and Devon are not at her level.
  12. Just formally joined this forum, after following you all this past met season. Thank you so much for posting and educating me, as I am a relatively new ballet fan. My highlights of this season were definitely Sarah and Herman's Manon, their SB, Christine's Swan lake, Sarah's last minute black swan and both of Skylar's Corsaire's. By chance I saw that Sarah donated her Manon debut shoes to the dancer's emergency fund and I snatched them right up and had Sarah and Herman both sign them. Their joint debut was just one of the shows I'll never, ever forget. How I'd love to see them in R & I. Perhaps next season...alomg with a Giselle, and full length SL please. It's been discussed to death here (Sarah deserving her own SL) so I won't go into that too much. But suffice to say that she was brilliant, even better than her debut, which I got to see in 2017. Check out Haglund's Heel for some footage of Sarah's Black Swan.
  13. Yesterday I saw Christine and Alex perform the dying swan for a kids show at the new victory theatre. She was just exquisite, impressive for not having had the entire show to build on emotionally. I wish Christine was performing at Wolf Trap, more than just the new York audience need to see her Swan Lake! In my opinion, she is the current best interpreter of the role, Gillian aside. Definitely deserved more than one show this past met season.
  14. Since Calvin is dancing Apollo at Vail, I'm really hoping he'll get to perform it this fall season. He and Herman are who I most want to see as Apollo. Way back in 2016, Herman was supposed to dance Apollo with Isabella, Tiler and Misa for City Center's fall for dance. Herman had to pull out due to injury so Robbie stepped in. While happy to see Robbie's Apollo, I was also disappointed to miss Herman. I'd love for his 20th anniversary to include Apollo with Sarah, Skylar and Isabella. (Please no Misty.)
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