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  1. Hear hear! Lane and Forster are long time veterans of the company who severely suffered from the guest star policy. Now they are both being overlooked in favor of the younger, management-favored rising stars. How hard would it have really been to include Lane and Forster in the debut videos? Even now off stage, management shows what they really value. Just further confirming my dislike. When performing is allowed, I will only go to a select few. I'm really not happy with ABT and the direction it's taking. (In other news, it appears that Copeland has deleted her Instagram account after an argument with Lane. Lane natively made a post that included the hashtag "all lives matter" and Copeland called her out on it. Lane explained that she did not know about the negative connotations of #alllivesmatter and proceeded to change it to #blacklivesmatter. Others felt that Copeland was unfairly harsh on Lane, who had good intentions, acknowledged her own naivete and changed the hashtag. Copeland had already deleted her comments and entire account when I came across Lane's post. I don't know if the exchange with Lane was the sole reason for Copeland deleting her account, but it's a pretty good guess. I'm sure she'll be back soon enough.)
  2. Very disappointed to hear this, but I can't say I'm surprised. He's had issues with injuries and hasn't been cast in that many lead roles over the past few seasons. I recall he had to bow out of his one swan lake last (?) year. (To my recollection.) Still sad that he won't get his well deserved farewell. Wish he could've had this last season, but I'm very fortunate to have seen a lot of his dancing over the past few years. One of the best Tybalts/The Jailers I've ever seen! 2016 was really my first in depth met season and I remember seeing Hammoudi as Siegfried in Swan Lake, Firebird, Romeo in R&J. A dance film career seems to suit him. I'll definitely be following his post dance career.
  3. I was holding out hope that ABT would push their spring season into July and August, but this news makes me think otherwise. It seems likely that they're facing a reduced makeup season next fall. Something is better than nothing, but I was so looking forward to Lane's Juliet debut and Brandt's Aurora debut. Perhaps they'll both premiere this fall.
  4. YES both of these observations are exactly what I meant. Thank you for clearing that up. (Kinda bums me out even more. I'd thought there was still the possibility of Lane's SL, but this seems quite unlikely now.)
  5. Yes that's exactly what I was thinking. Before, I thought that if Lane was being phased out/not paired with Cornejo, at least her value as an understudy would keep her important to ABT. Now she might not even have that; Copeland's understudy position.
  6. Agreed regarding Lane. I'd hoped that She and Cornejo might dance together if they had to due to injury. (Since she was Copeland's understudy for Apollo last fall.) I guess it'll really never happen again. That said, I'd also much rather see Brandt than Copeland. Wouldn't be surprised if there's another passing the baton post.
  7. Just saw that Skylar Brandt is learning Swan Lake with coaches Irina and Max. In her words, "for fun." I wouldn't be surprised if Brandt is the new Copeland Swan Lake understudy.
  8. I have a bad feeling that this spring could be Lane's last at ABT. The AD could very likely just not renew Lane's contract and effectively terminate her employment. Of course, I hope I'm wrong but her lack of casting/shows speaks volumes. Left a very bitter taste in my mouth.
  9. I think we can all agree that what ABT needs above all else is better coaching! Wish they would hire Irina and Max.
  10. I think the main issue regarding Lane is the number of shows she's getting. Sure, Copeland only has one more lead role than Lane, but she has two Juliet's, two Jane Eyre's and two Swan Lake's. Lane only has a single show of each lead role. Not counting the fact that she currently has no other secondary shows at all, not even the rose in the seasons which she originated. The number of shows is important because it indicates the viability, the amount of dancing. Lane has the least amount of dancing, even less than some soloists. Her lack of Swan Lake is the final nail in the coffin. Last year proves that apparently Lane is good enough to understudy but not to actually get her own show. I think this is sufficient evidence to show that she is being phased out of the company. It's not as if she's coming back from injury or something like maternity leave. Her Giselle last week proved she's at the top of her game. So why only be cast for three shows out of the entire season, with no other secondary roles?
  11. I agree with the gist of what everyone has said about Lane. Her falling out with Cornejo, as well as Simkin and Cirio's departures, have definitely delt a blow to Lane's career. Cornejo most of all. I am still heartbroken over that. As someone else said, Lane had that nice niche of being able to partner the short and tall men. Of course, if the AD wanted to, he could certainly cast Lane with Stearns, Ahn or Bell. Lane has danced with all three. So partner height isn't the issue, it's the AD simply not wanting to cast Lane. That brings me to what I've suspected ever since spring casting came out: that Lane is being slowly forced into retirement like Part. It is this kind of treatment that makes my blood boil. In the future, I will support the dancers but not the company. I can't abide the way management treats dancers not in favor. This spring, I'm going to enjoy what's left of Lane's dancing career and hope she's still the understudy for Cornejo's shows. Even with the falling out, they are professionals. I'm sure they'd dance together if the situation occurred. At least I hope. I also appreciated Lane's new post clarifying her position about the unfortunate quite. I'm going to take her at her word.
  12. We'll see. It's certainly unfortunate that she chose to quote that person. Someone quoted Hillary Clinton in her comments and Lane "liked" it.
  13. Yes I saved it too. Bottom line, we got wonderful rehearsal video of Lane in argubley her best role. That's what I'm focusing on.
  14. Yes I can see how this could turn out. It makes me sad really, that Lane is at a place where she feels she needs to express herself like this. She is such a gifted dancer yet isn't appreciated by her own company and will probably be forced into retirement. In her situation, I understand how it could've led to this unfortunate post. As a fan of hers, it's hard to see. She's just not doing herself any favors with posts like this.
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