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  1. Smirnova's Odette/Odile struck me as "cold" also. However, she's only 22 years old, possesses considerable technique and gorgeous port de bras/upper body movement. Watch her Nikiya Act I on You Tube and there it is. It's rare that a ballerina nails all the complexities of O/O on her first try. Let's give Smirnova time to grow and mature as an artist. She has the potential for greatness.
  2. Congrats to Olga for her Odette/Odile debut tomorrow. Looking forward to the reviews!
  3. It'll be hard for Obratzova to beat Smirnova in "Diamonds". She was breathtaking.
  4. I feel the same way, Cristian. Obraztsova is a lovely dancer, but Miss Gabriella is the gold standard Nikiya.
  5. Wow, her Juliet is gorgeous. Thanks, little-junkie, for the great clip!
  6. A photo of Ekaterina Maximova from Walpurgis Night in grand jete. The radiant joy on her face and the beauty of her jump is glorious.
  7. Here, here, Leonid, regarding Guillem's negative impact and influence. I genuinely can't stand her dancing.
  8. A memoir/autobiography of the incomparable Vladimir Vasiliev would be fantastic.
  9. A major biography/memoir of Vladimir Vasiliev is desperately needed. I'm surprised nobody has chimed in on this. The fact that quite possibly the greatest male dancer of the century has no biography out there is a terrible shame. It would also be nice if Maximova's memoir 'Madame Nyet' would be translated and printed in the US. And I know this will never be, but a biography of Alla Shelest would be a neat read. Tanaquil LeClerq -- absolutely!
  10. Helene Alexopoulos is a beauty indeed, Oberon. The photos I've seen of Alla Shelest are stunning. It's a shame there's little or no film footage of her dancing.
  11. Who, in your opinion, is or was the most handsome male dancer? This is a no-brainer for me: the drop-dead gorgeous Vladimir Vasiliev. Visit the website below and you'll see what I mean. http://www.radix.net/~dalila/vasiliev/vlad.html Maris Liepa was also very handsome.
  12. I agree that Lilac Fairy should be front and center. Tchaikovsky's use of her gorgeous theme music appears in the Prelude, when she confronts Carabosse, in Act I when she assures the King and Queen that Aurora is asleep then sends the court into dreamland, and finally when she appears to Prince Desire in Act II. My favorite Lilac Fairy was Marguerite Porter in a Royal Ballet tv broadcast I saw in the early '80's starring Anthony Dowell and Leslie Collier or Merle Park. Did anyone else see this? Was it Collier or Park?
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