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  1. From this morning's Washington Post. Russell Allen, currently Executive Director at Orlando Ballet will begin his tenure in September. Washington Ballet Gets New Executive Director
  2. In today's edition of the Washington Post there was an article about ongoing labor problems at The Washington Ballet. Apparently the dancers' union is at an impasse with the company -- and it may lead to a strike. Washington Post - December 14 Has anyone heard whether a settlement has been reached??? It must be terrible for the professional and student dancers who have spent so many long hours rehearsing to be faced with a potential shut-down of their Nutcracker. Let's hope a settlement can be reached soon. [Moderator's note: Edited to correct link]
  3. Just want to agree that the production was a joy, especially after last year's Kirov "dark" interpretation. The children were very well rehearsed, however am I the only one who thinks there were too many of them? My daughter and I felt the Party Scene was overcrowded and at times company dancers were obscured by the little ones. Snow scene was magical, although we would have appreciated the fog lifting a little earlier to reveal the Snow Queen's feet. Thought the corps work was excellent -- precise and energetic. Emily Patterson as Arabian Coffee was a highlight in Act II.
  4. Alexandra, since no one is willing to go first, couldn't you please give us a hint or two of what to expect this evening?
  5. I agree with Sarah's review, this production was a disappointment, although a bright spot was the Waltz of the Flowers. While one can appreciate the goal of "refreshing" the tried and true, this effort fell short and could be dubbed the drab and dreary. All of this could have been tolerated had the dancing been of the calabar for which the Kirov is famous. Let's hope that next week's Swan Lake will provide the opportunity to showcase these superb artists.
  6. I have to join the chorus and sing the praises of the Studio Company performance. It was truly fabulous. I brought my D who was inspired beyond words. The entire program was outstanding, however the highlight for us was the Pas de Quatre. Miss Leigh's attention to every historical detail of the piece was most impressive and gave us a lessonin dance history. Thanks to all!
  7. Minimum damage, electricity on, time to re-open the studo!
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