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  1. I don't understand. The dancers aren't supplied with shoes from the company? Or do they try things on in the store and then tell them what to order? It still seems strange to me. I understand coming in to buy leotards, etc... but shoes? Is it a different system and the dancers are expected to supply their own shoes? For many years now Vishneva's guest performances with companies around the world easily outnumber the ones with the Mariinsky. In recent years she even had her own touring ensemble. It's not inconceivable that a dancer who spends so much time away guesting, travelling and
  2. I somehow have the idea that this is the studio film of the Kirov's Sergeyev production, filmed in Moscow somewhere around the late 70s and subsequently mislabeled. If so the dancers are Gabriela Komleva, Marat Daukaev and Margarita Kulik. Cheesy special effects, good choreography and excellent dancing all around. I can't for the life of me remember where I base the idea that this is mislabeled, so I hope someone else can post and shed some light...
  3. Reading back what my wish list was exactly(!) 3 years ago, one can see that a lot of those titles are now on dvd, even though the video quality of some of those titles leaves a lot to be desired. Let's hope for the rest too
  4. chrisk217

    Natalia Osipova

    If you have problems with the videos you probably don't have the divx codec installed (needed to decompress the video's data. Even though the .avi extention of the file may seem familiar not all avis are created equal; avi is just a container format) The people who have no problem with the videos probably had the codec installed during an installation of something else video-related. For example installing some players installs (or replaces a prior installation of) a selection of codecs too. To install the codec you have several options. A few easy ones: You could go to http://www.divx.com an
  5. There's Natalia Petrovna from Month in the Country on film, which she created and which has never been the same without her.
  6. Considering only how beautiful one is, not how beautifully he dances, I think Roberto Bolle is the most handsome dancer: http://www.robertobolle.com Andrian Fadeyev is very good looking too.
  7. Cojocaru has been filmed with Kobborg and the film was broadcasted last November in the UK by the BBC. Since the Royal Opera House has acquired Opus Arte there is definite hope that it will be on DVD and for sale soon. She has also recently been filmed for the Japanese TV with Legris and the Tokyo Ballet. I'm not sure if this has a chance to be released on DVD since there is already the Tokyo Ballet Giselle DVD with Vishneva and Malakhov. I went over at youtube and looked at the Cojocaru/Legris videos you mention. Most are not from the japanese tv film. The production around them seems to
  8. Maybe it's the only BBC film but I think there is a pre-war amateur film of Fonteyn in act I. As for the Cojocaru/Kobborg it should certainly be on dvd. I hate closeups but for once I was glad there were many. The dancing is beautiful but never at the expense of the story. The emoting is subtle and sincere, they both possess great theatrical intelligence and have obviously thought long and hard about their Giselle. I was left with an impression of radiant humanity (for lack of a better expression) coming from both of them.
  9. In the context of this discussion it should be clarified that Lynn Seymour's difficulties and resignation had nothing to do with her being a woman (according to all reports at least). Mr Stefanos Lazarides, the National Opera director who had invited Seymour to head the ballet, was let go by the Board just a few days after she resigned (this despite having just completed a commercially successful and critically acclaimed first year on the job). Both had to go against a deeply rooted bureaucracy, interested in maintaining the status quo and vested rights. This unwillingness to adapt affected
  10. Guillem herself pronounces her name as Gee-LEM
  11. Arne Villumsen in the early 80s looked like a younger, more handsome Jeremy Irons. It is very evident in the Napoli video. Also Nikolaj Hubbe looks a bit like Owen Wilson esp when laughing. A couple of photos (both rather serious): NH photo 1 / NH photo 2 & OW photo
  12. It's the trend in Greece too. This makes me very sad. Except for classes, everything I knew about ballet till age 18 I got from tv. I did not own a vcr at the time but a friend did and when we sat down last year to transfer the tapes to dvd we were amazed at the things we've been exposed to as children. So much for pluralism and choice... There were only two channels in the 80s here, yet there was at least an hour of ballet every 2-3 weeks. Now with more channels than I can count there only seems to be time for celebrity gossip, reality or game shows. This year the only ballet on tv was a re
  13. This has been recently broadcasted on a sat channel. I have not yet watched all of it but my first impression is that although the dancers are very good (Osta slightly miscast, maybe) the film is rather choppily directed - it's not trully bad but the director never let's you forget s/he's there. I'll post more when I've watched all of it.
  14. photos from the kors collection: the fonteyn dress: http://www.style.com/fashionshows/collecti...ay=false&cnt=36 the farrell dress: http://www.style.com/fashionshows/collecti...play=false&cnt= i think the graham dress is this but I'm not sure (lots of jersey dresses): http://www.style.com/fashionshows/collecti...rend=&iphoto=55 May also be this: http://www.style.com/fashionshows/collecti...lay=false&cnt=3 all the collection can be found here: http://www.style.com/fashionshows/collecti...ete/thumb/MKORS what do you think?
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