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  1. It's from Ferri's Farewell in Japan. She also danced the R&J pdd and the Manon swamp scene pdd with Bolle while Gomes partnered Julie Kent in the White swan adagio. My copy is from tv but there might be a dvd released in Japan, you might try checking the Japanese sites.
  2. wow! that's very high praise - i'm now very much looking forward to it! Based on how casting evolved on similar occasions in the past I'd say that Osmolkina is far more likely to appear than Lopatkina - but that doesn't say much of course... If you decide to come and want to say hi before performance PM me. I'll be there both nights
  3. Of interest to ballettalkers planning a vacation or passing through Greece this summer: there are two planned Swan Lake performances at the Herodion Casting was just announced (for what it's worth): Uliana Lopatkina, Danila Korsuntsev (July 6 2009) Yekaterina Osmolkina, Ιgor Kolb (July 7 2009) More info and tickets (after June 15th) can be found here: http://www.greekfestival.gr/show_event?id=322〈=en /slightly off topic mini-rant: This was very exciting but at the same time vaguely irritating. In the context of this particular festival, programming a Mariinsky Swan Lake is a highly un
  4. I don't understand. The dancers aren't supplied with shoes from the company? Or do they try things on in the store and then tell them what to order? It still seems strange to me. I understand coming in to buy leotards, etc... but shoes? Is it a different system and the dancers are expected to supply their own shoes? For many years now Vishneva's guest performances with companies around the world easily outnumber the ones with the Mariinsky. In recent years she even had her own touring ensemble. It's not inconceivable that a dancer who spends so much time away guesting, travelling and
  5. I somehow have the idea that this is the studio film of the Kirov's Sergeyev production, filmed in Moscow somewhere around the late 70s and subsequently mislabeled. If so the dancers are Gabriela Komleva, Marat Daukaev and Margarita Kulik. Cheesy special effects, good choreography and excellent dancing all around. I can't for the life of me remember where I base the idea that this is mislabeled, so I hope someone else can post and shed some light...
  6. here it is: PAL -> http://www.amazon.co.uk/Paris-Opera-Ballet.../dp/B000FS9JBI/ NTSC -> http://www.amazon.co.jp/%E7%99%BD%E9%B3%A5.../dp/B000EMH5VG/
  7. One advantage of the Bessmertnova recording is that it's not shot as closely as the Semenyaka one. For example you can see Taranda's Abderahman dance quite clearly and to full effect. The image quality of my (PAL) Bessmertnova dvd is marginally better than that of the Semenyaka (NTSC) disk, but since you're looking at the stage from further away the overall improvement in clarity is not significant. This is the only one of Bessmertnova's later recordings that I like - but that might be because for me, as for you, from the 19th century ballets Raymonda is second only to Sleeping Beauty. Be
  8. To add to what Hans suggested: if you're going to buy the Sizova/Solovyov (and you should, both for Sizova and for Solovyov) you might want to try and find the restored version. It makes a lot of difference. It is widescreen so you see a great deal more of the dancing around the principals and there are no parts of the action happening out of frame, which makes the whole thing easier to follow. Most importantly there's almost no feet or hand cutting. My restored copy comes from tv but i've heard that a restored version was also released on dvd in Japan (?). Unfortunately the extensive cuts (mo
  9. yes it did happen around 2000-2001. I think it was presented last in the 2005-2006 season. It's hard to say whether it's still in the repertory. The company changed ADs twice in recent years (right now Irek Mukhamedov has the post). The production hasn't been seen for a few years but since the company is rather poor they probably wont do away with a successful and popular production without good reason. In any case I hope they'll keep the gorgeous costumes (by Lacotte, as where the sets) Lacotte kept close to the original libretto except for some points in the last act. The mime parts were ra
  10. Yes, it is Liane Dayde - thank you for you help! I had seen the previous thread but the name didn't stick She also danced the second movement of Palais de cristal.
  11. I'm trying to find out the name of a POB dancer from the 50s. Her name as the russian narrator pronounces it sounds like Leanne(?) (surname). I know that she danced Giselle and other roles in Moscow. Can someone help?
  12. bart, neoclassical has a looser definition in continental Europe. But there have been Balanchine performances. Most were in the years right before 2004, when the pre-Olympic cash flow made it possible for an unprecedented number of touring companies to visit. In those few, glorious pre-Olympic years we saw Agon (NYCB, 2001), Agon (SFB, 2002), Rubies pdd (Mariinsky 2002), Theme and Variations (Vienna Ballet, 2002?), Apollo (Mariinsky with Zelensky, 2003), Brahms-Schoenberg Quartet (Bavarian Ballet(?), 2004), Agon again (SFB, 2004). Tchaikovsky pdd several times. Zelensky danced Apollo in the
  13. For those interested in how Irek Mukhamedov is doing in his second year as director of the ballet of the Greek National Opera here's a link to an interview he gave to promote his new choreography/production of Onegin. In Greek Automatic Translation An interview with one of his Tatianas, one of the very few greek dancers who have made a career abroad. In Greek Automatic Translation The programs they'll give this year are the new production of Onegin in November, a gala program in late January, a series of Giselle performances in February and the Ashton La fille mal gardee in May. La fill
  14. There's this one: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Dutch-National-Bal.../dp/B00008O8BR/ (but it's PAL)
  15. Episodes was one of the ballets filmed in Berlin in 1973 (the horribly edited ones). So you were probably not dreaming Ray. Allegra Kent & Bart Cook were in the Concerto part, not sure about the rest of the cast. Ballets from that recording tend to be broadcasted at infrequent intervals on German theater sat channels. Perhaps jonelle you could find someone in Germany or with access to sat TV in Europe that might be able to help?
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