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  1. I am sure they did not. Not only would they not want to indulge in propoganda, but Obama's timeline was unbelievable, with 8:20 a.m. sign-on to the CIA operation, then flying to Tuscaloosa to comfort the tornado victims (there was only minor damage in the 4 households in my own immediate family there, so we were able to enjoy the Royal Wedding in the cases where power was still extant), did the White House Correspondents' Dinner the following evening (Sat.) and played but 9 holes of golf on Sunday before huddling up with Hillary and the rest of the War Control room people as they took their c
  2. This is the site I was quoting from, I just quoted one paragraph. I had said that they 'lost the apartment', but that was probably incorrect, and they just pay for it now. Your quote differs slightly, but both mention the Queen's 'private funds', I just couldn't figure out whether it became necessary for them to start paying themselves, or that they just weren't using it, probably the former: http://www.absoluteastronomy.com/topics/Princess_Michael_of_Kent That was just a fact about Princess Michael, I don't hold it against her. You were talking about military service of the Royals, and
  3. Until you mentioned him, I even wondered whether the Kents were there, given that they moved to France for fox-hunting privileges (or at least acc. to the princess). I suppose so, therefore, and perhaps his own service makes up for some of her less-than-savoury past, in terms of her father's rather different military alliances, viz., a Nazi Party member. I can give her credit for informing us (in one of the 2 lectures I attended) of the quarter-mile-or-so--or more even, took 15 minutes--long walks they had to make at Windsor Castle after dressing for events they were invited to there, despit
  4. Cristian, thanks for putting up this clip. I saw 'Cleopatra' when it first came out, in one of those old big theaters that still had splashy openings with 'souvenir books'. I liked it briefly then, but was upset that, at about 10 years old, I couldn't keep the battles straight (my father cleared that part up.) Later, I remembered her in this film much less favorably than I did in many (or even most others). Watching it after nearly 50 years, I see that the closed face when one first sees her that is fantastically effective. In this, she is well beyond what Colbert had done (which I saw som
  5. as well you might, since the LATimes (which I now have to read the main stories on, as well as WaPo, so as to save idiosyncratic articles in the NYT since they're 'cracking down') reported yesterday that she had had to be hospitalized once she started watching news reports about Liz. She's got some of the same outlandishness and zaniness of Liz, which is probably why they were friends (or so the article said), but the cottage industry of selling princeling titles to mafia is a bit much--Prince Anhalt is a fake, and so it won't matter that much in certain kinds of dens in Las Vegas and Los Ang
  6. She was a wonderful actress in 'Reflections in a Golden Eye', in 'Cat on a Hot Tin Roof' (and I thought marvelous in 'Butterfield 8' esp., even though she repudiated it), and quite starry in a number of others. Had a wonderful sense of humour, was kind and generous, while also extravagant--this doesn't always go together, but in this case it does. She was a great woman.
  7. I rarely would defend a point against elitism, having nothing but problems with my own elitism. Canbelto's point was delimited and subtle (or that was my reading; in that case, my reading of canbelto's remark was delimited, subtle and even elitist.) I saw a lot of Balanchine live here in the 'Golden Age', and I know what that was. I also know that the Paris Opera Ballet really has something right now, and that the Royal Danish Ballet does too--I'm going to the second this year, the first next. 'THEY are my favourites...' to paraphrase Miss Jean Brodie. So it's a matter of opinion and sensi
  8. That's very good, I think, as is your whole long post of notes on the Homans, which I haven't read, but does sound like a fine reference book. I also like this singling out you've done here, and what you say before quoting it: I'm glad you pointed out Toni Bentley's review from the fall, as it is the worst thing I've read of any kind since her last hyperbole and total immersion in every nook and cranny of snob appeal--to the point that even refinement is given a bad name; it's little more than a middle-class-wishful caricature of aristocracy, the kind of thing Louis Auchincloss was so g
  9. Yes, I think you picked out the one striking passage of the article. I don't see it as 'outmoded' or 'repellently sexist', but whether most do, and that makes it bite the dust I don't know any more than anyone else. I'd think that if it did, that really would be the end to the essence of ballet, although there will still be lots of dance of all kinds. Not sure I agree that most have 'moved away from this view of the social structure', though. That's the liberal view in a few advanced western nations, and not even everywhere there: As long as there a preponderance of heterosexual marria
  10. Yes, except that he does come across as a heel. That was always effortless with him, and when he 'isn't quite one', as in 'Young at Heart', that's when it strains credulity a bit, and they give him plenty of cigarettes and bad moods even given that family he's married into. Yes, 'Some Came Running' is always touching despite (or possibly even because) of a certain mawkishness. Shirley Maclaine was at her best in that and in 'The Apartment' IMO. Nice story about Segal and the lyrics. I was thinking of things like 'worship the trousers that cling to him', but I hadn't remembered even 'After
  11. I can't quite, except in 'Gilda'. That cast is an embarassment of riches. I only saw it about 2 years ago. I think the other performances are more interesting in themselves, as Deborah Kerr's and Wendy Hiller's, Burt Lancaster's and the stunning (whether young or old) Gladys Cooper. Hayworth's performance is an interesting addition, but to me, primarily as it stands out in relief to the other, more naturalistic, actors. She comes across as very precious and artificial (I don't mean this as a criticism, but rather as a chracterization of the style, maybe it needed to be and she wasn't
  12. Just found these by accident, must have been busy during most of the viewing. They're still here, though. Sublime, thanks.
  13. I just read that Hayworth and Ford co-starred in 5 movies. I see what her appeal was, although she's never captivated me the way some of the other big diva types have; people talk about her vulnerability (I've never read a bio, and don't know much about her), and Kim Novak, who worked with her in 'Pal Joey' with Sinatra said she was one of the 'sweetest people she'd ever met, and who had no idea whatever of how to protect herself' (may not be perfect quote). I do like this movie though, and Glenn Ford was marvelous when young in a lot of things--tough.
  14. Suzanne Farrell Finat Curtain Call (1989?), sorry I just looked up the old Joan Accocella piece about Suzanne's book in NYReview of Books, but it didn't have the photo online, and I don't know who made it, but rg will. Also, there's a princely photo of Peter Schaufuss from an old Dance Magazine, from about the same period. That one was in colour, and I don't have either one of them anymoore, so don't know who the photog was. But I don't know much about ballet photography. I also had a poster of Farrell in 'Nijinsky' (black and white) when I saw it in Paris, that I put up on my wall ther
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