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Most Handsome Male Dancer(s)

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From the past: Michael Mordkin, Michael Somes, Nicholas Magallanes. The latter is featured with Marie-Jeanne in a serious of photos by George Platt Lynes. They are nude and posed by Balanchine. Both are beautiful but Magallanes is a lovely speciman of Manhood, uh......so to speak.

From the present: Nikolaj Hubbe, Albert Evans, and although he isn't dancing anymore I've always thought Patrick Dupond was good looking. Maybe not in the classical sense, but he always did IT for me. :)

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Greek God: Peter Martins

Soulful: Baryshnikov

Hot: Edward Villella

Beyond divine: Igor Youskevitch

Handsomest Choreographer: Paul Taylor (he guested with NYCB, so I am grandfathering him into the ballet thread)

The Handsomest Man in the World: dancer Rob Besserer

I am not including people I did not see in person, though I met Villella and Youskevitch after they retired from the stage. From the photographic evidence, the Danes have consistently populated dance with the handsomest of the handsome.

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I logged on, Old Fashioned, with the intent of adding Jose Carreno :wub: , more on the sexy list than the handsome list, but he is handsome. :)

Also sexy, Andris Liepa :wub: , IMO the most charming man in ballet until Marcelo :wub: burst onto the scene.

Back to handsome, how could I (and you, out there) have forgotten Arne Villumsen? :wub:

And why are there so many Danes? Wow, for such a small nation, they must have quite a gene pool!

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Danish people are GORGEOUS...not that I'm biased or anything ;)

I'd say Belotserkovsky, Andris Liepa, Angel Corella, and of course, Nureyev.

Also, I desperately want to add Victor Baranov, but I'm so fascinated by his legs and feet that I honestly can't remember what his face looks like. I do recall that he and Larissa Lezhnina complement each other perfectly.

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