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  1. Alessandra Ferri danced a few performances in 2004 as Blanche in John Neumeiers 'Endstation Sehnsucht' (A streetcar named desire) in Stuttgart. It's a modern story ballet. She was amazing, she lived the role. There are some new pictures of Alessandra and Roberto Bolle on Robertos Homepage.
  2. I think the Italian dance star Roberto Bolle is a very handsome male dancer. Have a look at his webside: http://www.robertobolle.com/
  3. Hi Doug, have you seen it?
  4. Do. 8.4. 19:30 Premiere TANZSICHTEN II Uraufführung Choreographie: Mauro Bigonzetti Julia Krämer / Jason Reilly, Sue Jin Kang / Ivan Gil Ortega, Bridget Breiner / Eric Gauthier, Roberta Fernandes /Jorge Nozal, Elisa Carrillo Cabrera Marieke Lieber Uraufführung Choreographie: Douglas Lee Bridget Breiner / Evan McKie, Oihane Herrero / Alexander Zaitsev, Katja Wünsche / Mikhail Kaniskin, Damiano Pettenella Mikhail Soloviev Uraufführung Choreographie: Itzik Galili Alicia Amatriain / Jason Reilly, Katja Wünsche / Eric Gauthier, Roberta Fernandes / Ivan Gil Ortega,
  5. Hi Friederike, how does one become a member of the John Cranko Foundation?
  6. Does anybody know if there is such a thing like 'open rehearsals' in Stuttgart? Other companies like the Royal Ballet in London provide this from time to time. Maybe this is also offered in Stuttgart and i just do not know about.
  7. Stuttgart Ballet will be in Luxembourg at March 3rd and 4th. On the program is John Crankos Taming of the Shrew. The role of Katharina will be danced by Sue Jin Kang and Petruchio will be danced by Filip Barankiewicz. Once more, Sue Jin and Filip are dancing together. It looks more and more that Filip will become the steady partner fo Sue Jin, the place which was taken by Robert Tewsley all the years he had been in Stuttgart. Sue Jin Kang is a wonderful dancer-actor and has a huge comedian talent. I remember her lady with the hat in THE CONCERT. Taming of the Shrew will be on program in
  8. Hi, this is the Giselle cast for March 6. März 2004 Giselle: Maria Eichwald Herzog Albrecht: Mikhail Kaniskin Hilarion: Ibrahim Önal Myrtha, Königin der Wilis: Roberta Fernandes 11. März 2004 Giselle: Elena Tentschikowa Herzog Albrecht: Nicolay Godunov Hilarion: Douglas Lee Myrtha, Königin der Wilis: Roberta Fernandes 12. März 2004 Giselle: Alicia Amatriain Herzog Albrecht: Filip Barankiewicz Hilarion: Jirí Jelinek Myrtha, Königin der Wilis: Diana Martinez Morales 18. März 2004 Giselle: Elena Tentschikowa Herzog Albrecht: Nicolay Godunov Hilarion: Douglas Lee Myrtha, Kö
  9. Robert Tewsley seems to be injured again. He also does not appear in the casting list for February 24-29.
  10. Has anyone seen the performance of jewels on Tuesday night? How was Robert Tewsley in Emeralds after his long absence from stage?
  11. Jasper, I was not at the first night of Giselle but I was at 'Dance in process' last night. It was not a rehearsal in the way I expected it but it was full length Giselle with short interruptions. Mostly the stop was to tell the corps what they have to change or to do better. The performance was without orchestra but with only piano music. Maria Eichwald was a wonderful Giselle. I saw her for the first time. She is a real gain for Stuttgart Ballet. The part of Albrecht was danced excellently by Mikhail Kaniskin. Well, you will see the both of them at this weekend. I am afraid you will see
  12. I have just been told Douglas is injured but will probably be back on stage soon. Hopefully!!! Good health for him.
  13. Does anybody know why Douglas does not appear in any cast list? I missed him in Swanlake, Lulu, Endstation Sehnsucht and now in Giselle. Is he injured or is he so busy with the choreography of his new work? It would be nice if anybody could tell about him.
  14. Yes, it's actually astonishing, Maria is in cast for dance in process and for 2 times Giselle in sequence. First cast for dance in process on Feb. 5th. was Alicia and Filip and now it is changed to Maria Eichwald (Giselle), Mikhail Kaniskin (Albrecht).
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