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  1. I saw it on Friday night. There were a lot of things I liked about the staging and the performance. Aside from the 48 swans it was a pretty traditional production with a full 16-17 minute last lakeside scene and tragic ending. The sight of the 48 swans was gorgeous and the swan corps was beautiful, very well synchronized, lovely positions and fluid in their movements. The corps scenes may have been my favorite part of the ballet. All of the dancers were good, particularly their O/O, Qi Bingxue. She had beautiful epaulment, strong balances and strong technique. I was less impressed by her Siegfried, Wu Husheng. He had elegant bearing but his arabesque wasn't great and nothing about his dancing was really outstanding. The downside was that I didn't find it very dramatic or emotionally engaging - not sure if that was due to the staging or the performances.
  2. Thanks Mashinka, "old Kirov" is my favorite style so it looks like I'll be going to Brooklyn in February!
  3. She is dancing in Swan Lake at BAM on February 16 & 16 and I'm trying to decide whether or not I want to go. I haven't been able to find much online - just that their Swan Lake is a standard Russian version though with somewhat reduced sets and scenery. Has anybody seen her O/O and this production? Is she an O/O not to be missed, or just average? Any info would be appreciated as I debate whether to trek out to Brooklyn on a Sunday afternoon...
  4. I did not see problems with Lane's performance last night, except for poor partnering from Gorak. She seemed relaxed and danced well. There were a few areas where she could have done better - I thought her phrasing was a little brittle at the beginning of the pdd and she did not radiate the joy that you see from Peck or Bouder - but I don't know that a performance like that is even possible with ABT's staging. Was the music slower last night than on opening night? I wasn't at opening night so I don't know, but ABT has always taken the music at a funereal pace and the orchestra just stops and waits for the dancers to position themselves for each new movement - which sucks all the life out of T&V. The real disappointment for me was Gorak. He is such a beautiful dancer, my eye is always drawn to him but he did not make a good case for himself last night. You'd think by this time he would have taken the initiative to build some upper body strength but he is still unable to partner even tiny dancers like Lane. And his solo variation was shockingly bad. Its a real disgrace for ABT to put a dancer who can't do the steps onstage in this iconic ballet. Especially when there are so many others who can. I liked the new Tharp - didn't love it but I found it interesting and am looking forward to seeing it again. The Seasons was the hit of the evening for me. I still find the costumes incohesive, but I just love everything else about the ballet and all of the dancers looked great in it.
  5. NYCB posted some footage of Nadon's debut:
  6. Mira Nadon's Rubies debut was a smashing success. She is not the tallest tall girl, her 6 o'clock penchee doesn't really hit 6 o'clock, and her plie in 2nd isn't the juiciest around, but all of those elements were still good enough. So while there is room for improvement, everything else about her tall girl was great. Her musicality and phrasing, the way she articulated those angular body positions and the way she wielded those legs as weapons, mon Dieu! As for the rest - Bouder/Stanley were a HUGE improvement over Stafford/Ramasar in Emeralds and while LeCrone is not a great fit for the walking ballerina she wasn't bad. So all in all I liked last night's Emeralds much better than opening night. Mearns & Janzen were beautiful in Diamonds, though I thought I saw a couple of very uncharacteristic small stumbles from her in the coda. Nothing major and Janzen gave her all the support she needed to prevent any mishaps. Still, even while watching them I couldn't get the memory of the Kowroski/Angle opening night performance out of my mind, I longed for their elegance and slow unspooling of the pdd
  7. I'm so sorry, I was looking at the February DC Giselles. VERY glad to know that I was mistaken. Now here's to hoping that he gets the open DC slot!
  8. Oh no, I just looked at the calendar and Murphy's Albrecht is now TBA. Say it ain't so 😢😭
  9. I agree, I was very much looking forward to seeing Bouder & Huxley in Rubies. But I can't complain too much since we're getting to see Hyltin in the role again!
  10. I absolutely LOVED Hyltin In Rubies last night and I love her in many roles. But not Symphony in C. She hasn't been cast in the 2nd movement since she made her debut in it back in 2016. I was hoping that meant that management realized that she was totally miscast in it. I remember at the time that although she, of course, has no problem executing the steps she didn't convey the mystery, or spirituality or transcendence that the best interpreters bring to the role. Hyltin was just pretty, she didn't really project any inner life and for me that is a killer in this role. I have tickets for her performance so I can only hope Whelan is spending lots of time coaching her in this. Another 3rd week casting disappointment - it looks like Bouder is cast in Wrens. I saw her last time she did this and here is another example of a great dancer cast in a role she is totally unsuited for. She has none of the glamour or sly humor the role calls for. I think she'd be fierce in MacDonald of Sleat, but not Wrens. I also second cobweb's vote for Georgina Pazcoguin in MoS.
  11. Ashton Fan, thank you for your insights on Rojo's inability to dance Ashton idiomatically. Unfortunately the RB has been here so infrequently recently, and my long ago memories of the RB in the late 60's/early 70s are fuzzy enough that I doubt I could distinguish between idiomatic or unidiomatic Ashton. I considered Rojo to be a great dancer the few times I've seen her and so since I disliked her in the Brahms Waltzes, I assumed I wouldn't like anyone else in it either.
  12. Sandik, I will gladly make that trade! And, by the way, having thought about it a bit, I dont' think I've seen Lamb at all between the DC Beauties and these performances at the Joyce.
  13. I found Program A's collection of solos and duets to be somewhat of a mixed bag. First and foremost, all of the dancers were fabulous. Calvin Richardson & Joseph Sissens were new to me and I'd be happy to see much, much more of them. It was great to see Lauren Cuthbertson, Edward Watson and Marcelino Sambe again but my favorite of the night was Sarah Lamb. I first saw Lamb almost 15 years ago when the Royal brought their Sleeping Beauty to DC. She danced Florine at one performance and Aurora at another. To say that I saw a very different side of her in the Wheeldon and especially McGregor's Qualia pdd would be a huge understatement. She was fierce and thoroughly modern. The best I can describe her is as a combination of Ferri - like physique with Whelan - like sensibility and plastique. The inconsistency was in the choreography. I loved Dance of the Blessed Spirits, Concerto & Within the Golden Hour. I liked Qualia and found Obsidian Tear somewhat interesting. For me Asphodal Meadows was less interesting and I never need to see jojo or Five Brahms Waltzes in the Manor of Isadora again ( If Rojo couldn't make me like it when she did Waltzes her 10 or so years ago I doubt that I will ever like it).
  14. Last night Misty didn't even attempt the fouettes, she just did a menage. I found last night boring, boring, boring. David still has beautiful line and while he did impress in his second 3rd act solo, watching him through most of the ballet I thought he's really lost a step. And he no longer finishes his jumps in a clean, tight fifth. I saw nothing to recommend in Misty's Odette. Her arabesques were low and not held long, her back was inflexible. She barely used her arms, let alone her head & neck. And there was no chemistry between her & Hallberg. Except for the lack of fouettes, her black swan was better but still nothing to write home about. Gorak, Brandt & Trenary did the pdt again, and they were wonderful.
  15. What a ray of sunshine Aran Bell is! He was absolutely fabulous in every regard tonight. Beautiful line. High, fully stretched, beautiful jetes. Perfectly executed, precisely landed double tours. And what command of the stage - his Siegfried was a young, excitable prince, but every inch the prince. His acting was natural and very effective, he was completely engaged with everyone he interacted with on the stage. He had great chemistry with Teuscher, and that made a world of difference in her performance. I still had problems with some of her choices (or limitations) as Odette - the stiff back and torso and low, unstretched, barely held arabesques. But lots of her positions were lovely and she made great, expressive use of her head, neck and arms. It seemed that Bell brought her out of her shell, there was a palpable connection between them as opposed to the distant, bloodless performance she turned in with Stearns last season. Her Odile was great. In fact, the whole black swan pdd was great. Her fouettés were fast & crisp with the first half performed sur la place. She started traveling forward with the second half but forward only, not to the side. And in the pdd after the fouettés she held some practically Cynthia Gregory-like balances. Calvin Royal was Benno and did the pdt with Hamrick & S. Williams. K.Williams & Hurlin were the big swans - all did well. Jose Sebastian looked great as purple VR (unfortunately I was distracted right as he took the arabesque but I caught the end and it looked like he held it). All in all it was a very satisfying performance and even though I much preferred Shevchenko to Teuscher, I preferred the combination of Teuscher/Bell to Shevchenko/Whiteside. I still have issues with her plastique, but Teuscher & Bell made me believe.
  16. I just called and ordered a ticket for program C. When asked, they said rep & casting will be posted 7/1.
  17. Minority report here. Corsaire is far from my favorite Petipa, but I'd been anticipating it with such excitement it almost felt like I was waiting for ABT opening night - finally classical ballet! I have to say that (with a few exceptions) I found it to be rather dull, even the music lacked propulsion and I wondered if they'd revised the score. First the good - great, really. Simkin was just amazing last night. His pas de trois solo was jaw dropping and definitely the highlight of the evening. He was also one of the few dancers who really acted the part - he was Conrad's devoted slave from his first entrance to his last. I thought Brooklyn Mack was ok, good even - but not great. He was a swashbuckling Conrad, his acting was very dynamic but I was less impressed with his dancing. He had great elevation but his positions in the air weren't well articulated and overall he looked a bit sloppy to me. His partnering was solid, though and I'd certainly rather see him than Whiteside or Stearns so I wouldn't be upset if they signed him. I wouldn't avoid him like I do them, I just wouldn't go out of my way to see him. Lane was lovely, though the role is small. Brandt has beautiful arms, lovely line and is quite a turner, but to me she doesn't yet have the ability to command the stage. There are some dancers you just can't take your eyes off and I don't see that in her. Still, she is very talented and young, perhaps she will develop that quality. I found Hoven disappointing as Lankedem. His dancing was adequate, but no more that that. Anyone who saw Malakhov's Lankedem back in the day wouldn't even recognize the role. There was no bite - not in his characterization and not in his dancing. Sometimes it looked like he was just focused on getting through the steps. I'm going to see this again on Saturday with Simkin and Mack again, this time with Shevchenko and Trenary. Perhaps it will have settled in by then.
  18. Worst: Dorian (after the Picture of Dorian Gray). Even Gomes & Hallberg couldn't save it. I concur with most comments here re; Jane Eyre. I don't think it was the worst I've seen from ABT but it certainly wasn't good. I went to see Forster and I'm glad I did - he was wonderful. I found the first 30 minutes or so - the "Young Jane" part to be interminable. Once Boylston came on it improved, but not enough. She is a very intense and compelling actress and while the choreography was a whole lot of nothing, she held my interest. It improved even more when Forster came on. He was gorgeous and I thought they had great chemistry. I loved the pdd that ended the first act. Unfortunately, that was all I loved. I can't imagine what would make me go see this again unless this is the only leading role they ever give Forster, which would be tragic. I certainly hope ABT doesn't waste a whole week with this in future seasons.
  19. Last night's gala program had its highs and lows. I'd never seen any of Pam Tanowitz's work before and was very much looking forward to seeing her first work for NYCB. Five minutes in I was thinking "Well, I don't love this, but I don't hate it either". At about the 10 -15 minute mark I was solidly in the hate camp. I found her choreographic style inscrutable. Why were the dancers performing these ugly steps that were dull, repetitive and almost unmusical - though the music she chose was very difficult. This piece felt like it went on forever. The Peck was slight and brief, but enjoyable. I've seen sharper performances of Tchai Ste #3 but even with an occasionally out of sync corps, some flagging energy and less than ideal soloists it was the standout of the evening. I love Garcia, but he is not a virtuoso. Fairchild looks to be in great shape but she will never be my favorite in T&V. She has the speed, but her arabesque isn't very high and she doesn't stretch them out or hold them very long so the ppd was not as expansive as I like. Laracey, however was simply gorgeous with J. Angle in the waltz and Pereira and Ulbricht were great in the Scherzo. I was particularly surprised at how much I liked Pereira.
  20. Ashley Bouder has posted on her Facebook page that she & Huxley will be dancing T&V on the 5/18 & 5/19 mats https://www.facebook.com/Ashley-Bouder-139894626040602/?__tn__=kC-R&eid=ARAL1Dv75kjBcUSbwTo94av5iitLSVVYLmLYHlOCSv8O-FmcftscKJMelLEBQYlWwY1-kXW8I1gQt9Om&hc_ref=ARSCpkbEYWEKkWJd1yf0YiBXBio1zmj-_1-Jx7ekRbkV20xDZ2Tdolynym3ev1H6XyM&fref=nf
  21. I agree with you 100%! I did renew my subscription so I will be going, but it was quite a challenge to find performances I wanted to go to. Almost everything was a compromise - a ballet I wasn't crazy about to see a specific dancer, one dancer I loved paired with another I dislike. And there is way too much Ratmansky. I like him but come on - Ratmansky trio, his Harlequinade, Whipped Cream and Sleeping Beauty. Four programs in an 8 week season? Its just too much. And as to exciting debuts in Swan Lake - I haven't seen Shevchenko yet (hoping to see her this season, another compromise since she's dancing with Whiteside) but I would definitely not consider Teuscher's O/O exciting. I thought she showed a lot of promise in her debut but last year with Stearns she was just awful. Her Odette had a stiff back, low arabesques, unstretched and unheld positions and was boring, boring, boring!
  22. I went to the three weekend performances. Corsaire is my least favorite Petipa ballet but it contains some spectacular dancing so when its performed by great dancers it can be a lot of fun. All of them were enjoyable, each had its strengths and weaknesses. My favorite, by far, was the Saturday night performance led by Ekaterina Kondaurova and Andrei Yermakov. Kondaurova was a fabulous Medora. Her technique dazzled , as did all 3 Medoras, but she was the only one who truly commanded the stage and was dramatically present throughout. Yemakov was everything you could ask for in a Conrad - high leaps, great elevation and quite the swashbuckler. May Nagahisa was a lovely, delicate Gulnara and its always wonderful to see Yana Selina - she, Gonchar and Shamala Guseinova were great as the 3 Odalisques. Kimin Kim brought the house down both Saturday night and in the Sunday matinee. When he did Tchai Pas at the City Center Balanchine festival recently, even though it was obvious how amazing he was the small stage took a lot away from his dancing. On the big KC stage he was absolutely gasp-inducing and the KC audience erupted for him numerous times. While all of the elements of his dancing were amazing I think his grand jetes were the most amazing of all. I've seen a lot of great dancers as Ali - Carreno, Corella, Bujones, Baryshnikov & Nureyev, among others. Kim definitely belongs in that company. I don't think I've seen the height and hang time in those grand jetes since Baryshnikov. The only weak spot in that cast was Victor Caixeta as Lankedem, his dancing was very sloppy. I really loved the Saturday afternoon cast's Medora, Ekaterina Chebykina. A tall blond she had the requisite high extensions and strong technique but her dancing was very soft and lyrical. Philipp Stepin on Sat afternoon and Alexi Timofeyev on Sunday were my co-favorite Lankedems - both danced brilliantly and were suitably evil. It was a pleasure to see the tall, darkhaired beauty Maria Bulanova with Ionova & Nuikina as the Odalisques. All danced well but Bulanova was especially notable for her strong, floaty turns. Unfortunately, Timur Askerov was no more than adequate as Ali. As for Khoreva, its clear that she is immensely talented and will be a big star but I think they're pushing her too fast. While her dancing was awesome she didn't make much of an impression as Medora. She needs to develop more stage presence to take on major full length roles. Her Conrad, Konstantin Zverev was great and Batoeva was my favorite Gulnare, she's really one to watch.
  23. I am not a fan of contemporary dance, so its no surprise that I didn't like Flutter, In Absentia or Six Years Later. However, none of them were unwatchable, each had something to admire. I loved, loved, loved Leaves are Fading, Ave Maria and Valse Trieste and that made the evening more than worthwhile. ABT has revived The Leaves are Fading a couple of times in the past 10-15 years (sometimes the whole thing & sometimes just the pdd) and I remember the pdd looking rather wan in those revivals. I don't think Osipova has ever done anything that could be considered anywhere approaching wan, and she didn't in this. Watching last night it struck me how different Osipova & Hallberg are from the roles originators, Gelsey Kirkland and Jonas Kage. Almost opposite Kirkland's ethereal lightness and Kage's stalwart presence (and I mean that in a good way).Technically the roles held no challenges for them and they conveyed the changing moods beautifully. Hallberg looked good but this one was all about Osipova, and she gave a passionate, ravishing performance.
  24. Thanks for posting vendangeuse. I've been to enough of these vanity projects to come in with low expectations. I figured that no matter how bad the rest of it was, seeing them in the Leaves are Fading pdd would be worth the price of admission for me. I'm glad to hear that the rest of the program also holds some interest. Going tonight & looking forward to it.
  25. I was also there opening night, and I know what you mean about the lack of intensity in Herodiade. I was lucky enough to see it at City Center back around 2004 - about a year before they booted Capucilli & Dakins and brought in Eilber. I saw Fang-Yi Sheu and Katherine Crockett, both of whom were magnificent. Chien-Pott and Diamond-Walker danced well but there was no comparison to the forcefulness and simultaneous calm and intensity Sheu and Crockett brought to the stage. I had never seen Secular Games before and I really enjoyed it. As for the new works - I thought I Used to Love You had some fun moments but it was pretty lite on actual dance. And the less said the better when it comes to Deo - what a waste of time & talent. I'm looking forward to the gala with 3 pieces by Graham - I can never see Errand or Diversion too often and it should be interesting to see Mearns in Ekstasis. I will close my eyes & ears for the Deo excerpt - at least its just an excerpt!
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