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  1. My thoughts are pretty much in line with most other posters. NYCB did a great job with Rubies, but we expect that so it wasn't surprising. Reichlen proved once again that she is the best Rubies Tall Girl in the world (Big Red is a close second, but still second). Fairchild was fine and I kept wondering how DeLuz could be so fabulous in the famously aerobically challenging Villela role. Isn't he around 40? Amazing. I had the same problems with POB as everyone else. You don't come to the House of Balanchine and change the steps. Even though they performed the footwork, stripping it of its iconic (and original) staccato execution is unforgivable. And I agree that the costumes were lacking in contrast to the originals, which are so beautifully bejeweled. Still, I thought that their dancing was beautiful, though somewhat cold. Weird that their arms and epaulment were gorgeous but I still found them cold. The Bolshoi's Diamonds was the HUGE success of the evening and totally worth the extravagant price of admission. I'd seen Smirnova and Chudin perform the pas de deux at a gala, and I've seen the recordings but seeing the whole company in this was just mind blowing. The corps and soloists were just perfection. As much as I love NYCB, I don't ever think I was ever so enthralled from start to finish. The corps were so perfectly synchronized, yet not robotic at all. I could not take my eyes off of the 4 female soloists whenever they were onstage. Except when Smirnova & Chudin were on stage. She is simply magical. Her technique is so strong, her epaulment and presentation so beautiful. Chudin surprised me. I'd never really taken note of him except as a strong partner with beautiful line. But last night in his solos he completely won me over. Soft, plush plies, tours ending effortlessly in perfect, tight 5th positions, pirouettes that ended EXACTLY on the music with perfect control - he didn't fudge a thing. This is the kind of male dancing we used to see regularly at ABT 5-10 years ago. I didn't realize how much I've missed it.
  2. WOW. Maybe I'll spend my ABT spring season money to travel to London in March!
  3. Casting is up on the KC website:http://www.kennedy-center.org/calendar/event/BSBSG PRINCIPAL CASTING (subject to change)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Tues., Oct. 17 at 7:30 p.m.Nikiya: Viktoria TereshkinaSolor: Kimin KimGamzatty: Anastasia MatvienkoWed., Oct. 18 at 7:30 p.m.Nikiya: Oxana SkorikSolor: Andrei YermakovGamzatty: Anastasia KolegovaThu., Oct. 19 at 7:30 p.m.Nikiya: Ekaterina KondaurovaSolor: Timur AskerovGamzatty: Nadezhda BatoevaFri., Oct. 20 at 7:30 p.m.Nikiya: Viktoria TereshkinaSolor: Kimin KimGamzatty: Anastasia MatvienkoSat., Oct. 21 at 1:30 p.m.Nikiya: Oxana SkorikSolor: Andrei YermakovGamzatty: Anastasia KolegovaSat., Oct 21 at 7:30 p.m.Nikiya: Ekaterina KondaurovaSolor: Timur AskerovGamzatty: Nadezhda BatoevaSun., Oct 22 at 1:30 p.m.Nikiya: Viktoria TereshkinaSolor: Kimin KimGamzatty: Anastasia Matvienko
  4. I get emails from ABT reminding me when I have tickets. My email for tonight's program says it runs from 7:30 PM to 9:40 PM. I'd expect it to run a little longer with bows, intermissions etc
  5. I've never seen Beliakov but I LOVE Ermakov, didn't realize he was that tall. I think the real problem is that ABT no longer seems inclined to look for a suitable partner for Part. They seem to think that Stearns, Hoven, Whiteside et al will do fine. I'll reserve judgement on Hoven, but Stearns isn't a great partner for her and while she looked very comfortable with Whiteside in SL he certainly couldn't handle her in the Onegin & Manon type of lifts.
  6. Nanushka, you beat me to it! I know I sound like a broken record, but they really ought to get Fabrice Calmels to partner Veronika. Not that I'd object to them bringing in one of the big Russian guys, but Calmels is perfect for her, they've danced together before and he'd make a great Onegin!
  7. Wow, wish I had seen that! They really need to start giving him leading roles.
  8. I had a different take on Veronika's Swan Lake. From her first appearance, I thought she looked tentative. One of the glories of her dancing is her arabesque, the way it grows. After the initial extension the leg continues to stretch outward to infinity, while her back engages and her arms and shoulders continue the line. That didn't happen yesterday, she hit her arabesques and only held them very briefly, which I attribute to her dancing through the ankle injury. I'm not saying that she wasn't beautiful - she was - and I certainly enjoyed the performance but it wasn't the plush, breathtaking Odette that I've come to expect from her. Other than that, I pretty much agree with what everybody else said. Whiteside's solos were fine- but the important part was that he partnered Veronika well and she seemed very secure and confident in his hands. Hammoudi was much better as Von R than as Siegfried, and at least he looked good in those boots! I was so proud of Veronika, completing those fouettés despite the lingering injury - she really showed them how it's done!
  9. Fabrice Calmels!!!!! Not American, but a dancer with an American company. He and Part have guested together, I'd love to see them together at ABT
  10. True, but 1 out of 4 principals would not be enough to get me there (except for Part!), especially when I actively dislike 2 of them. Medora has a couple of solos in the first act so I'll probably go to see Teuscher and then decide if I want to stay or just make it an early evening.
  11. Darn, I wish I was seeing Shevchenko! I was going tonight just for Part, the rest of the cast is not exactly thrilling. Sub Seo for Part and I wish I could get my money back but I guess its too late for that. Fingers crossed that she's recovered for her SL.
  12. Oh, how I wish I could be there for Lane's second Giselle but unfortunately I'm heading out on business tomorrow. Guess I'll just be happy that I saw the first one and keep my fingers crossed for a Swan Lake debut later in the season!
  13. Interesting to hear about Boylston's injury. I enjoyed her very much in the first act. Found her light, airy, lovely style just right for Giselle and she managed to keep her arms & upper body pretty much in check.She did some blazingly fast chaine turns, her hops on pointe were well done (though she looked down, rather than at Albrecht most of the time) and as Nana said, her acting was very naturalistic. Paris was replaced by Brandt in the PPD, she and Gorak turned in a wonderful performance. The 2nd act started well with a monumental Myrtha from Veronika Part. She really owns this role at ABT. Wonderful as Abrera was the other night even she can't come close to Parts ccombination of commanding authority with just a twinge of regret in her opening variation. The way she uses her back and arms is phenomenal. Katherine Williams and Zhong-Jing Fang were her lieutenants and they were gorgeous - the best pair I've seen so far. Boylston came out well in her 2nd act entrance however, as the act went on I just wasn't engaged with her performance. I didn't notice any technical deficiencies, I just felt that she was not truly dancing in the romantic style most of the time (there were a few instances of those wild arms, jumps were too emphatic) and I wasn't pulled into the drama, which is really, really rare. Now that I know she was injured, that may provide an explanation. Perhaps she was more focused on getting through the performance than anything else. I hope she recovers quickly.
  14. Please correct me if I'm wrong but I'm assuming that Alyona Kovalyova and Alena Kovaleva are the same dancer. Alena Kovaleva is dancing the Diamonds ballerina at the Saturday 7/22 matinee POB/NYCB/Bolshoi performance of Jewels (Smirnova dances the other 2 performances). They list her as Prima Ballerina though it sounds here like she is a corphee, or soloist at most. I hate matinees but I think I will have to go to this one! http://www.lincolncenter.org/lc-festival/show/jewels-2
  15. I believe Dieck was injured on Friday night. He was scheduled for Sat evening & Sunday matinee but did not dance. I also went to all 4 performances of this program and found it wonderful and exhilarating all 4 times. There are no words to describe how wonderful Peck was in AB - so I have nothing to add to the comments that have already been posted. I basically agree with most of the comments - Finlay, and LeCrone were not great, but they were not awful either and didn't detract from my overall enjoyment of this program. I really loved Maria in the adagio movement of the Bizet. Her lines, balances and just the magic she injects into this pas make it totally mesmerizing. I agree that she was losing steam in the coda, but its not like she couldn't execute the steps, they just weren't as zippy as they should have been. I'll gladly put up with a slightly under-powered coda for her sublime adagio!
  16. So psyched to see Maria in this again.
  17. I think the Joffrey holds a special place in the hearts of most NY ballet fans who were around when they were a NY based company. Perhaps that why it took so long for anyone to post about this engagement - despite the fact that I saw several BT'ers at the opening night performance. For my part, I was reluctant to post because my affection for this company prompted thinking along the lines of "If you can't say anything nice..." I saw the first cast with Christine Rocas, and Rory Hoenstein ( as well as Yoshihisa Arai as Mercutio, Fabrice Calmels as Capulet, April Daly as Lady Capulet and Temur Suluashvili as Tybalt). In the performance I saw Juliet was definitely on pointe. I think many of the other female roles were also danced on point but I'm not sure because the choreography was so un-classical and banal that the pointwork was hardly noticeable, and certainly not memorable. All of the dancers were good but unfortunately none of them were able to overcome the material with the possible exceptions of Arai, Calmels and Daly. When the highlights are Mercutio and Lord & Lady Capulet you know your R&J is in trouble. Not only did I not like the choreography, this production left me completely unmoved, which is really hard to accomplish - while I don't like the Morris or Martins versions at least they were engaging and I certainly shed a tear or two. But not with this one.
  18. Went to the box office this afternoon to exchange my subscription tickets and buy a few extras. Imagine my surprise when the guy told me that ABT is not allowing subscribers to buy tickets during exchange week. This is exactly what they did last year until they started getting angry emails from subscribers. Last year I believe we emailed jtimm@abt.org, I'm going to email him tomorrow
  19. Josette & ksk, thank you both for posting your impressions. Sounds like its worth seeing at least once and since my subscription ticket is for the Simkin/Abrera/Gomes/Lane cast I guess I will keep it,
  20. I believe that its part of the LC Festival but beware - they usually sell subscriptions before single tickets so you have to buy several of the LC Festival offerings
  21. Geez! Lincoln Center Festival tickets are always considerably higher than regular NYCB or ABT tickets, but this takes it to a whole new level. But I will still go, because I love Jewels, because I saw it that first season and want to honor that memory and because I am really looking forward to seeing the Bolshoi's Diamonds live. However at these prices they had better be bringing Smirnova and Zahkarova. or I will be very disappointed. And even though I know that Obraztsova usually dances Emeralds I'd love to see her in the Rubies PDD.
  22. lol Natalia! I would so appreciate it if you'd share your thoughts about this new production as soon as possible after you've seen it. I'm waiting to hear what Ballet Alert peeps think before deciding whether to dump my expensive ABT subscription ticket & pick up a cheapo cheapo nose bleed seat during exchange week (this starts on 3/18, right after the SoCal run). I was so disappointed with last year's Golden Cockeral, I really felt like I threw my money away on it and I don't want to do that again. A preview in the OC Register http://www.ocregister.com/articles/ballet-746176-whipped-cream.html talks about its similarities to the Nutcracker, and that's just fueling my apprehension: These (Ryden) design details helped Ratmanksy shape his choreography and they are also what will hopefully set the new ballet apart from the well-known “Nutcracker” story line which even Ratmansky admits bears a striking resemblance to “Whipped Cream.”
  23. I agree 100% - it forced me to buy a ticket to another performance. Peck's Dewdrop is one of the best ever. I've never seen Laracey's SP but she's such a warm and gracious dancer with that glorious epaulment that I'm sure it will be wonderful
  24. The press release (or was it the NY Times story?) mentioned that the multi company Jewels was being done as a commemoration of the ballet's 50th anniversary - it debuted at the State Theater in 1967. As such, I think its a great idea. I will definitely go to a few. I'd love to see Smirnova & Zakharovas in Diamonds, and I'm sure POB will be lovely in Emeralds but based on their DVD I'm not so keen on seeing them in the other 2/3. Edited to add: Just saw this in Dance magazine - POB will dance Emeralds for all performances, NYCB & Bolshoi will alternate Rubies & Diamonds. NYCB orchestra will play for all performances: http://dancemagazine.com/news/coming-soon-epic-jewels-ever/ It doesn't specifically say whether it will be only the leads or the full corps from each company but it sounds like each company will bring their own corps & soloists. It would be really weird to see POB & Bolshoi leads with NYCB corps - the stylistic differences would be very jarring.
  25. Hallberg is one of the greats and I fervently hope to see him back with ABT this spring. , I guess I'll have to put up with Hee Seo if thats who he's paired up with, but I certainly wont be happy about it
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