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  1. Yes, Peter Boal is in the pas de trois with Ms. Tracey and Ms. Karz. Wendy is accompanied by Arch Higgins and Albert Evans in the 2nd pas de trois. Lindsay Fischer (sp?) is Darcey Bussell's partner in the pas de deux.
  2. RE: Elizabeth Walker- I am not sure of her exact height but she is certainly one of the shortest dancers in the company. In the televised version of Swan Lake for PBS in 1999, Elizabeth dances as one of the 4 small swans. She is often dancing next to Janie Taylor and Carrie Lee Riggins and is quite a bit shorter than they are. Given that Ms. Riggins and Ms. Taylor are not exceptionally tall (maybe 5'4"?), I would perhaps place Ms. Walker around 5 feet. This is just a guess though. It's difficult to determine this in the theater, as I normally sit in the 3rd ring. I'd like to see Elizabet
  3. Sorry if this is slightly off-topic, but RE:1958 Nutcracker video -- the excerpt posted by Mme. Hermine shows Arthur Mitchell as the Arabian/Coffee dancer. Is this a typo or was the variation originally danced by a male? I wasn't aware that the version we see today was not in the original production. Did anyone see the male variation? When was it changed to a solo for a female?
  4. I agree with Oberon- the dancer wears an older pair of pointe shoes (not sure if they're shankless) dyed a deep tan color. The only part of the solo where the dancer goes en pointe, as I remember it, is toward the end... the dancer does a jump bringing the leg up in a high attitude behind her, she then closes to fifth position and quickly goes into releve and turns to perform the jump again. I hope I explained that clearly enough. This is followed by her walking in a circle around the stage, then going into the final split, etc, if that helps you place it. And yes, Oberon, I know exactly w
  5. Well, my choices are limited to about the past ten years... but I thoroughly enjoy Janie Taylor in the role. She manages to achieve a nice balance of willowy beauty, speed, and grace that epitomize the role for me. Kowroski is an interesting choice in casting. Her legs and general size are an odd match for the intricacies of the choreography, but when she's "on," I typically enjoy her interpretation. Also, Miranda Weese is quite special as Dew Drop- such musicality matched with technical assuredness. I'll also add that I agree with other comments- LeClerq would have been amazing to see.
  6. I'm glad you brought this up, Oberon. I had wanted to post on this and completely forgot. Regarding the Rutherford picture on the cover... is that really her? I was honestly shocked when I saw her name credited to the picture! I also thought it was Bouder at first. It appears that the dancer has brown hair in the photo... perhaps it is just the lighting, but I didn't think it really looked like her. Did Rutherford dye her hair? I saw her perform in May and it was still a very light blond. The Taylor/Tewsley photograph (La Valse) is absolutely stunning. I always enjoy receiving the sub
  7. I agree with Farrell Fan- so many of his ballets just fall into a middle ground. Most aren't offensive, but very few are a masterpiece. At least he isn't producing regular Musagetes. The ballets I list below weren't chosen because I think they're masterpieces. Rather, they are respectable works that have remained in the repertoire (in most cases). Them Twos (I actually really enjoyed some parts of this) Eight More (doesn't have a lot of depth, but is a lot of fun- Daniel Ulbricht, Antonio Carmena and Adam Hendrickson danced this quite well a few seasons ago) Eight Easy Pieces Fearful S
  8. That's a great story, Oberon. Chesbrough leaving provides at least glimmer of hope... and some good news amidst the frustration of the current situation.
  9. Farrell Fan applies a good "synonym" if you will to the "All-American" dancer: the "girl/boy next door." I know someone said this in the "Most Handsome Dancers" topic, but I completely agree that James Fayette has such a quality to him. Similarly, I agree regarding Jenifer Ringer. I almost exclusively see NYCB, so most of my examples will be dancers within that company: Darci Kistler in her early years, Ashley Bouder (robust, determined, open), Megan Fairchild (exuberant, always grinning), Adam Hendrickson (daring, hints of mischief). In ABT- I agree with Leigh in regards to Ethan Stiefel
  10. I know someone asked part of this question before, but I'm not sure if it's been answered... Stephen Hanna, Nilas Martins and Benjamin Millepied are also in Musagete. What "role" do they portray in the ballet? Hearing of the "inferences" that Whelan is Mourka/Zorina, Ansanelli is LeClerq, Kowroski is Farrell, and Tewsley is Balanchine, I'm curious to see what people think the roles of Hanna, Martins, and Millepied are (if there are any). I have not seen the ballet (I will in Saratoga), so I do not know if these three really have a significant part in the ballet at all. Are they portraying
  11. I'd like to echo FarrellFan's comment on Peter Martins. Also: Ethan Stiefel (very "boyish" good looks) and Adam Cooper. I find Stephen Hanna, recently promoted to soloist at NYCB, uniquely appealing.
  12. The discussion on the 10 greatest ballerinas at NYCB got me thinking about Tanaquil LeClerq. This may sound like a trivial question, but does anyone know what her name means or if there's a "story" behind it? It's a very beautiful name, but also very odd. Also, I'm aware that she contracted polio in the late 50s, tragically ending her dancing career. What did she do after she could no longer dance? Did she teach? She's a very intriguing character to me...
  13. Sorry Alexandra- I normally visit the links section, but have recently neglected doing so. What I found most interesting was, again, how she really didn't have "favorite ballets." I also thought her comment about how Peter Martins (her husband) treats her as a dancer was interesting. Particularly: "Whatever ballet I dance is my favorite, whatever partner I am on stage with is my favourite. But it is kind of my job. It is the whole package. What my husband [Martins] did was absolutely beautiful but I don't want to emphasize my husband." What exactly is she referring to when she states "Wha
  14. I thought that this interview of Darci Kistler was interesting (conducted recently in St. Petersburg). What does everyone else think? New York City Ballet- News Room
  15. JRB, would you mind sharing the name of the male dancer who winked at his partner (and her name, too)? That's a touching gesture. I think I could possibly become a fan after hearing of such a sweet thing like that.
  16. Certainly must congratulate Miss Fairchild on her fete yesterday. Taking on such a challenge, while be it foolish and dangerous to demand from the administration's part, is admirable. It does make one wonder just what made them choose Fairchild. I know we've all seen it before. And I'm not discrediting Fairchild's capabilities... but why not Ashley Bouder (I think she most readily comes to mind when the aforementioned discussion of young, impressive corps dancers hitting it big, then burning out/becoming injured, only to completely disappear back into the corps), or however many senior co
  17. Bre~Bre, I'm sorry if you misinterpreted what I was trying to say. I don't think anything is wrong at all with her body. I'm just saying she isn't what you typically see with a ballerina. She is very muscular... which is great, but usually classically trained ballerinas don't really *show* their muscle. However, I don't think this slightly different physique has impeded her at all nor does it hinder her dancing.
  18. Thanks for pointing that out, carbro. I had considered adding his name, and then I thought "wait, he's right there to come back and teach." I don't know why, but for some reason I just thought of those who aren't immediately accessible. Besides, I guess he is teaching some of the roles he is famous for already. It's an interesting point, though. Also, perky, thank you for adding your list of those you'd bring back. You make some excellent suggestions (I can't believe I didn't think of Tallchief or Kent!). I also just thought of Gelsey Kirkland. If Tallchief wouldn't be available, she'd
  19. 1) Overall, I was much more pleased with this season (and the winter season, too) then the past several. The dancers are looking much more focused, rehearsed, and healthy. Also, there is a great crop of talent in the corps, who are fabulous to watch. 2) Best shape ballet(s)- Brahms-Schoenberg, Who Cares? 3) Worst shape ballet- this is a hard one because several ballets had their 'off' nights... umm.... maybe Reliquary? 4) Favorite dancer- a- Old Reliable- Maria Kowroski; technical command, incredible legs, starting to come in to her own. Also dances an extended repertory, which I think
  20. Wow, thanks for the link. Quite the story it is... I was unaware of any of this. I'm glad things seemed to have worked themselves out. Misti certainly has illustrated her passion for dance.
  21. Did anyone see Midsummer Night's Dream last night? I will be attending 2 performances next week, but I wish I could see Abi Stafford and Rachel Rutherford make their debuts in Concerto Barocco this week. Any comments on Stafford's performance tonight in this role would be greatly appreciated.
  22. Good question... Well, obviously Suzanne Farrell in many, many things. Most notably, Don Q, Diamonds from Jewels, Meditation... well, I'll just stop there. I'd let her teach anything she would want! Merrill Ashley teaching Ballo Della Regina to ABT students (i.e. Megan Fairchild) was a good move... just coach some others, and do Ballade as well. Patty McBride- Coppelia, Harlequinade, Who Cares (Man I Love section), Tarantella. Karin von Aroldingen- Agon, Prodigal Son Kay Mazzo- Duo Concertant, Stravinsky Violin Concerto Violette Verdy- Tchaikovsky Pas de Deux, Emeralds from Jewels J
  23. What exactly do you mean by "heavy family pressure?" She came from a family that didn't want her to do ballet? They wanted her to do something else? Please elaborate. I have never really made an effort to pick her out of the corps when I have seen ABT, but she does have a "different" kind of quality to her (at least from what I have seen and from pictures of her). I guess what I mean is she doesn't strike me as the typical classical ballerina. Still, she has some talent behind her.
  24. Interesting point about Kirstein still being alive. I actually had never thought of that. So was Robbins.
  25. Very interesting about Don Q... I had never heard anything of it being unpopular. It seems surprising considering it was Farrell and Balanchine was on stage as the Don. Despite this, and the consequence that many people will go in expecting the bravura ABT-like version, I would still love to see it. I'm not sure if I'd prefer Whelan in it... although she would probably get dibs on the role. She just isn't my kind of dancer. If only Abi Stafford would losen up a little. She certainly would have the technique, and sometimes she reminds me just a teeny bit of Farrell (appearance). Same t
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