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  1. I am about the furthest thing from a prude you could imagine, but I do not like nudity onstage in ballet/opera/theatre. It is simply too distracting. In fact, I don't really like it in movies either.
  2. After seeing her in LA SONNAMBULA I had this mad craving to see Wendy Whelan dance Giselle...and now, I have another mad craving: to see her as Myrtha! Is there a cure for mad cravings? I hope not...
  3. Marianna Tcherkassky...oh, yeah!!! What a beauty...
  4. Helene Alexopoulos, Carla Korbes, Judith Fugate, Pauline Golbin, Jenifer Ringer, Miranda Weese, Amanda Edge, Alexandra Ansanelli...Saskia Beskow!
  5. Yeah, the Duell brothers were pretty cute. How about Bryan Pitts?
  6. Jock Soto, Marcelo Gomes, Amar Ramasar, David Hallberg, Albert Evans, Jose Manuel Carreno, Steve Hanna, Craig Hall, Seth Orza, Adam Hendrickson, Vincent Paradiso, and I think Eddie Liang is really attractive, too. Women? No one holds a candle to Helene Alexopoulos...but Korbes & Golbin are right up at the top and I have always found Amanda Edge and Carrie Lee Riggins quite striking. Miranda Weese is gorgeous, she is in fact delectable...
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