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  1. What can we add to Treefrog? Actually not much. We also saw the Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday night performances. The Harris was SRO on Tuesday but there were lots of seats open on Thursday. We were lucky Saturday night because we have permanent seats for Summer concerts so we were close enough to see expressions on the dancers faces. Kepley, Goodman and Wilkins were great at all the performances. Off to NY to see the final weekend of City Ballet, but Joffrey did a really great job and got alot of exposure to people who ordinarily do not see Ballet. Also attend a panel disc
  2. Julianne and Jennifer were both great on Tuesday night at the Harris. Are they both performing on Thursday night at the Harris? I would love to see Jennifer and Julianne perform Twarp's in the Upper Room with Philip Glass music. Be Well. Mezzo :huepfen024:
  3. We saw the performances last night 6/13 at the Harris theater. It was great. One or two questions, please. Is Jennifer Goodman the dancer with the short red straight hair and J. Kepley a little taller with blond, kind of curley hair? I got them mixed up and would like to know who is who. Both were great although I would have like to see both of them do more dancing on pointe. Be Well, Thanks. Mezzo
  4. Feaful Symmetries with music of John Adams. Has anyone seen this Martins ballet? What did you think of the dancing? Is it slow or fast pace? Is it worth seeing? Thanks. Mezzo
  5. Can you send an email does the letter have to be a hard copy via us postal service? For NYCB or ABT? Thanks.
  6. Maria was fantastic in In Vento!! she is back!
  7. Thank you for letting me know about The Winger. Does any one know where the picture of Maria actually is in Central Park? Is it the official on line paper of the SAB? How did Kristin Sloan, a corp dancer, get the job of "contributor" to The Winger? Is she also the editor? How good of a dancer is she? Thanks again for the info. Mezzo
  8. What is The Winger? If it is on the web, can you post the site please? Thank you.
  9. Is there a video of Martins' NYCB version of Swan Lake, or of Mr. B's version?
  10. For the moment, for ABT's SL and the story line. How is Martins' (NYCB) choreography as a modern ballet? Does it flow? Is it creative? Are there jumps for Bouder? What about the corps? Are there lots of dances for the corps de ballet? Is it creative? Does it flow with the music? Thanks for your thoughts.
  11. NYSusan, Your comments are great about NYCB and ABT. My next question is "If I forget about the Petipa SL, and the story line, and see NYCB SL as a 21st century ballet by Martins, is the dancing and the choreography worth seeing?
  12. NYCB is doing Swan Lake in January 2006 in NYC. Which version is better between NYCB and ABT?
  13. What is the difference between the NYCB and the ABT versions of Swan Lake? Is the NYCB version worth seeing in January, 2006, which they are doing at State Theatre in NY?
  14. What was/is the typical height of female and male dancers who are principals or soloists for the NYCB and ABT? Were the dancers much taller in the days of Ballanchine?
  15. How do the Bolshoi Principal Ballerinas compare to those of the NYCB and ABT?
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