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  1. Considering that most of the pics of the two of them show him grabbing her breast, I'm not sure I would qualify this as a move up in the world.
  2. He is still listed on the website, whereas the other retirees are not.
  3. They do indeed allow people to take drinks back to their seats now, as they are doing at many regional theaters (for example, the Asolo Theater in Sarasota recently made that change). Many venues see it as a way to make extra revenue, and I for one am grateful not to have to throw back my glass of wine in five minutes (takes ten to get it, particularly at Saratoga). I'm sorry, Deborah, that you have had such a bad experience there. I've been going to SPAC since I was a child, and always found the audiences to be fairly courteous and wildly appreciative. It's actually one of my favorite places
  4. I'd vote for Barry Foster (the serial killer in Hitchcock's "Frenzy"). Sorry Blaine.
  5. Oh no... Don't leave us hanging. Please.
  6. I realize that this statement is not going to contribute to the discussion, but a good bit of this thread and the other one on the dancer layoffs from NYCB feels like a bad day in law school or an academic conference that has gotten out of hand, where someone just wants to be right at the expense of the ideas being circulated.
  7. Thanks for all your responses - I remember taking class with Molly when she was quite young, and it was obvious that she was a prodigious talent. Not in a fireworks-and-schmaltz way, but in a thoughtful and mature one. I hope that resurfaces soon.
  8. britomart

    Molly Smolen

    Does anyone know if Molly Smolen has left SF Ballet? If so, does anyone know where she has gone? Thanks!
  9. Nicely said, Leigh! I'd definitely agree w/Mozartiana. Also certain roles in Liebeslieder and Davidsbundlertanze - I don't know enough about the choreographic history of these ballets, but it seems as though certain roles were choreographed with more mature dancers in mind. And I've only seen "Orpheus" with older dancers as Eurydice (Helene Alexopolous, Darci Kistler) so I find it hard to imagine a young dancer in the part. I'd also put the Waltz Girl role from Serenade on the list. One ballet I think benefits somewhat from youth is "Allegro," not just because of the technical demands, bu
  10. There seems to be as much bashing here of Ms. Kelso as she did in her article on the ballet world!! As both a former professional dancer (and no, you've never heard of me, I'm sure, but I did dance with several very well-known companies) and a current graduate student in English and film, I think that although Ms. Kelso's article was clearly biased, there were some issues raised that are worth raising, as canbelto mentioned. It seems a bit pointless to start denigrating the academic profession (which does indeed have it's own set of pervasive problems, although many of my colleagues are the f
  11. Fayette's not that young - he was born in 1970 - so while he certainly didn't have to retire yet, he must have been thinking his NYCB afterlife. I don't know, but it seems reasonable that he would retire b/c he was offered the job with AGMA, which is something he's been involved with for quite awhile as company rep.
  12. I will say that I had much the same question as you did last year, Bart, when the SPAC scandal erupted. However, I have been lucky enough to spend two weeks up here this summer (my mom is a long time summer resident) and the whole town is buzzing with excitement about the ballet's return, and I can honestly say that I can't imagine the place without it. It might be true that NYCB might make a bit more off of a summer tour, but they are part of the summer tradition here, and SPAC is a part of the company's tradition now. So it's more complicated and involved than the finacial aspects suggest.
  13. Oh rkoretsky - I hope not. People like Chesbrough often seem invincible, but I can't believe that his seeming campaign to get rid of NYCB won't bite him in his nether parts in the end. He's handled it with such gracelessness. At any rate, I for one will be bringing my mom back to SPAC, and seeing if a few friends can't come in for a performance or two over the next couple of weeks. It's a small thing, and it won't help the numbers problem much, but it is a testament to the efforts of STB and yourself. Your commitment to this cause has inspired a lot of discussion (and individuals) on the boa
  14. Hi all: Been thinking about this a lot, and I've come to realize that one thing I'd not thought about earlier is the fact that one of the things that makes the Saratoga residency special is that it is in New York. NYCB could, no doubt, find another place to have a summer season, but it would likely not be in New York. It's pretty unique and quite special that NYCB brings its performances to residents of NYS as well as NYC, and that's something that shouldn't be overlooked (slapping my own hand :sweating: )
  15. I think that the separation of temperament and aesthetic is a really good one to delineate, ballerina 1023. Kowroski definitely fits the bill in terms of the Balanchine/American aesthetic, and might even temperament-wise, especially in comedic roles. People have brought up some women I hadn't thought of originally, like Merrill Ashley, who, during her career, seemed lto me ike a quintessentially American dancer both in terms of physique and temper. Some others I have since come up with are Susan Jaffe for her wide-eyed beauty and ability to convey a sort of purity of essence and Evelyn Cisne
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