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  1. ABT is bringing Romeo & Juliet and two mixed programmes to the Hong Kong Arts Festival next year. http://www.hk.artsfestival.org/en/programme/201-american-ballet-theatre Dance Gala: Programme 1 21 Feb 7:30pm Drink to Me Only With Thine Eyes (Mark Morris/Virgil Thomson) Classical Pas de Deux (2 pieces, to be announced) Shostakovich - Symphony No 9 (Alexei Ratmansky/DmitriShostakovic) Asian Premiere Approx 2 hrs 20 mins incl two intervals Dance Gala: Programme 2 22-23 Feb 7:30pm The Leaves Are Fading (Antony Tudor/Antonin Dvořák) The Moor’s Pavane (José Limón /Henry Purcell) Sy
  2. Will accept 50%. If the tickets don't go at this price by tomorrow morning, I'll donate the tickets back to ABT.
  3. I think I might have (?) posted the key excerpts from those interviews on this board somewhere, but I unfortunately don't have the time to search to verify that. abatt is right in my book, too.
  4. I don't think Maria is that much taller than Simkin, at least when she is not en pointe. She's relatively petite. That was why she was able to be the dancing double for M Kunis, when S Lane was doubling for N Portman.
  5. Simkins should not be made principal at this time. Ballet is more about jumping and pyrotechnics. It's about refinement and partnering as well, among other things. Not that Simkins couldn't later be a principal, but in my mind no time soon. Also, Simkins' height and build make it difficult for him to pair with any principal ballerina except X Reyes. How is that helping the situation with the insufficient number of male principals to pair the principal ballerinas, particularly when Cornejo is already available to pair Reyes?
  6. I have the following ABT Met season individual tickets for sale, at a 20% discount from face. May 20, 2011 -- Don Quixote with Cojocaru/Carreno, 7:30 pm Parterre Box 11, Seat 3 (front row parterre side box) Face is $80; proposed sale price is $64 May 21, 2011 -- Don Quixote with Semionova/Hallberg, MATINEE at 2:00 pm Orchestra Row B, Seat 14 Face is $107; proposed sale price is $85 Please post a response or e-mail me at ambonnay@live.com if you are interested in one or both tickets.
  7. Tix available at $29. https://www.smarttix.com/show.aspx?EID=&showCode=AVI4&BundleCode=&GUID=
  8. I agree on Bolyston. Moreover, her motion also seems to be more "one item after another", instead of an integrated whole where the transitions from move to move are more fluid and better handled. I don't fault Bolyston -- she does have limited performance experience on this piece. However, to say that a corps member has many areas on which to improve in a piece is not to say that she shouldn't be given this opportunity or that she is doing a bad job given her experience. But Bolyston has a lot of areas to improve, and her pairing with such a classicist as Hallberg only, unfortunately for
  9. Is this from Moscow? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZE05YrXOc2w http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gc-bDLXTzzU&feature=related
  10. Some additional snippets of info: I think the Benjamin Millepied premiere piece may have ended up not being performed, for whatever reason(s). Like in a prior year, I saw Cory Stearns in the audience. The overall announcement of each performance was done in an amateurish way. For example, if you are going to say "piece d'occasion", try to pronounce it in a correct French manner. The first Marcelo Gomes piece with the La Scala ballerina dancing herself on stage, but around a violinist who was also performing onstage, left a lot to be desired. I always think that choreography that only looks
  11. Tonight's YAGP was horrible overall, with mediocre to downright nastily poor performances by almost everybody, except for the following: > Viegnsay Valdes (National Ballet of Cuba) and Ivan Vasiliev (Bolshoi) Don Quixote [Grand] Pas de Deux This was the first time I had seen I Vasiliev live. His leaps and turns and many other movements are so imbued with power. He is a very lively and animated dancer, with a great deal of energy and aplomb, if not as much finesse as I prefer in a danseur. A truly memorable experience with Vasiliev dancing at the very end of the evening. The ballerina V
  12. There is now more info on the 2011 gala: "Featuring the stars of: Jose Manuel Carreno (American Ballet Theatre) Thomas Forster (American Ballet Theatre) Ivan Vasiliev (Bolshoi Ballet) Rubinald Pronk (Dutch National Ballet) Gallim Dance Yekaterina Kondaurova (Mariinsky Ballet) Tiler Peck (New York City Ballet) Tyler Angle (New York City Ballet) Daniel Ulbricht (New York City Ballet) Yuan Yuan Tan (San Francisco Ballet) Anthony Spaulding (San Francisco Ballet) Roderick George (Theater Basel) And WORLD PREMIERES by ABTs Marcelo Gomes and NYCBs Benjamin Millepied" (I w
  13. This is one of the Manhattan venues for Don Quixote: http://us.bigcinemas.com/ Please select "Try out our Express Box Office" on the upper right of the screen. The relevant theater is "NY -- Big Cinemas Manhattan". Once a user then selects the date, she can go and reserve a ticket for $25 (total $26) by inputting credit card information. The viewing starts at 11 am and, like a theater, provides first come, first served seating.
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