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  1. I saw him on Monday and he danced his solo at the wedding (his petit allegro full of beats). Unless I am missing something, is this what was deleted from your performance?
  2. I think you are right - it is the anticipation of the 3rd act that got in the way. Maybe as I get more used to this ballet it will grow on me. I did love Isabella's balance in that breathtaking moment where she freezes in time facing the audience. A lot of kids left after the 2nd act - I get it, hard to expect they would survive a 3 act ballet that starts at 7:30...Maybe kids handled better in the matinee. I also did not mind the replacement for the "fish dive" - it seemed very unexpected and unusual and made me jump a little. I had not read the posts until after the performance so was unaware this was a recent change (just used to the fish dive from other youtube videos).
  3. I was there but I am by no means an expert like all of you! I saw it the first year it premiered, then a rehearsal years later and then this evening. I like more each time I watch it. The arabesques seemed higher than what I remembered (or am I getting used to it). I thought Isabella was perfection - she took my breath away. Her balances were perfection. Aran was also gorgeous - he has a beautiful line and his petit allegro seemed very clean and fast (for my eyes, someone who does not know the choreography and can’t compare to others). I thought Skylar was amazing as the Fairy Canari and then again as Princess Florine - always impeccable. I have fallen in love with Catherine Hurlin. I wish act II was slightly shorter.
  4. As a mother of 3 who focused on educating kids in ballet and music from an early age I have learned a few things: no traditional ballet performance before the age of 5 - ABT has the 1 hour program which I used for many years until they were “ready”. Between 6-8 mostly matinees (even then it can be an issue since kids move so much). Show YouTube videos of the ballets as much as possible before the performance so they can ask all questions ahead of it...my 7 1/2 year old has watched Giselle several times on YouTube and La Bayadere most recently as well! I got to the point now that my 12 year old (dancer) and 7 1/2 year can go to any ballet performance and sit 100% quiet and not move and I never get the dirty looks (except when we arrive, people give us the looks in antecipation). But it came with training. it is a wonderful thing to give them this opportunity.
  5. I thought they were both amazing. This is the 1st time I see it so cannot judge how they compare. Sarah’s solo in act II was so hard she was in perfect control and amazing length / lines. She had a silly fall before that - came out of nowhere (slipped), but I am glad she did not seem to mind. Audience loved Círio beautiful jumps and turns. The setting and costumes are insane and it made me sad that the turnout was so low
  6. Question: I watched it tonigh - you were there last night as well: did one of the kids fall (dressed in black second act) and was dragged by the partner on purpose or this just happened tonight? I could not tell if it was on purpose d since the boy dragged her! Also, I was so disappointed with how empty the house was. Bartender told me only 36% of seats sold
  7. My first time seeing La Bayadere. After the Osipova/Hallberg Giselle night I have to say the saddest thing was to see how empty the house was and the overall sleepy / cold / low energy audience. 1st the ballet as a whole does not speak to me..but has pieces that I like and pieces that feel silly. Kim is insane - I am in love - so glad I go to see him literally fly and float and beautiful lines. Hee the usual.. Nice lines but something missing? Gillian had some good moments but I agree that she did not seem like her usual. Agree with above - LOTS of wobbly legs in the shade chorus entrance (it was distracting). I thought the 3 soloists were excellent. Gorak was perfection.
  8. I love this forum and do not come close to being able to be as specific as others but where do I start? Watching Osipova is like having the best meal of your life. She is a natural and passionate - you feel all the emotions and I was in Grand Tier. People love her technique and we can go on and on about the hops (how fast and far?) and the jumps and the speed of her piquet turns . But it is her - what she brings with her passion and emotion that did it for me. How many times has she danced this ballet? Today she looked as excited as if it was her first ever solo performance. As for David - I find him beautiful and love his lines. I watched him last year without Gillian and go let the feeling he was dancing in a more careful and cautious manner tonight? Maybe it was just me. I love him but this was Natalia’s night!
  9. By the way Alastair Macaulay seemed to have loved Misty's performance last night (comments not yet a reciview in his Instagram account). No mention of fouetté s
  10. Can someone explained what did she do after she fell off the fouetté turns and there was still music left? Did you say she then finished with an arabesque? I am trying to visualize it - thanks !
  11. I had a feeling. When I saw her swan lake years ago with Bolle her Odete was beautiful..but she could not pull off Odille - she did mess up the fouettes back then. What happened tonight?!
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