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  1. Performing Dancing at a Gathering... https://youtu.be/E1TW4ZHQAfU Performing Marco Spada... Base on these clips he's a damn good dancer.
  2. Yeah she seems the most obvious choice. I mean isn't she the most revered prima ballerina currently in Russia? I'm surprise Sylvie Guillem has never been given that title. Which brings up the question... Who exactly decides which ballerina deserves the title "Prima Ballerina Assoluta" and in today's ballet world does that title still carry the same weight that it once did in the past?
  3. ABT performed La Sonnambula back in the 80's. It was filmed with Baryshnikov as the Poet and Alessandra Ferri as the Sleepwalker.
  4. A 2010 video interview Evans did for the McClendon Performing Arts Institute in Atlanta.
  5. Holy F*CK!!! When I clicked on this thread I was NOT expecting this. So sad. My heart goes out to his family and friends. An amazing dancer. RIP.
  6. The difference - as I see it - is when Corella lifted Ferri he simply was using his hands and he was holding her by the waist. When Eagling lifted Ferri his hands was just under her chest and the rest of her torso was resting on his forearms which made it possible for him to lift Ferri with greater support which gave Ferri the freedom to lift up her arms without fear of falling.
  7. Juliet not using her hands in terms of support while being lifted I think has a great deal to do with how Romeo is supporting and lifting her. In the Ferr/Eagling, Cuthbertson/Bonelli, Girkland/Dowell pairings when Romeo lifts Juliet he's not only using his hands and also his forearms when lifting Juliet which gives Juliet a greater sense of support making it possible for her to rise both her arms. At least that's how I'm seeing it.
  8. From what I understand "The Girl Hunt" ballet was meant to mock Gene Kelly's more "high-brow" balletic dance sequences. Personally I loved it because it was very much tongue in cheek. The "Girl Hunt" was never meant to be taken seriously and because of that I was able to enjoy it and Michael Kidd's choreography is terrific. But then again The Band Wagon is a much better movie then An American in Paris despite the fact I do like Paris. But how it won the Oscar for Best Picture over A Streetcar Named Desire and A Place in the Sun is beyond my comprehension.
  9. Why do I get the sad feeling that when it's finally broadcast on CBS all of this is going to be soooooo chopped up in order to save time like they did with Makarova tribute but only far worst.
  10. Hmmmmmm, Villella will host and Mearns will dance. Oh yeah, Villella, I should have thought of him. An excellent and likely choice. Back to George B Fan's hope for "The Man I Love" pas de deux from Who Cares? - Tiler Peck is acclaimed in that role nowadays. Peck was the dancer I immediately thought of when I suggested "The Man I Love." I understand the reason behind the idea of Sara Mearns dancing for McBride but Peck comes closest at resembling McBride as a dancer. McBride was best known for musicality, high-spirit, openness and her sense of Americana...qualities that Peck has. IMO.
  11. I'm soooo thrilled. A superb choice. Here's hoping we get one solid performance {The Man I Love pas de deux from Who Cares?} for example instead of the short collection of dances that was use to honor Natalia Makarova.
  12. I was about to make the same suggestion! From what I understand they haven't perform this classic ballet in years!! Unbelievable. And base on this youtube video of the Dawn variation I think Mariinsky version of this ballet would be wonderful.
  13. I love this remark from Gottlieb's review: "As for the third ballerina, Stella Abrera, Tharp has provided her with a career-making role. She’s been on the second level of ABT casting for far too long; here, she’s dynamic, glamorous, expansive..." So true...so true!!
  14. I was watching the evening news. I heard about the story so I wasn't paying much attention until I saw a photo of James Fayette {husband to current NYCB principal Jenifer Ringer} explaining he was the father protecting his two year old son when he was slashed in the chest by some craze homeless man going on a rampage stabbing three other individuals in Riverside Park on Tuesday, October First. His son Luke was also slashed in the arm but thankfully both father and son will be fine. Here's an article from The New York Post http://nypost.com/2013/10/01/2-stabbed-others-injured-at-riverside-park/
  15. Martha Swope - photographer - when it comes to captivating dance in a single moment whether it's on stage during a live performance, behind the scenes during rehearsal, or at a photo studio no one has ever had a more profound influence on dance photography quite like Swope. IMO she made it an art form. Arlene Croce - critic - founder of Ballet Review, longtime dance critic of the New Yorker Magazine and author of several books about dance, Ms. Croce is one of the towering figures in the art of dance reviews. I think her influence is HUGE. Joan Acocella - critic - yet another gifted and superb writer of dance. Isodora Duncan - dancer - yes she's a legend in modern dance but from the things I've read about her, she left an important imprint on several legendary giants in 20th century ballet. Her freedom of movement, her passion and her style of dancing in which she made it appeared the music was coming directly within herself, and that dance didn't have to beholden to strict storytelling, had a huge influence over choreographers like the Russia's Mikhail Fokine and Britian's Frederick Ashton.
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