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  1. I love this remark from Gottlieb's review: "As for the third ballerina, Stella Abrera, Tharp has provided her with a career-making role. She’s been on the second level of ABT casting for far too long; here, she’s dynamic, glamorous, expansive..." So true...so true!!
  2. I think the true brilliance of Marcelo Gomes is that one's personal sexuality is meaningless when on stage. Artistry is what's important when everything is said and done. I mean no question the fact that Marcelo is gay certainly destroys the stereotype of gay men being "girlish" in attitude for lack of a better phrase. He does bring a wonderful masculinity and strength to his elegant and noble dancing. But more then that, Marcelo is a gifted partner. He is extremely attentive to his ballerinas. He makes sure they shine as beautifully as possible. You just know his ladies feels safe and protect
  3. This is a fairly recent photo. It's a studio photo of Katia Carranza and Renato Penteado of the Miami City Ballet in Balanchine's Symphony in C second movement. Simply breathtaking!! http://www.visitflor...4264024_288.jpg
  4. Kyra Nichols Jenifer Ringer Miranda Weese Irina Dvorovenko Alessandra Ferri Svetlana Zakharova Paloma Herrera
  5. Nanatchka, you're right you did mention Baryshnikov. My mistake.
  6. Jose Manuel Carreno - a very beautiful man. Mikhail Baryshnikov - a name I thought would have been mention by now. Very handsome and sexy. James Fayette - a handsome man in a Norman Rockwell, boy next door type way. And seeing that no one said this was only limited to male ballet dancers: Alvin Ailey - a strong masculine presence.
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