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  1. Thank you for posting @ECat I had not seen this, only brief snippets floating around on the instagram stories that were mostly showing Shkylarov's parts. Excited to watch.
  2. Seeing the clips that have been floating around Instagram, I was absolutely blown away by the latest DQ at Mariinsky with Shklyarov and Shakirova. He was especially amazing in the act I pd3 with some of the most glorious renversé I have ever seen to match his fiery performance.
  3. I have to say, I agree with both Stuben and Drew. Certain dancers are much better prepared for this transition, given the parts currently in their repertoire. Royal was certainly the biggest surprise, I never thought he would be one to go all the way up. I know he was rehearsing R&J before the cancellation but has he danced a single lead in a classical ballet? I would have thought they would have needed given him a trial run at one or two big parts to be seriously considered for a promotion considering the repertoire of the company. The other guys promoted to principal all have 2+ l
  4. Yes, I thought they were searching for a taller guy to replace Di Lanno.
  5. She reminds me a bit of Obratstova but with a few more centimeters of height. She has the softest arms and everything seems to be about her subtleties. As Paquita, all of her flourishes with her arms were controlled and not at all flung or overly broken or excessively dramatized. I feel this more old school style is vanishing rapidly. It is clear Khoreva is set up to be the next generation's star but I hope Khiteeva also rises quickly!
  6. I did the translation quickly, apologies for any mistakes Spartacus July 29, 19:30 Spartak - Denis Rodkin Crassus - Artemy Belyakov Aegina - Svetlana Zakharova Phrygia - Anastasia Denisova July 30, 19:30 Spartak - Igor Tsvirko Crassus - Artem Ovcharenko Aegina - Olga Smirnova Phrygia - Anna Nikulina July 31, 19:30 Spartak - Mikhail Lobukhin Crassus - Ruslan Skvortsov Aegina - Ekaterina Shipulina Phrygia - Maria Vinogradova August 1, 19:30 Spartak - Denis Rodkin Crassus - Artemy Belyakov Egina - Yulia Stepanova Phrygia - Eleanor Sevenar
  7. Ahh, my mistake, I misread the schedule.
  8. Will there also be a new cast of Carmen/ Perushka? Or will they just replay the one from this year as they did with this year's Sleeping Beauty? I would kill for such a high quality video of a couple Bolshoi Carmens...
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