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  1. thanks mel - OK, so it's not a 'tautology', but 'paradox' is definitely not the word i was after. THAT one i DO know. i was after the term that means 'inherently contradictory'...? victoria - of course i agree with you. i was just trying to come up with a way to keep the thread shorter...sorry.
  2. arabesques will be a minefield - might i suggest a separate thread for POSES (as distinct from STEPS)? alexandra - this formatting is very helpful. (likewise delete this post, later) my post is just mainly to point out that, in english-speaking countries outside of the USA, to my knowledge anyway, there is no such things as 'centre barre' - this is regarded as a tautology (or is it an aphorism, a whatasit or a whojamajig?) in the english-speaking countries i have been to (outside of USA) - barre is AT the rail-thing. center is NOT at the rail-thing! :shrug:
  3. i particularly enjoy the quotes from Tobi Tobias - i guess i should seek out some more of his/her (?) writing to read...
  4. just want to say: what a lovely idea for a topic.
  5. i like manhattnik's signature quote of doris humphrey.
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