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  1. [ I was there......and will chime in later.......a very long night......the treat was in seeing these Bolshoi talents on one stage together......amazing. And I enjoyed the contemporary choreography, although not always successful.
  2. Sorry for the confusion. Actually my entire subscription was confusing, thus a trip to the ticket office this summer. My usual scheduled time is Thursdays and there were only two groups performing on a Thursday. Therefore I was given two performances in my season package! I had to add all the other performances by date.........Reflections is performing Jan. 20-23. Tour de Force II is a 'bonus option' for all subscribers on Thurs. April 28 '11.(one night only) Eifman Ballet will be performing prior on April 26-May 1. Yes, they sandwiched this Tour de Force in the middle of Eifman Ballet
  3. I just renewed my dance subscription at OCPAC in person at the ticket office.. I had some these same questions before purchasing some of the extra offerings. This special performance is only one night and is already half sold. I was late in renewing and could only get orchestra row S ! If anyone is planning on going, it would be wise to get a jump on it.
  4. Yes, Amy. It is an amazing experience to view this doc. on the big screen. The camera work is excellent. And you really do feel like you are close up and personal. I encouraged my DD and her friends to go to the film forum in NYC to see this. It is worth it. IMO. And the pace, be it leisurely, floats you into a world of its own...........I found this aspect to be magical.
  5. I put my afternoon aside to sneak off and catch this film in Irvine, CA. "La Danse" is flawed with what Macauley calls "having no center" and I did find myself bored with some long sections of a few of the contemporary pieces. Editing was needed IMO. It also ends abruptly with an odd choice of dance choreography. Here are the many wonderful impressions left with my by film's end......... *Excellent camera angles while viewing the dancers both in rehearsal and on stage....giving you a personal up close look at these beautiful dancers *A private look inside the Paris Opera House so quietly
  6. The one that springs to mind is Forsythe's "Impressing the Czar" as danced by the Royal Ballet of Flanders in NYC last year. It was my first viewing of the ballet, although I have seen "In the Middle....." separately danced by the Royal Danish and others. My retired DD and I had some wonderful discussions afterwards revolving around the structure of ballet both in its art form and its organizational nature. We were quite stimulated by our experience. That is rare for me these days. I loved the wit and full use of the stage as well as the decor and props. It was a total envolvement for m
  7. A few of my friends are re-reading "Atlas Shrugged" . I ' ve just started and am loving it.
  8. I want thank all of you for all the great responses in helping me select an evening at the opera. DD and I have changed our direction and decided to go to the new "Westside Story" instead. We would have loved to do both, but $ and time did not permit. DD also knows some of the performers in WSS and has never seen a live production of this wonderful show. I hope it is as good as the reports coming in to me......
  9. I am excited from reading your review printcess! Just last night I bought tkts. for the first week in April! I am glad to hear that the quality of this revival is top notch. I was actually surprised to get good seats as new musicals seem to book out in advance. Is this a sign of the times?
  10. Thanks, Carbro, for putting this announcement on. CBC will be delighted! Will I see you there?
  11. Thank you for your wonderful insights and suggestions. Bart, I am totally on the same page with your regarding Wagner. It's funny as I just needed to hear someone else say what I was thinking.....Honestly, my DD and I are not experienced opera goers and wanting a pleasurable night of lovely music and singing. "Rigoletto" sounds just fine. And yes, SandraO, Verdi agrees with me also. Now, I will take a look at what seats are available. I have sat in various areas of the Met and am somewhat aware of its beauty and its pitfalls! However, I am most appreciative of your suggestions as it ap
  12. We are thinking of taking in the opera while visiting NYC. Our dates are limited. Here are the choices for the days we can attend..... April 6 - Die Walkure 7 - Cav/Pag 8 - L'Elisir d"Amore 9 - Rigoletto This is our first time seeing opera at the Met. We have been to many ballet performances at the Met, but never the opera. What do you think? Thanks!
  13. I am thrilled to such good reports about CBC. These certainly are remarkable kids. So sorry I couldn't be there. Hopefully I can attend the April performances. And yes, these are ambitious and talented students with very busy academic workloads. My hats off to them!
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