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  1. What an anazing story Richard, thank you for sharing it.
  2. Hi ascballerina, I think the people you are referring to are the "Fakirs" they are the lower cast guardians of the sacred fire. . which takes an integral part in rhe story. The Chief Fakir is the one who informs Nikiya that solor is waiting for her., and that the Brahmin has been watching them. He is also the one who snatches and kills the snake that bites her. Do yiou mean the Brahmin who trys to seduce Nikiya, if so he wants her for himself, but is over rulled by the Rajah. when Nikiya is dying the Brahmin (Chief Priest) offers her an antedote to save her, but when she looks towards So
  3. I forgot Emmanual when mentioning the other POB guys. He is a spectacular artist, I have seen him live and on DVD. However when comparing him to Thomas Lund. I think he comes out on top, he has much more style and elevation than the latter to me. But perhaps he does not give the aura of a Prince, but then he probably has not been given the chance to prove himself.
  4. Yes, Nicholas Le.Riche, is very good, so is Mathias Heyman, though somewhat younger and taking leading roles in his teens. What about the son of Domanique Kla and Denys Ganio, Mathieu Ganio, again danced La Sylphide James with Aurelie Dupont under 20 years old. All three dancers are with the Paris Opera Ballet. Perhaps one day one of them will fill Manuel Legris shoes now he has retired.
  5. I like John Neumeier's choreography a lot, although I have not seen all of it, what I have witnessed I enjoy. There are some works like his Mahler sympnony that may not be appealing to me, as I prefer costume ballets, rather than those just in what could be considered practice clothes. He explains his reasons for using steps to create a characters role, which can be different to the norm,on the bonus with the Sylvia DVD, which you need to watch more than once to reconise what the gestures and mime represent. He speaks in great detail about the use of Delibes wonderful music in the producti
  6. Jeremie Belingard of the POB, he is very attractive with high cheek bones a mass of curly (sometimes unruly) dark curls. he not only is an excellent dancer, but he sings well in his group callled Granny goes to heaven. Writing and playing his own songs with his cousin. (see Myspace and facebook.) In addition he appears in the TV and magazine Gautier adverts for Men's products. Also his wife is the beautiful Aurelie Dupont, and they make a lovely couple. Makes you wonder if their little boy Jacques resembles them. Sorry if I repeated myself here??
  7. Yes, Kunakova was lovely, and she stood out to me. She did have a warm stage personality and you were drawn to look at her. I am pretty sure I saw her dance live.
  8. Here, here, Leonid, regarding Guillem's negative impact and influence. I genuinely can't stand her dancing. I agree with what you both say about Guillem's style and technique, she woulld not be my favourite dancer, I also find her attitude (personal rather than the balletic one ) is not very endearing, professionally known as Madamoiselle Non!!! Again it is a case of technique over shadowing other essential qualities. But I do not feel negative over other Paris Opera dancers. Some I like, some I do not. It is the total image they project which gains my appreciation/admiration..No Guil
  9. Yes, but the Paris Opera is not the only company guilty of this, it seems to be a modern requirement, which actually effected the Bolshoi and Kirov, their lifts and general technique amazed the West when it was first seen here. The higher the leg extends the better, as far as some people are concerned, making a modest arabasque or movement look insignifigant to the eye, which nowadays looks restricted. Sylvie Guillem's amazing technique, won her grteat aclaim and brought ballet into the realm of athletiscim, which had only been seen in visiting companies mainly from Russia. Now we have
  10. Yes... Ruddi and his passion foir R.D.J's. he was a real devil about them, I can remember him adding them to his Solo's, even when they were not part of the original choreography. He seemed to be really hung up on them. I think the extra long Prince's solo he put in the vision scene of Sleeping Beauty, is really effective, you have to be very patient, as it seems to go on and on. The stamina the Male lead needs to portray this must be huge, you can see Manuel Legris using his breathing control to be able to continue to the end. But he makes it so effortless. The portrayal and steps that ar
  11. This may surprise everyone, but I actually prefer the Nureyev Paris Opera version, where both fairies are not danced in a tutu, they present an image of a much more superior being, They are dressed in lovely court costumes, equivilant to the King and Queen, In fact the roles are mimed. they are very gracious in the case of the Lilac Fairy, who wears a beautiful lilac coloured dress, in the period style. There is a much longer variation for the Prince in the vision scene, and when the Lilac Fairy comes to him she plays a major role, and clearly takes up the stage. When Princess Aurora arrives
  12. We can do that!! and sorry too for contribuiting to the subject. Guilty as charged. So back to Marianela... Hi Cubanmiamiboy I will start a new topic for The Cuban Style, but I do not know how to transfer our posts to it, do you? Sorry but I am more likely to wipe it all out.
  13. sorryif I have gone Sorry if I have gone but it just seamed to go on. Perhaps the comments regarding The Cuban Style could be transferred to another new Topic?
  14. Oh, if anything, he is certainly very STRAIGHT. And you're right...it is definitely a particularity of the Cuban male dancers... That's SO comforting to know! Isn't it...? Ha, double entendres aside, I like the 'upright' nature of the Cuban trained men when it comes to their pirouettes. Jose Manuel Carreno has that incredibly 'pulled up' feeling to him too (I won't say 'straight' - lol). For me the Cuban training doesn't look as good for some reason on some of the women, esp Viengsay Valdes, or maybe it's just a body type preference. Carlos Acco. I think I had better c
  15. For myself I usually try to see ballets where both principals are of a certain standard, but surely only Yanovsky in the RB is unusually tall and until he retired last year Mason imported Kenneth Greve to dance with her. The idea of male dancers gaining the status of principal on the basis of height rather than achievement quite appals me. I think it is so unfortuinate how often we hear nowadys that this or that Dancer has been promoted because of any relationship they may have in their private life within companies. They have a saying in France "It is the tongues of Vipers". To be re
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