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  1. Please be able to act. If anything, a good actor is a good dancer to me... making the charcter believable and making the audience feel something is key. Of course technique is terribly important, but without the artistry and acting skills, you don't have yourself a dancer.
  2. Oh do you?! How is she? Has she been able to perform alot?
  3. She moved up to apprentice this year, I don't know how much work she gets to do with the company.
  4. Has anyone seen or heard anything on this dancer?
  5. Misty and Sarah are sharing the role of Sugar Plum fairy in this years production of my ballet school's/company's Nutcracker... I have heard much about Misty, but I've never seen her dance, so I am excited!
  6. So then the next step is usually apprentice, right? What does an apprentice do? Is it like being a permanent understudy or do you get to dance in the corps?
  7. Have you seen Kristi Boone? Or Sarah Lane? I can see those two as stars in a few years... but perhaps I am bias since they both trained where I do... but really, they are fabulous, and I think they have potential to be principals.
  8. Kristi trained at the ballet school I attend, she's amazing... I am so glad she's getting a chance to have leading roles!
  9. I have gone to amazon many times, and all I have come up with is a recent version of Swan Lake and Giselle.
  10. It seems to me like the most recent performances only are released on dvd or vhs in the European PAL format, which cannot be played here in the US. I am having trouble finding any good videos in the US format that are recent! All the ones they sell are really old!! Any suggestions?
  11. Though this post began many months ago, I read over all the comments again... Lunkina has indeed been marked as the perfect lyrical dancer. I was reading a review on her performance of Giselle, and it was apprently perfect -- sorrowful, wonderful acting and grace. Then I read about her as Kitri in Don Q, and it seems she can shine in other, more "peppy" roles. The article said that the audience was going wild throughout the entire thing. I am interested to see her rise in the ballet world.
  12. What about the beautiful Svetlana Lunkina?
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