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  1. I was there Thurs. and Sat. nights. Gomes danced both nights and I thought he was the STAR of both evenings. He's big, dances like a dream, handsome, and strong; his strength did much to make the Act II Giselles light as a feather. Kent danced Thurs. night. I read that negative review in the Los Angeles Times before the performance and wish I hadn't because it tainted my view of her performance. I found none of the errors mentioned in the Times. Act I was a bit boring for many reasons. Check that: it was very boring. Act II was wonderful, as was Kent. Not only did Gomes make her seem
  2. Giannina

    Julie Kent

    The charmer is 5 year old William! Look at him ... is that gorgeous or what?! Giannina
  3. Welcome to Ballet Talk, evegen; we're glad you found us. This forum is for welcoming new members and does not get much traffic. You might post your question on another forum, perhaps Dancers, or Ballet News, or Everything Else Ballet; perhaps you'll get an answer there. We wish you luck on your search. Giannina
  4. I'd see Nunez dance with anyone; I think she's fantastic. Giannina
  5. Paul Parish posted this response to jps on the Welcome Forum and I have moved it here, using a very un-professional method (but it works!). To wit: Giannina
  6. I thought Manon's short haircut, plus all the other women prisoners' short hair, was part of their punishment. A humiliation. Giannina
  7. Re: trees and shrubs covering Albrecht in Ek's "Giselle". This was just on the video, not on stage. As Estelle added he does dance a bit and I don't think the censors would have gone for the nudity. It's done very well; at times it's only the position of Albrecht's body that hides his nakedness. I didn't realize he was naked until I watched the tape for the 2nd time years after my first viewing. Giannina
  8. I admit I'm a prude. But beyond that I try to think of how much nudity I see in life. Outside of within my household......none. Even in news clips of some of the most devastating incidents where emotions run rampant (recently: 9/11, Katrina) there is no nudity. For that, and other reasons, I find it unnecessary in ballet. You can be emotional, vulnerable, whatever, fully clothed. There was a ballet company here several years ago in which nudity figured in two of the presentations. If you can be tastefully nude, this was tasteful nudity. After the first ballet audience members left, th
  9. I'm still drooling over that Fancy Free cast. Farrell Fan, who danced the rhumba (I'm guessing Corella) and who had the pas de deux?
  10. <> Ohmygosh, that is a dream performance!
  11. Cojocaru/Kobborg and Tapper/Coppen in Onegin Our balcony "box seats" in Palaise Garnier
  12. Giannina

    Natalia Makarova

    There's a tape of Makarova rehearsing one of Robbins' ballets with Robbins. He's telling her to dance ON the beat and she says she isn't doing that because she wants the dancing to "flow". "It'll flow, just do it on the beat", pleads Robbins. No meeting of the minds there! Makarova did play with tempo and was a fanatic about "phrasing". I have much of "Swan Lake" memorized but not all of the solos. Unlike Jane I would often get the impression that Makarova was making up her "Swan Lake" 2nd Act solos as she went along. It's as if she was thinking, "I think I'll show them a little [name a
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