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  1. I was going to take down my Christmas tree today but got side tracked by this wonderful ballet performance. I don't much care who was good or bad (well, yes I do) but it was such a lovely interlude. Thanks, nysan. And Happy New Year to all. Incidentally I thought the corps looked ragged. (Dodging arrows!) Giannina
  2. I got "Men and Angels, the art of James C. Christensen", "The Saint and the Sultan" and 3 knitting books. Yum! I didn't get ... well, never mind. Giannina
  3. My Autumn reading was also my late Summer reading and early Winter reading. It's "Carlo Crivelli" by Ronald Lightbrown. I love Crivelli's paintings, and a clerk at London's National Gallery said I should hunt down this book. I was so excited when I found a new copy that I could afford. It's coffee-table size with gorgeous reproductions. However, it's 502 pages of itsy bitsy print, and though many of the pages have reproductions, that hardly diminishes from the amount of reading material. The book is jam-packed with information: history, biography, symbolism of each and every item in each painting. It's a treasure trove of information but I wonder how many people, if anyone, have read the entire book. I'm not half way through it and I'm giving up. Just looking at the reproductions tells me how much I'm going to miss but I can't read another word. None the less it's one of the most beautiful books I've ever seen. Giannina
  4. Is THAT who it was? I always liked her too; I felt she was overlooked. Giannina
  5. I was there Thurs. and Sat. nights. Gomes danced both nights and I thought he was the STAR of both evenings. He's big, dances like a dream, handsome, and strong; his strength did much to make the Act II Giselles light as a feather. Kent danced Thurs. night. I read that negative review in the Los Angeles Times before the performance and wish I hadn't because it tainted my view of her performance. I found none of the errors mentioned in the Times. Act I was a bit boring for many reasons. Check that: it was very boring. Act II was wonderful, as was Kent. Not only did Gomes make her seem light but her own dancing did much to create the illusion. Dimone Messmer was Myrta; she's a member of the corps forcryingoutloud! She did quite well in spite of knocking herself over during an early leaning/swooping motion. Herrera danced Sat. night. Quite good. Act I was better this time but Act II belonged to the memory of Kent. Sarah Lane and Danil Simkin danced the Peasant pdd. Nice to get a chance to see him; wonderful dancer but so small and young. Wiles was Myrta and danced extremely well. She was one of the scariest Myrta I've seen; to me there was something about her that was deadly. The orchestra was terrible, especially Sat. night. The audience applauded everything including the rising curtain. Giannina
  6. Giannina


    Welcome to Ballet Talk, Steve; it's nice to have you with us. We all share your love of ballet and we hope this site can give you the information (and history!) you want. There is a wealth of information here. It's very nice that you got to see Bolshoi and Royal Ballet; quite an experience for you. Giannina
  7. Welcome to Ballet Talk, passionate admirer; you are a very welcomed new member to our site. How lovely that your love of ballet came after years of musical devotion. We hope you continue to love the art of ballet, and we hope we can supply you with all the information you need as your interest increases. Your English is fine! Giannina
  8. It's on my Amazon wish list for Christmas. Giannina
  9. I've learned so much from this thread. The best Swan Lake I ever saw (live), EVER, was with Makarova and Dowell. I eagerly bought the recording of Swan Lake with the two and wondered what the heck had happened ... where was the perfection? Live is definitely better, I can see that now. One of the many reasons may be that with live there's a sense of "danger"; something can go wrong, and the fact that the dancers avoid disaster only heightens the beauty. With recordings errors can be hidden. Vipa, I'm holstering my gun. As to the topic of the thread: Vishneva. Giannina
  10. Ashton's "Monotones II". But at the moment I'd kill to see Wheeldon's "Within the Golden Hour" again Giannina
  11. Since this is a welcome forum it doesn't get much traffic. I suggest you continue your discussion on a forum which you find appropriate; more members may join you there. Giannina
  12. Giannina

    Julie Kent

    The charmer is 5 year old William! Look at him ... is that gorgeous or what?! Giannina
  13. Welcome to Ballet Talk. Ballet fan; we're glad to have you with us. We all share your love of ballet, and depending on where we live we see ballet either live or recorded; both are thrilling. We hope you'll share in our discussions, and we hope you'll enjoy all the aspects of ballet the board has to offer. Giannina
  14. Welcome to Ballet Talk, pasmaroo; we're happy to have you with us. Your ballet weekend with friends sounds like a lot of fun. We're glad that you've enjoyed surfing and we hope you'll join in our discussions. Giannina
  15. Welcome to Ballet Talk, evegen; we're glad you found us. This forum is for welcoming new members and does not get much traffic. You might post your question on another forum, perhaps Dancers, or Ballet News, or Everything Else Ballet; perhaps you'll get an answer there. We wish you luck on your search. Giannina
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