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  1. Hello, I wondered what has ultimately become of the photos and drawings of Diana. Would you please let us know if they are now held by an institution or are they in private hands? Many thanks, - Eve
  2. Hello Rita Kay, I would be happy to share about this with you if you want to connect via email.
  3. Dear Judiann - I had lost track of both your contact information and this website until a message popped up today. I'd been hoping to reconnect with you. I can't believe it's already been so many years. I hope that all is well with you - and that you also are receiving alerts from this blog and will see this. Let's be in touch. -Best, Eve
  4. I just discovered this old thread tonight. I was a very close childhood friend of Georgina Bates, and found this discussion when trying to track her down when my birthday phone call to her didn't go through. If anyone can tell me more, please do. She was like my sister when we were kids. Although it happened more than a year ago, I lost her tonight.
  5. ] Dear Carbro, Yes, please forward my email address to her. I appreciate your help. I am sorry, too for the loss of your friend. Thank you.
  6. I just discovered this site in trying to track down my beloved childhood friend, Georgina Bates, after I was unable to reach her by phone. It was a discussion forum here from June 2008 about what to do with photographs of her mother, Diana Adams, upon the death of Georgina. It was a shock to get the news of Georgina's passing this way. If there is anyone who has any information about her that can be shared in this forum - even where her ashes were scattered - or perhaps knows friends of hers or the executor of her will who made the initial posting, please, please, respond. Thank you.
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