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  1. Ellen Rose Hummel: Finally!!! All excellent promotions. Have to agree with others that Park’s may be a little premature. Despite an excellent Kitri, her Aurora had little or no character development, but I guess creating a fully rounded character is a little like learning to drive a stick shift: you just have to stall the car a few times while you get the hang of it. It seems to me that these promotions show confidence on Tomasson’s part that next season will continue more or less normally, a confidence I don’t quite share. Hope I’m wrong but I wouldn’t be at all surprised if large gatherings were restricted or even still prohibited until effective ways are found to deal with the virus. Also curious to see the season announcement for 2021: full season, or a partial one to save money. I certainly don’t envy ADs who have to make these tough decisions. Still, these promotions are the kind of good news we could all use now.
  2. Zellerbach (across the Bay in Berkeley) is open with Joffrey this weekend, the Trocks next week, and Alvin Ailey at the end of March. There’s a notice on the web site that they are monitoring the situation, so things could change. I have a ticket for Pina Bausch in late April, so hoping things will have stabilized by then. Quite aside from all the other difficult aspects of this situation, this uncertainty must be awful for performers.
  3. I am just gutted. Had tickets for 4 perfs and was so looking forward to seeing this finally on stage, but as a member of an 'at risk' group (crochety old ladies), I certainly can't complain about more aggressive measures being taken. How this situation plays out in the end (cancelled performances/gatherins at various venues, lost revenues, unhappy customers...) will be interesting in a grim sort of way. Agree that it's the dancers who are the most affected after putting so much time and effort into preparing. The effects go beyond the WMOH, of course. I cancelled both hotel and lunch reservations for today, and likely many others will do the same.
  4. It's good you were able to see last night's performance; that's really luxury casting.
  5. Well, that certainly puts a damper on the rest of the ballet season. Of course, I’m happy for them, although I too had hopes that when Sylve retired, she would be involved either with the ballet school or the company in some capacity. Wishing them both all the best, and I hope they know how much they will be missed. BTW, if Sylve dances Diamonds later this season, I’d suggest moving heaven and earth to see her.
  6. I’ve got tickets for March 7 at 2 and 8 pm, and March 8 and 15 at 2 pm. My budget is groaning in agony, but I might try to eke out the Tuesday performance just to see Tan, who should be a glorious Titania. Glad to see Lucas Erni dancing Puck. I wouldn’t be surprised if he were in line for promotion to soloist: his technique looks solid and he has personality to spare. Also, very happy to have a chance to see Max Cauthorn with an Oberon. He always stands out for his clean, beautiful dancing, but he isn’t often cast at my subscription performances.
  7. I went to one of the rehearsals that patrons can attend, and had a nice, long discussion with someone about De Sola. Unfortunately, we were in complete agreement that she isn't much of an actor. She seems to be a work horse and dances a lot, which I appreciate; but she just isn't someone I look forward to seeing, and I certainly wouldn't buy an extra ticket just to see her. Knowing the amount of time and sweat dancers put into becoming dancers, not to mention the brevity of their careers, I always feels guilty about not wanting to see someone perform. I assume you saw Van Patten as the Stepmother, and couldn't agree more about how funny she is. Playing 'tipsy' needs impeccable timing and she's got it. I also saw Maggie Weirich in the same role, and while she danced the comedy well enough, she just wasn't particularly funny. And BTW, if you thought Van Patten's Stepmother was hilarious, don't miss her Juliet: an absolutely stunning dramatic performance that left me shredded.
  8. Here's the press release about the new seating. The problem is, that absolutely nothing will make that place suitable for watching dance. I guess at least we can be comfortable while we aren't seeing the ballet!😊
  9. It might be a little premature to say she’s not dancing Cinderella, since there are three more performances on Feb 1 and 2 where she might show up. I certainly hope so; it’s a perfect role for her.
  10. Watching that video, I have to say the choreography looks well suited to Sylve's long limbs and beautiful lines. Re the rest of the Gala, I'm curious about the absence of Ulrik Birkkjaer, especially with the Bournonville excerpt. Having him in the company seems like a good time to bring in some Bournonville. He and Kochectkova danced (beautifully) a PdD from La Sylphide at the 2018 Gala, and it occurred to me then that his presence was a great opportunity to give all the dancers, but particularly the newer promotees (is that a word?) some experience with the style. Enjoy the performance, and I look forward to comparing notes.
  11. I believe the Dawson SL is not based on the standard version, but is his own interpretation and choreography: no Rothbart, no tutus, and a strong, more contemporary Odette. This Odette might appeal to Sylve more than the usual version, although I saw her performance at SFB a few years ago and it was, predictably, gorgeous. Plus, of course, we’ll just be seeing one PdD, not the whole ballet. Here’s a link to a ‘making of’ video from Scottish Ballet. Dawson’s commentary and the viewer comments give some interesting information about his take on the ballet.
  12. It's good to see my favorites, Chung and Walsh, getting opening night. And the André/Di Lanno pairing sound interesting, if a little unexpected. Have they danced together before?
  13. Note that this is not the usual SL, but David Dawson’s version. I’m very curious to see this; I believe it has gotten mixed reviews, and there appear to be several clips on YouTube. http://www.seeingdance.com/scottish-ballet-swan-lake-22042016/ https://dancetabs.com/2016/04/scottish-ballet-swan-lake-dawson-premiere-glasgow/
  14. SPELLBOUND, SF BALLET'S 2020 OPENING NIGHT GALA Thursday, January 16, 2020 at 8:00 pm Men's Regiment from STARS & STRIPES Composer: John Philip Sousa, arranged by Hershy Kay Choreographer: George Balanchine Conductor: Martin West Lucas Erni MYLES THATCHER WORLD PREMIERE Composer: TBA Choreographer: Myles Thatcher Sasha De Sola, Benjamin Freemantle "JOCKEY DANCE" from From Siberia To Moscow Composer: Carl Christian Møller Choreographer: August Bournonville Conductor: Martin West Esteban Hernandez, Max Cauthorn VAL CANIPAROLI WORLD PREMIERE Composer: Ludovico Einaudi Choreographer: Val Caniparoli Conductor: Martin West Jennifer Stahl, Elizabeth Powell, Tiit Helimets Balcony Pas de Deux from ROMEO & JULIET Composer: Sergei Prokofiev Choreographer: Helgi Tomasson Conductor: Martin West Mathilde Froustey, Carlo Di Lanno Pas de Deux from LE CORSAIRE Composer: Riccardo Drigo Choreography: after Marius Petipa Conductor: Martin West Misa Kuranaga, Angelo Greco INTERMISSION Pas de Deux from HURRY UP, WE'RE DREAMING Composers: Anthony Gonzalez, Yann Gonzalez, and Justin Meldal-Johnsen Choreographer: Justin Peck Sarah Van Patten, Henry Sidford FOR PIXIE Composer: TBA Choreographer: Danielle Rowe Dores André, Joseph Walsh SF Ballet Premiere Pas de Deux from SWAN LAKE Composer: Peter Illyich Tchaikovsky Choreographer: David Dawson Conductor: Martin West Violin: Cordula Merks Cello: Eric Sung Sofiane Sylve, Carlo Di Lanno GRAND PAS CLASSIQUE Composer: D. F. E. Auber Choreography: Victor Gsovsky Conductor: Martin West Wona Park, Wei Wang Pas de Deux from BELLS Composer: Sergei Rachmaninoff Choreographer: Yuri Possokhov Conductor: Martin West Piano: Mungunchimeg Buriad Yuan Yuan Tan, Vitor Luiz Finale from DIAMONDS Composer: Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky Choreographer: George Balanchine Conductor: Martin West Sasha Mukhamedov, Tiit Helimets *DENOTES ROLE DEBUT IN CURRENT PRODUCTION †DENOTES DEBUT IN CURRENT PRODUCTION
  15. I saw Kuranaga at last year’s Gala and completely agree: she is a gem, and she seems to fit right into the SFB company style. (As much as I admired the beauty of Ana Sophia Scheller’s dancing, I never saw the energy and vivacity that characterizes SFB.) According to some of Kuranaga’s Instagram posts, she’s rehearsing Cinderella; I definitely plan on seeing that.
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