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  1. For those who attend ballet using standing room, something to keep in mind. I just checked with San Francisco Ballet ticket services, and they will NOT be selling standing room tickets for any Nutcracker performances. Decisions about the 2022 season will be made at a later date, and may change according to circumstances during the season. Likely other companies are taking similar steps, so be sure to check first.
  2. Oh my, I haven’t laughed that much in the past year and a half. My favorite was the Bolshoi bow, which lasted longer than the ballet. And based on his Odette bow, he’d be a gorgeous white swan. Thanks so much for posting; this one gets a bookmark.
  3. At the virtual Gala they danced the PdD from Don Q, so maybe that’s on their schedule too. I remember thinking that she didn’t look entirely comfortable in that kind of bravura piece (maybe just nerves, of course), but that she had beautiful arms and upper body, and I could easily picture her as Odette. I don’t disagree with this, but on the other hand, given what Tomasson has done to raise SFB to the ranks of nationally and internationally recognized companies, I’m willing to give him one last shot at showing off his work if he wants to. Me too, even though I wasn’t crazy about Wooden Dimes. I thought she and Myles Thatcher were both going to convert their filmed ballets for the stage, but that’s probably a pretty big undertaking, so maybe next season.
  4. Given the circumstances, it's understandable that the first season after lockdown might be curtailed and something less than thrilling. However, what does thrill me are Symphony in C, La Sylphide, and Blake Works I. I love Forsythe, although based on comments I've heard after performances at SFB of some of his other work, he's not always popular with some members of the audience. Also happy with Don Q: it’s a lot of fun, and gives opportunities for soloists and promising corp members to show their stuff. As for yes-Virginia-another-Swan Lake, I hope dancers like Andre and Chung (among others, of course) will get their chances at O/O. Chung showed her exquisitely lyrical side in Giselle, and she's got the technique and then some for both Os. Andre is one of those dancers who always surprises me; I tend to think of her as more suited to contemporary ballets that let her show her strong-woman side. But she danced a beautifully delicate Princess Florine, and I'm betting she would be a lovely Odette, although an Andre Odile would probably eat Siegfried alive. Anyway, just getting back to live ballet in 2022 will be thrills enough for me.
  5. Here are the specific programs; to see exact performance dates, click ‘Learn More’ for each program. Note only seven programs again this season instead of the usual, pre-lockdown eight. Isn’t the order of Program 4 a little odd? Even though the Ratmansky is an SFB premiere, which makes it something of an event, it just seems like the full length La Sylphide would be last on the program. (Sorry, don't know why this insists on double spacing every carriage return.) Program 1 February 1 – 12 Symphony in C; Trio; Mrs. Robinson Program 2 Feb 3 - 13 Caprice; In the Night; Blake Works I Don Quixote Feb 26 – Mar 6 Program 4 Mar 15 – 20 La Sylphide; The Seasons Program 5 Apr 2 – 16 The Fifth Season; Harmony; Magrittomania Program 6 April 6 - 15 Prism; Wheeldon and Rhoden World Premieres Swan Lake April 29 – May 8
  6. [We're talking about Yuan Yuan Tan here. ] Agree, especially about her Giselle. On the other hand, I have never seen any dancer who could convey that quality of being absolutely weightless in Act 2 so well. I think Helimets was her partner when I saw it and he's a superb partner, which helps a lot. Did you see her in Onegin? I was expecting the usual chilly beauty, but she left me in shreds. Just a stunningly emotional and beautiful performance - completely unexpected. And that's my problem with Sasha De Sola: she's a beautiful dancer in every way, except that she rarely surprises me: I know exactly what I'm going to see. Having said that, I liked her sassiness in ColorForms. I liked Mukhamedov too - definitely looking forward to O/O, Myrtha and Lilac Fairy - although I found her broken wrists and prominent index finger a little distracting (both were absolute no nos when I was studying ballet).
  7. I saw this cast, and Domitro is the real attraction here. Tan, needless to say, is gorgeous, but I wasn't moved by either of her Os. Despite the beauty of her dancing, i don't really think this is an ideal role for her. It's really a shame a new performance couldn't be filmed so we could get a look at some of the newer dancers, but, of course, I understand the reason why they weren't able to do it.
  8. Maybe for 2022 season (which I fervently hope will be in the theater, at least part of it). Since they likely don’t need to rehearse multiple casts for this season, it seems like a good bet they would be working on next year’s ballets. New seasons are usually announced in April, although with the uncertainty around pretty much everything these days, we might have to be patient. But I really hope we’ll see the Forsythe, who’s one of my favorites.
  9. My thoughts exactly! Plus, it was wonderful to see something so filled with color (no black costumes, which, I suppose, are meant to be sophisticated and/or edgy, but sometimes just look boring), and enough light to see what was going on, even when dimly lit. Agree that Thatcher fulfilled expectations, although I suspect the director gets some of the credit too. It would be interesting to know how a choreographer and film director collaborate. I'd love to have the them interviewed together and hear how it worked. It occurs to me that ballets made specifically to be filmed might be a new 'thing', even after in-person venues open up. I'd happily pay to purchase a digital download of this one.
  10. Last week I wrote to SFB and (politely) complained that only large donors were allowed to view the Gala. They responded: “As a Premium Plus Digital Package holder, you will have access to a special bonus program featuring many of the performances [emphasis added] featured on the evening of our virtual benefit. You will have access beginning January 25th for 1 week.” So, it looks like more than ‘a couple of items’ - at least I hope so. I appreciate that we get this as part of our subscriptions, but it seems like a missed opportunity to raise more funds. Many of us are happy to pay $100+ just to attend the Gala performance without any of the big-donor perks. I’d certainly be willing to pay to attend digitally (yes, I’ve made a donation in lieu). On the other hand, at least I don't have to hobble to the Opera House in heels. It’s also curious how something digital is ‘sold out’. I know some platforms have limitations on how many can log in, so maybe that’s the reason, but it still seems a little odd. Anyway, I’m more than happy to have regular performances ballet back in my life.
  11. Very glad to hear there will be some kind of season, even if it’s not live. However, maybe I’ve missed something (my head is spinning right now with everything else going on in the world), but leaving out the possibility of previously filmed performances, are they saying that one performance of each program will be filmed and available digitally for the specific period of time? That means only one cast per program, which would require fewer dancers than a live season that would normally have at least two or three casts per ballet. If so, what a terrible impact for dancers waiting to debut new roles. Plus, needing so many fewer dancers, can the company keep them all employed?
  12. Several weeks ago, San Francisco Ballet sent out a questionnaire. Among other things, they asked if we would be willing to pay to watch professionally produced on line programs. I can't remember details now, but that sounds to me like they are considering it. The problem is that, no matter how undesirable it is to watch videos rather than live performances, I'm not about to pass up a chance to see companies that I would never otherwise be able to attend in person, and I can see my Social Security check rapidly withering away to nothing if I buy subscriptions to all these companies. [sigh]
  13. Ellen Rose Hummel: Finally!!! All excellent promotions. Have to agree with others that Park’s may be a little premature. Despite an excellent Kitri, her Aurora had little or no character development, but I guess creating a fully rounded character is a little like learning to drive a stick shift: you just have to stall the car a few times while you get the hang of it. It seems to me that these promotions show confidence on Tomasson’s part that next season will continue more or less normally, a confidence I don’t quite share. Hope I’m wrong but I wouldn’t be at all surprised if large gatherings were restricted or even still prohibited until effective ways are found to deal with the virus. Also curious to see the season announcement for 2021: full season, or a partial one to save money. I certainly don’t envy ADs who have to make these tough decisions. Still, these promotions are the kind of good news we could all use now.
  14. Zellerbach (across the Bay in Berkeley) is open with Joffrey this weekend, the Trocks next week, and Alvin Ailey at the end of March. There’s a notice on the web site that they are monitoring the situation, so things could change. I have a ticket for Pina Bausch in late April, so hoping things will have stabilized by then. Quite aside from all the other difficult aspects of this situation, this uncertainty must be awful for performers.
  15. I am just gutted. Had tickets for 4 perfs and was so looking forward to seeing this finally on stage, but as a member of an 'at risk' group (crochety old ladies), I certainly can't complain about more aggressive measures being taken. How this situation plays out in the end (cancelled performances/gatherins at various venues, lost revenues, unhappy customers...) will be interesting in a grim sort of way. Agree that it's the dancers who are the most affected after putting so much time and effort into preparing. The effects go beyond the WMOH, of course. I cancelled both hotel and lunch reservations for today, and likely many others will do the same.
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