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  1. printscess

    Veronika Part

    That seems par for the course. Most dancers find out the horrible news towards the end of the audition season when they have to scramble.
  2. I graduated high school with Michael. He is a gifted pianist. He was absolutely in love and devoted to Eva. I ran into him on a bus last year and he spoke about her like they were 2 high school students in love. My heart goes out to him.
  3. Alison Roper was stunning in Midsummer Night's Dream
  4. How could I ever have forgotten Jose Manuel Correno? (sorry, my key board doesn't have the Spanish tilda for the N). Now I am sure you are happy Crisitan!!!
  5. I had seen Hair on Bway in the late 1960's as a teenager and was unfazed, or tried to act very sophisticated and acted unfazed with the nudity. In general, nudity in plays or movies, if it relates to the plot is fine. However, in dance???? It only serves as a distraction. I also find it distracting when a man is dancing only in a dance belt. There are certain body parts that I am not interested in seeing doing a pirouette.
  6. Joaquin De Luz of NYCB and Angel Corella of ABT!!!
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