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  1. I could not stop listening to this interview today. It is fascinating, containing inside info on Mr. B that I had not heard before. It is a must listen! "John Clifford, former New York City Ballet Principal Dancer, joins us this week to talk about his career and share stories of George Balanchine. John was a dancer with NYCB from 1966-1974 and also choreographed eight works for the company. Mr. Clifford had a very close relationship with Balanchine, and we are thrilled to have him share him memories with us today." John Clifford : Dancing for Balanchine
  2. This week Michael and Rebecca speak with Justin Peck. It is a very interesting discussion particularly when Justin discusses the potential for a choreographer to "burn out". How many ballets and how often can a choreographer reasonably produce?
  3. Two dancers from Miami City Ballet have launched a podcast. You can listen to their very interesting discussions at http://tendusunderapalmtree.com/category/conversations-on-dance/ Conversations on Dance: (1) Introduction Conversations on Dance: (2) Summer Intensives Conversations on Dance: (3) Life as a Professional Dancer Conversations on Dance: (4) Ballet Topics in the Mainstream Podcast 3 would be great to have posted on Ballet Talk for Dancers.
  4. Here is the video of the choreographer, Robert Dekkers (recently named a “25 to Watch” artist for 2011 by DANCE Magazine). http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S1sFcPzpC08
  5. Contra Costa Ballet has recently posted video interviews with the composer and the costume designer for its new Alice in Wonderland premiering in May. Costume designer - Marlowe Bassett http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yPkpmkXCp_k Composer - Daniel Berkman http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bcALtqAhQf0
  6. ALASTAIR MACAULAY reviews program II. http://www.nytimes.com/2012/01/31/arts/dance/miami-city-ballet-performs-liam-scarletts-viscera.html?_r=2 Congratulations toMCB!
  7. "After much anticipation, Liam Scarlett’s Viscera opened on January 6 to standing ovations, and received rave reviews by The Miami Herald and Dance Magazine. Before returning home to the Royal Ballet, Liam reflected on the World Premiere in this emotional video by corps dancer Rebecca King, which takes us back to the joyous night." Watch on MCB Blog or
  8. Rebecca King, Corps dancer with Miami City Ballet, adds the second installment to "Our Nutcracker Memories." The successes and the disappointments are poignant.
  9. Rebecca King, corps dancer with Miami City Ballet, talked with some of her fellow dancers about their Nut memories. There are some charming and humorous moments in this short video. Revised link:
  10. Patricia and Jennette Delgato discuss Twyla Tharp's In the Upper Room in an animated and interesting 6 minute interview, This is a must see.
  11. Corps Dancer Rebecca King has prepared an interview with Adriana Pierce and Zoe Zien that focuses on how dancers pass on the Balanchine masterpieces. This one, the first in a series apparently, is about Square Dance. See it at her blog www.tendusunderapalmtree.com
  12. Corps member Rebecca King has posted a video made of short interviews with dancers and staff of MCB including Edward Villella. See her video at Tendus Under A Palm Tree
  13. From the NY Daily News...Ballet legend Edward Villella goes from stage favorite in NY-influenced works to beloved teacher
  14. .From the most recent Tendus Under a a Palm Tree
  15. Paris audiences seem to be embracing ballet social media much more that we do in the US....see comments from tonight's last performance at twitter.
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