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  1. I know this isn't the place to discuss reviews, but I have to link to the latest review of City Ballet's season in the New York Times for the lead photo alone. It may be one of the most stunning dance photos I have ever seen. The rich purples of Mearns' costume contrasted against her wild hair and free spirit are incredibly striking. It really made me regret having missed that exact moment in her performance. Kudos to photog Andrea Mohin! http://www.nytimes.c...?_r=1&ref=dance
  2. NYCB tweeted list of theaters that will be showing the Nutcracker on Dec. 13. It's rather comprehensive: Link to list of movie theaters: http://new.lincolncenter.org/live/images/digital/nutcracker/pdf/NYCB_The_Nutcracker_US_theaters.pdf Link to tweet: http://twitter.com/#!/nycballet
  3. I love that this is happening. Also found it interesting that the blog post on NY Times pointed out the opposing view point that it could dilute the audience. I am of the completely opposite viewpoint. I think that very few people who will go see this in their respective cities outside of New York would have been able to travel to the city to see it live. Therefore, we are drastically increasing the audience, not diluting it. Just my opinion. Also, in my mind it is never a bad thing to give more people the chance to see quality art. Thank you NYCB for finally jumping on this bandwagon.
  4. NYCB has added two new videos for the 2012 winter season. Ocean's Kingdom with Sara Mearns, Peter Martins and Paul McCartney: http://www.youtube.com/user/newyorkcityballet#p/a/u/0/Xn-gvd6GCks Allegro Brillante with Megan Fairchild and Andrew Veyette: http://www.youtube.com/user/newyorkcityballet#p/a/u/1/S0xBZEbN2IY I thought the videos were nicely done, especially the Allegro Brillante video. I think something that could bring ballet into the mainstream is humanizing dancers and showing just how difficult performing ballet is. Showing that Veyette and Fairchild are a real life couple th
  5. Sorry to have left him out...the review was getting very long. Simkin danced the Don Quixote Grand Pas de Deux with Kochetkova in the final dance on the program. I found his performance technically sound and I would definitely say that he is quite the turner and jumper. However, I wonder if he would manage to captivate an audience in a full length ballet?
  6. Saturday, September 10th was the third annual "Evening with the Stars" in Indianapolis. It is a real treat to see such wonderful dancers in the midwest. Highlights from Act 1: After the Rain by Christopher Wheeldon with Yuan Yuan Tan and Damian Smith was dance in its purest form. The choreography comes off as being so simple (although I'm sure it isn't at all) that the emotion of the dancers takes the spotlight. Yuan Yuan's technique is truly impeccable. She may be the closest that I have ever seen to the ballet ideal in appearance and technique. Damian Smith was a strong partner that d
  7. Krystin

    Kathryn Morgan

    Sorry to bum you all out but it looks like (per her Twitter handle)Kathryn won't be back this season. Here's hoping for Nutcracker though. See her posts below from August 19th: KMorganNYCB Kathryn Morgan Hello all. Thank you for your kind words and support. Well, I've been 100% honest this whole process and I am going to be honest again... 19 Aug KMorganNYCB Kathryn Morgan Few days ago I went for a doc checkup- thinking this would be the last one, and I got a bad report. My thyroid is still not good. 19 Aug KMorganNYCB Kathryn Morgan So, I have to sit out ANOTHER season. I'm very ups
  8. There was also a feature on Ocean's Kingdom in Dance Spirit Magazine this month. The article has some nice photos of Georgina Pazcoguin. Great to see her get some recognition with this opportunity! Link to story: http://www.dancespirit.com/articles/3044
  9. We seem to be getting more and more video of City Ballet dancers...fantastic! The link below shows excerpts from the Ravello Festival in Italy. Odd that the videographer was so close on Tiler Peck's fouettes, but other than that very professional. Enjoy!
  10. City Ballet has uploaded three new videos to their Youtube channel, and they are very well done. They have created videos for Jewels, West Side Story Suite and Mercurial Manoeuvres. These are probably the most appealing,and even endearing promotional dance videos I have ever seen. Hearing Sara Mearns talk about performing Diamonds was very insightful, and Tyler Angle comes across as a very intelligent and nice person. Kudos to City Ballet's digital marketing team on pulling off some top notch work. If I had never been to the ballet I think these videos would pique my interest, and isn't t
  11. This morning I had Bravo TV on in the background while I was getting ready, and I was surprised to see Tiler Peck on TV! She was on Rocco's Dinner Party, a show taped in NYC. Rocco has two chefs create two different themed dinner parties and invites celebrity guests to enjoy the dinners and choose a winner. Tiler was a celebrity guest. They spoke about her being a consultant to the film Black Swan and about how her feet were not ugly, despite being a ballet dancer. She also showed one of the guests the five feet positions of ballet. Very cool for Tiler. I wonder if Bravo TV sought her
  12. Sophie Flack has written a young adult book about ballet--check it out on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Bunheads-Sophie-Flack/dp/0316126535 I haven't read it yet but have heard good things about it.
  13. Take a moment to view this beautiful slideshow by Erin Baiano on Vail International Dance Festival's Flickr page. I really wish I was in Vail right now! I seems like Vail does a fantastic job in promotion and social media each year. Great to see!
  14. I agree that your opinion of Rubies can be completely dependent on who is dancing. This season I first saw Rubies danced by Fairchild/Deluz/Lowery, and I was underwhelmed by Fairchild and Lowery's performances. I left the evening thinking that Emeralds was by far my favorite of the three acts. It is worth noting that on that evening Emeralds was danced by Tiler Peck and Sara Mearns, whom I thought were fantastic. Peck's musicality is pure joy to watch, and Mearns has the ability to draw your eye and refuses to give it up. However, the next night I saw Bouder/Garcia/Reichlen in Rubies an
  15. I was excited to compare a different cast of Jewels to the Friday evening performers tonight. Abi Stafford started off the evening in Emeralds, and I have to say I didn't find her as captivating as I had found Tiler Peck the previous evening. Jeni Ringer was great in the second Emeralds solo, even if her extensions weren't fantastic. She makes you remember that the best ballet dancing is about more than high extensions and multiple turns. This cast of Rubies was about as opposite as possible from the Lowery/Fairchild cast. Tess Reichlen is a marvel! She is technically perfect and every
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