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  1. Lots of lost faces in the newly updated roster... very sad... http://miamicityballet.org/dancers.php
  2. Check out the new season roster for the 2010-2011 season here: http://www.paballet.org/company_dancers.html
  3. There have been numerous roster changes on the MCB website: Deanna Seay Rolando Sarabia Daniel Sarabia Alex Wong Daniel Baker Allynne Noel Stoller Chaz Mezaros Elizabeth Keller All of the dancers above are no longer listed on the website There are also new additions to the roster: Student Apprentices: Andrei Chagas Chloe Freytag Christina Spigner Kara White Apprentices: Nathalia Arja Adrienne Carter Renan Cerdeiro Alexandre Ferreira Skyler Lubin Kleber Rebello Corps de Ballet: Suzanne Limbrunner Emily Bromberg
  4. Pa Ballet has announced their 2010-2011 season on their website... http://www.paballet.org/2010-2011_season.html TRIPLE BILL WITH CARMEN Academy of Music October 21-24, 2010 Concerto Barocco - George Balanchine Matthew Neenan World Premiere Carmen - Roland Petit George Balanchine's THE NUTCRACKER™ December 4-31, 2010 Academy of Music CLASSIC INNOVATIONS February 3-6, 2011 Merriam Theater Vertiginous Thrill of Exactitude- Forsythe Polyphonia - Christopher Wheeldon In the Upper Room - Twyla Tharp SWAN LAKE - Christopher Wheeldon March 3-13 Academy of Music BUILDING ON BALANC
  5. As I am tranferring over all of my videos to dvd's... I came across this version of The NUtcracker. I believe it is german, but I cannot pinpoint the company....I was wondering if anyone else has seen this production. It was released on December 21st, 1965. I must have taped it during a rebroadcast when I was around seven years old. It features Edward Villella, Patricia McBride, and Melissa Hayden. I am trying to figure out who performed the Snow Queen in this production. On a side note, Helga Heinrich's redition of bluebird (yes, that's right, the full Bluebird, pas de deux, 2 male variat
  6. Spartacus in the Party Scene with Death's Mirror :-)
  7. This is the best news I've heard all day! Congrats to OBt, all of its dancers, as well as the companies and dancers that participated in one of the most influential benefit performances of this decade!
  8. Happy to announce that OBT has raised $710,000 as of Monday, June 15th! There is still a little bit to go... and OBT has some really great live auction items up on ebay to try and make up the rest of the difference! AUCTION LISTINGS INCLUDE: Two tickets on JetBlue Airways (auction not yet live) Opportunity to be a TV producer for a day on Comcast SportsNet limited edition color prints of dancers from OBT’s Who’s Your Dancer? campaign, by Portland photographer Alicia J. Rose One night stay, dinner for two and free parking at the Portland Doubletree Hotel Original paintings & sketche
  9. Any news on the outcome after the benefit performance?
  10. Here is more information regarding the staging of La Sylphide provided on the Pennsylvania website: http://www.paballet.org/season/production....id=32&src=l
  11. Attended last night (Sat. 6/6); all danced very well for the most part. I especially liked Julie Diana as the Sylph, and Zachary Hench was a precise, impassioned James--good balon AND batterie. BUT why does the lighting have to be so poor? And the corps sylphs' epaulement was ragged, something very noticeable in a Bournonville work. I didn't see the need to present Martin's Barber Violin Concerto, tho' both couples in it did well, and the guest violinist's playing offered a nice surprise. Why not just focus on delivering a top-notch Sylphide? Interestingly, the program did not say who
  12. Performances run through this weekend, as well as next weekend. Casting is here: http://www.paballet.org/season/production....id=32&src=l Hope to see you there!
  13. I've contributed as well... and am hoping others will follow suit! It is such an amazing company!
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