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  1. Please post your impressions about this program. Thanks.
  2. Let us not forget that Avi just turned 26. He is young and has some maturing to do.as a choreographer He has a vision, talent, courage and chutzpa to follow his dreams and see this into fruition. Who of us can say that? Who of us is actually living the same dream that they had when they were 10? I know I'm not. There were weaknesses in the program as well as a lot of strengths. I enjoyed the live music. The songs really spoke to me. I loved his attention to arms and hands. I had seen some of his pieces before and on Saturday night, it was like seeing those pieces for the first time, through new eyes. Ralph Ippolito was a stand-out. I couldn't keep my eyes off of him. In my opinion, he was the strongest of the "corps" men. It was wonderful to see Abi Stafford in an intimate setting. It suited her very well, as she tends to get lost at NYCB (IMHO). I thought that Marcelo, Veronica and Ashley needed a larger stage. So let's give Avi some credit for following his dreams. It was a wonderful evening. And I woke up on Sunday, remembering parts of each ballet with a smile on my face.
  3. I love the early posting. I think they do this every year. Then I get a chance to play "who will the cast in each ballet".
  4. I don't want to hear someone in the vain of Scott Hamilton whose voice goes up many octives say, "wow - look at the quard tour he just did that is dance history in the making"...ugh
  5. That was not the only thing missing: some dancers due to shortened season for the dancers not the public.
  6. Let's not forget ALL the overtime, which is galore at NYCB.
  7. The interview is moving, and Flack clearly deserved straight talk about her chances of dancing soloist roles, not to mention a respectful, appreciative sendoff. But apprentices are presumably paid less than corps members, and the company needs to bring in new dancers in order to find future soloists and principals. I think it could be argued as well that the SAB students, after all their dedication, deserve a shot at entering the company, even in a lousy economy. I don't know the exact details but apprentices get paid according to the corps contract when they perform and rehearse and overtime.
  8. Thank you for posting the interview. She is well spoken and insightful and very brave and forthcoming. I applaud her.
  9. Read all about it. http://blog.oregonlive.com/portlandarts/20...e_lives_to.html
  10. oy, gulp, thanks. I just forward the link to my son and friends in PDX.
  11. Thanks for the info. I was was wondering about Ryan Cardera. He is a good friend of my son from the SAB days.
  12. Helene, Does going to RDB for the summer mean that they are going to their school or dancing with the company. Any word on Lola Cooper and her plans?
  13. Slightly off topic but still relates to the gala. On Friday afternoon, there was a party at SAB for our beloved Olga Kostritzky who was retiring after 20 yrs of teaching the boys program. I was at the party and Christopher Wheeldon was there. I introduced myself and told him that because "After the Rain" was on the OBT gala program, I bought a block of tickets for friends of mine in Portland who otherwise couldn't afford to attend. He was very surprised to hear that. I am not sure he believed me, but I told him it was true. He smiled and said thank you very much. He was very gracious. I sure I sounded like a babbling idiot because I was so nervous talking to him. But there was no need to be. He was very kind.
  14. To date, according to the OBT web site, they have raised $417,000.00.
  15. I sent a letter to the CFO of OBT with this this exact idea. East coast, west coast, great minds think alike. http://www.oregonlive.com/art/index.ssf/20...he_coliseu.html
  16. This is from the elimination. Too bad. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=53mVUavdRy8...feature=channel
  17. You know that good deeds will return to you at some point, though... Gee, I thought no good dead goes unpunished All I want is for the company to survive.
  18. Oh how I wish I could get out to the gala. Instead I bought some tickets and gave them to people who wanted to go but couldn't afford them.
  19. OBT is a white hot company and it is not just me saying so (which I tend to do). http://www.obt.org/news_links/features/6-0...SaveBallet.html
  20. This column pertains to all arts organizations. http://www.oregonlive.com/opinion/index.ss...eyre_a_nec.html
  21. A link to a new article states the case for OBt very thoughtfully and clearly. http://blog.oregonlive.com/portlandarts/20...e_how_to_t.html
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