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  1. Sarabande


    True! Those are great examples. Thanks for the welcome and the encouragement
  2. Sarabande


    Hi everyone! I have been a member of BT4D (the dancers' forum) for a few years, and a lurker on this site for equally as long...having recently turned 16, I realized I could finally create an account here and actually contribute to the discussion, rather than just reading it I don't have many opportunities to see professional ballet live, but I thoroughly enjoy reading (and living vicariously through) reviews here and elsewhere. I've had a nearly lifelong interest in all aspects of ballet, especially its history, theory, and criticism; I really enjoy looking at the art form from a more analytical, intellectual point of view than is often encouraged among dancers (I aspire to dance professionally, but have no interest in being a "don't think, just do" technical robot), so I'm excited to be able to participate in the conversations on this site. I'm always looking to learn something more about this fascinating, beautiful art!
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