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Most Handsome Male Dancer(s)

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Jock Soto, Marcelo Gomes, Amar Ramasar, David Hallberg, Albert Evans, Jose Manuel Carreno, Steve Hanna, Craig Hall, Seth Orza, Adam Hendrickson, Vincent Paradiso, and I think Eddie Liang is really attractive, too.

Women? No one holds a candle to Helene Alexopoulos...but Korbes & Golbin are right up at the top and I have always found Amanda Edge and Carrie Lee Riggins quite striking. Miranda Weese is gorgeous, she is in fact delectable...

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Jose Manuel Carreno - a very beautiful man.

Mikhail Baryshnikov - a name I thought would have been mention by now. Very handsome and sexy.

James Fayette - a handsome man in a Norman Rockwell, boy next door type way.

And seeing that no one said this was only limited to male ballet dancers:

Alvin Ailey - a strong masculine presence.

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"Ballet only" should be generally assumed on topics here (or I'd mention Rob Besserer. . .paging Nanatchka!) - the board is meant to give a place to discuss ballet without dilution by other topics.

We have an informal rule here about the introduction of non-ballet: The amount you're allowed to go off-topic is in direct proportion to the amount you're on-topic. Talk about ballet a lot, and we won't care if you talk about modern dance, flamenco or basketweaving on occasion. Come here mainly to talk about basketweaving and it's a problem.

Carry on!

Talking about dancers no longer dancing, I thought Peter Frame was handsome in a similar all-American boy way. To me, Jeff Edwards was beautiful rather than handsome, if that makes any sense.

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Talking about dancers no longer dancing, I thought Peter Frame was handsome in a similar all-American boy way.  To me, Jeff Edwards was beautiful rather than handsome, if that makes any sense.

Actually, I almost wasted a good chunk of one particular ballet class, lost in admiration of Paul Frame's profile. Beautiful nose! :devil:

Perfect sense about Jeff Edwards -- beautiful in an almost otherworldly way.

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Eddie Villella looks really REALLY cute in the old pictures I've seen of him. He seems full of personality and humor. Very attractive man.

I like guy guys. Damian Woetzel is very cute in person and I will be crushed if he retires from City Ballet while I still live here. He's my favorite.

I think it would be almost impossible to come up with any of those guys who AREN'T totally gorgeous. They all are. Short ones, tall ones, pretty ones, manly ones...I love them all.

Stricly by looks alone, no one is quite as handsome as Jose Manuel Carreno. Wow :)

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What about Gedemis Taranda? He was usually cast for "bad guy" roles at the Bolshoi, but he is ten times as good looking (and charismatic) as any of the heroes.

Irek Mukhamedov (at least when he's on stage)

Alexey Fadeyechev

Another Dane: Kenneth Greve

My list of personal favourites: Henning Kronstam, Erik Bruhn, Andris Liepa, Gedemis Taranda

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I am late in adding my vote but it would have to be Henning Kronstam. No photo does the man justice. As Romeo, those amazing dark eyes reached out to the last row of any theater! If I had to think of a second name, it would probably be Vasiliev.

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I think that so many beautiful men has crossed the stages all over the world, Kronstam was extremely beautiful in the poetic way, Martins in the more masculine way, but time doesnt stop there, in Copenhagen there have always been beautiful men on stage at the moment Blangstrup is rather goodlooking, Koelpin was as well. Hübbe is a wonderful and fascinating artist but i would not call him beautiful. Greve is also impressive. Sakurai, though small and young is not bad looking

Around the world I have always liked Rex Harrington, Roberto Bolle (not as a dancer), Jeffrey Edwards, Jesus Pastor.

I am sure i have forgotten someone but then again beauty is not that important, its just an extra little treat for us in the audience

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