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  1. Mary

    RDB Ballet Gala on Aug 21

    i just realised that quite a few people are waiting for my response. sorry about that first i would like to excuse for my mistake with names Galina Stepanenko and Nadejda Gracheva. actually i just did a copy/paste from the royal theaters homepage, so shame on them... any way i believe there should be a constant developpement in dance, it can be in perfecting the technique, telling the story better, playing with the music etc etc what happened at the gala in black swan was that i did not believe for one second she was a swan or he a prince in love. i know it is a gala, but one must think that the dancers would be invited because they are great interpretators of their roles. black swan in swan lake is a pd3 including rothbart, but naturally he is not present at galas. but then normally the prince does his place in the opening so the poor girl is not on her own. i feelhere there has been some progress even the russians should embrace. it looked slightly odd that he was just princing away while she was working as horse to get in the air. one other thing was her costume, maybe it shouldnt matter, but yet i think it does. if you walk on stage with an almost meterlong feather sticking out of your head it is hard not to look comic. and even if he is a prince does he have to wear more diamonds than the girl? and the fact that there was not a natural developpement between the pdd, variations and the coda ( codas since even that was cut into pieces ) where nothing happened at all, which ment that us in the audience were staring at an empty stage. also i felt that they just danced to the music they were not 100% on the music, the raffinement and nuances in the changes of character in her were completely lost, she gave the same value to everything: big big big. spassiba bolchoi :-) as to the dancing itself it was not bad at all, he jumped really high and she got around as many times as she could, but it was all very rough. as i said before not for one second did i believe what was going on on stage. but who am i to say all this, they are probably doing their best...
  2. Mary

    RDB Ballet Gala on Aug 21

    Getting a ticket to the gala proved to be a difficult thing, different sites said none was available others that there were. And when i finally sat in the audience, almost half the parterre was empty... I learned that a big sponsor, who had many free tickets, pulled out at a very late stage which is why there was such a big confusion since the theatre suddenly had tickets to something that was sold out... Anyway I had a wonderful evening. The absolute high's were Alina Cojocaru and Johan Kobborg in Voices of spring and Leanne Benjamin and Julio Bocca in Manon I am becomming more and more a fan of Ashton and Macmillan, I feel that a good technique combined with their excellent sense of fluidity and humble brilliance in the pdd's is getting more and more exciting to watch. The low's were Andrew Bowman in Corsaire and the Swedish contribution danced by Marie Lindquist, Anders Nordstrøm og Pascal Jansson. The dancers are not bad at all, but they seemed nervous and were not together several times. I saw the general where it was a lot more smooth. but the piece itself was one long preparation for pirouettes wheras the theme was an actual dinner between Jenny Lind, Bournonville and HC Andersen. An interesting subject but unfortunately we got no wiser at the and of the piece. Andrew Bowman has a beautiful physique, but has only that to offer. I am aware that he was called in on a short notice and that he most have been terrified to stand next to Paloma Herrera. But she is a strong dancer and he should be able to partner her with much more ease. As for his variation i have a hard time understanding why he aims too high in the tricks when the fact is he doesnt have the jump to make them impressive. I wonder who coaches him... As much as i am a fan of Nikolaj Hübbe i absolutely did not like the Duo Concertante. It is such an uneven and akward pdd. Silja Schandorff looked stunning as usual, but again with some real coaching she could shine even brighter. Even though i don't like the piece there is more to be found in the choreography than she managed. But bless them both, they are wonderful. Marie Agnés Gillot and Jose Martinez in the pdd from Diamonds were perfect, so perfect that I almost wanted to see them do something completely different. Mats Ek's Carmen maybe? Ripples danced by Zhu Yan and Sun Jie, was the most poetic moment of the whole evening. Nadeja Gracheva and Andrei Ouvarov danced black swan pdd. The only comment i have is: was i dreaming or were we back in the 40ies. I had no clue people stil dances like that. They were both really good and strong, but on the whole it was sooo outdated Lloyd Riggins found himself onstage with the most stunning creature Lucia Lacarra, she really impressed with her sense of style and frailty. Lloyd on the otherside has put on some weight since i saw him last, which made it sort of unlikely that she would ever fall in love with him. And dont give me the Neumeier analysis that its because it's true love... *S* From Vienna with love, Franziska Hollinek and Mihail Sosnovschi. She was formerly in RDB and he is presently one of the most beautiful men to have danced on Gamle Scene, a pity the piece didn't show them off better. During Napoli 3rd act, which was really, really danced well i kept on thinking that its a real shame that the danish mr B only created one ballet that is worthy to show at the end of an evening, because by now i think we all know the steps... Most interesting thing was to see Kobborg, Hübbe, Bocca, Martinez, Sosnovschi and Gillot all dressed in Napoli costumes fooling around at the tables. But an evening like this does put you on a high, and maybe i was seen dancing Napoli on my way home...
  3. Mary

    Kenneth Greve in London

    Jorgen, maybe my use of words are not correct, but i have rarely been so excited as when i saw Alina Cojocaru in swan lake, she is faboulous in onegin, despite her age. but the gift of dance she shows in swan lake and don q is stunning. i dont want to sound as if there is no real ballet in RDB, of course there is, i would just love for everybody to see Alina Cojocaru, i cant wait for the sylphide in london next year!
  4. these are wonderful news, congratulations to all!!!
  5. i want to see all the ballets in the new operahouse... as for sacre, "there can be only one" ;-) and for me its bejart's, but there is not enough men in rdb to do it, unfortunately. but again it would be wonderful to see everything in the new operahouse, one should never be afraid of changes. and should the rdb dance bournonville in paris, london, moscow, new york or the new operahouse, bournonville stays bournonville and we as an audience are seated much better!
  6. the POB has been saved twice in recent history, first by Serge Lifar and later by Nureyev. other than that it has the propably best school in the world and has produced a series of ballarinas and dancers the world has not been able to match in many ways. what is interesting about the POB NYCB and RB is that their schools are true to their styles. Which cannot be said about the RDB. well that is altogether another discussion. But as ever mr andersens choices are interestingly dull, it seems the dancers and their audience have bigger ambitions than their director. shouldnt it be the other way round?
  7. Mary

    Kermes in Brügge

    i dont have much to say about the new kermesse, just that i was about to fall a sleep. maria lund was good
  8. Mary

    where to sit at the Old Stage???

    i have always thought old stage beautiful and filled with charm, but fact is we almost all sit quite badly. so with the years passing by i have become a great dreamer of a new opera/ballet house. The new house is there now, but the opera won the battle big time and only a few ballets will be presented there. So...my big question about old stage is: since the house is never full, why not tear out the seats and put in fewer and better seats?
  9. Mary

    Award to Cecilie Lassen

    i think she looks lovely on stage, but i also feel she has a lot to learn. at her age its not enough to be talented. Talent is a rare gift, and should be used as a whip to push yourself further, the right make-up or hair do wont do the job
  10. Can anyone tell me how the festival will be? I cant be asked to go....
  11. Mary

    Kenneth Greve in London

    I think too that Zenaida found a real prince in Kenneth, and it would be wonderful for a danish audience to see what magic can happen between 2 dancers. i also think it is about time Johan Kobborg brought Alina Cojocaru to RDB to show what ballet is really about. So perfect that you just sit and watch the story with amazement. As much as i love the royal danish ballet, it is light years away from being able to present etoiles like Alina Cojocaru, Zenaida Yanowsky, Tamara Rojo just to name a few from the Royal ballet.
  12. the lady in red is Silja Schandorff, stunning as ever. as for the calender what is there to say... i go with the saying less is more, and as for the purity of Bournonvilles ballets it has all been drowned in overinterpretation in the photos. only good thing to say is at least there is a calendar and the hope that next year its better. i would like to see nice photos of the dancers showing them as dancers, like many companies around the world. with this calendar i want every month to last 10 seconds at least like that it would be over fast :-) i might be very wrong in my opinion, too old fashioned but i think its important that everything a company like the royal danish ballet produces should be of a top level of quality. but after all its just a calendar, its not going to change the world :-)
  13. Mary

    Most Handsome Male Dancer(s)

    one to look out for is Kristoffer Sakurai, soloist of the Royal Danish ballet!!! :-)
  14. Mary

    What is wong with A Folk Tale

    I am not at all against the idea of Hübbe in the post as director. the only thing i want to say is as always: if the right one was around he or she would already be in the seat. And when it comes to kermessen lets not even start... we can only hope that the new production they are planning will turn dissaster to succes :-)
  15. Mary

    Ballet at Kastellet

    I too saw the the presentation at Kastellet, i love the surroundings, the whole idea of outdoor ballet, I think we can discuss forever weather or not it is a good idea, but the fact that all theese people show up proves that people have no problem with either the surrounding nor the idea. but i do still believe improvement could be done, the sound department is still not up to standard with the dancing and the orchestras performance. And personally i would love for the stage and sets to be completely in white instead of this black plastic building which tend to look like a big garbagebin. Not that the dancing is to be called trash! I think the dancers looked very fresh and already in rather good shape. Fest Polonaise is a wonderful piece and is much too neglected in the royal danish rep, as is Lander's other ballets. Things to be said about the dancing was that instruction left the dancers much too light, thinking that it is after all a polonaise one would expect more heaviness in certain movements. Bojesen is a wonderful dancer with streamlined movements but for this piece one misses a bit the glamour and brilliance to bring it to a higher level. Thomas Lund is equally a very nice dancer with a very nice ballon in his jumps but has over a certain time build up some bad manners which takes away the pure joy of just watching great male dancing. It is evident he is trying to put on a more mature act, but maturity should not be acted. And i wish he would use other shoes, he has always had nice feet but they are not in their right with his choice of shoes. After this there was one of the pas de deux from Anna Karenina, i am not a big fan of this ballet but both Lindström and Blangstrup looked every bit their characters as they looked stunning. Napoli was "sung" by a singer from the opera, nice singing but i just wanted dance. Luckily on stage was Bojesen together with Kristoffer Sakurai. I have to add him on my list of the most beautiful dancers i have ever seen. His dancing is developping extremely well and his understanding of the roles he is dancing is very natural. Just a pity that we didn't get to see more of him and his dancing. The 2 peices by Lousie Midjord did unfortunately not impress me, i feel she has difficulty with the transition from the workshop environment to the stage. I like her vocabulary but she needs to be more daring. The rest of the programme remained as usual presentation of the companys rep for this season. There IS a lot of Bournonville this season and I feel the dancers look ready for the challenge. The important thing now is for the direction to assemble all this power within the company in top quality productions with top quality instructors and I think this is the real challenge for the Royal Danish Ballet. all for now