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  1. Frank Augustyn, I can't believe no one is mentioning him.
  2. Ah! After a bit of digging around online, I found some "latest" information about Plisetskaya. Maya Plisetskaya Master Class October 1997 http://www.sk-kultur.de/dancescreen99/competition/049.htm Article issued in 2000 (in russian) [anyone knows Russian? ] http://www.rusglobus.net/rg_ru/abroad/GZL/plisetskaya.htm I, Maya Plisetskaya.(Excerpt) Dance Magazine, Oct, 2001 http://www.findarticles.com/cf_dls/m1083/1...cle.jhtml?term= Maya Plisetskaya - Biography from The International Maya Plisetskaya and Rodion Shchedrin Foundation's website (sort of a time line up to yr 2000) http://www.shchedrin.de/plisetskaya_index_lebenslauf_e.htm
  3. I jus read an article online about Maya Plisetskaya. It mentioned that her latest performance (I assume it was the last?) was in 1996, she was at the age of 71. Does anyone know anything about that particular performance? Where and what did she perform? Is she retired from the stage completely or is she into teaching?
  4. Thanks everyone for your input, it sounds like I have a lot of digging around to do and find all those wonderful clips!
  5. I would go for every single great performance in the last 40 years....the limit of 10 just wouldn't cut it for me...
  6. Maybe I missed it somewhere along the line, I don't seem to find any topic regarding Romeo and Juliet in this forum. So far I have seen the ones with Nureyev & Fonteyn filmed in 1966, and with Ferri & Eagling filmed in 1984. I am also aware that there's one with Corella and Ferri filmed in 2000, which I haven't seen yet. I'm wondering if there are other Romeo & Juliet video out there with different ballet company or dancers... Ferri makes a wonderful Juliet without question. I couldn't help feeling that there was a lack of passion or any sparks going between Ferri's Juliet and Eagling's Romeo, maybe it's just me, I just feel something was missing... :shrug: Have anyone seen the video with Corella and Ferri and any other version???
  7. dancemomCA, I'm also in Ottawa, ON. "The Company" was playing at Bytowne at the last two weeks of Feb, I hope you didn't miss it....
  8. Speaking of Anastasia Volochkova, I was watching a video I borrowed from the library today. It's a documentry made by CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) in 1998, named "Tarnished Glory of The Kirov Ballet", and by accident I found out that they were interviewing Anastasia when she was 20, on her way to her stardom. She seemed so humble and shy, very soft-spoken, which is totally different from what I see in the news about her incident with Bolshoi. She just got her passport taken away (http://www.chron.com/cs/CDA/ssistory.mpl/ae/2451900) , it sounds like she's in for some big troubles.
  9. Andris Liepa is definitely one of my famous Russian ballet male dancers. I first saw him in a documentry of Bolshoi Ballet made in 1986 or 87, he was dancing with Nina Ananiashvili. They were just making their ways to be the principle dancers of the company. At the end of the documentry, it shows clips of Giselle they performed together in 1986, it was just beautiful....
  10. Thank you for the wonderful stories of Nureyev from all of you. It's funny that I just started to read "Nureyev, his life" by Diane Solway, and according to the information I gathered from the book, and by looking at the pictures, it striked me that the race of tartar is more related to Asian, with the family history traced all the way down to the 16th century when the Mongolian invaded and ruled most of Russia and Europe. I have never seen Nureyev on stage, but he brought Paris Opera Ballet with him to Hong Kong at the beginning of the 90's. The 3-minute interview I saw on TV was closest I got to this famous dancer.
  11. I noticed that the original post for Karen Kain is like 3 years back, however, if you would like to see more documentry or video clips of Karen since she was 20, you may go to CBC's website at http://archives.cbc.ca/300c.asp?id=1-68-1002 There's a clip of her dancing with Frank as well!
  12. MakarovaFan, I found it interesting to see Maximova and Vasiliev dancing together when they were 13, in "The Glory of Bolshoi". It also includes a solo danced by Maximova when she was a teenager. Good luck in finding the video.
  13. I tend to agree with Mel about Nureyev. It's not that I don't like him, he was great was he was at his peak, he had precise control and balance, and everything seemed effortless (mostly in the 1960's). My father has been a hardcore fan of Nureyev since he was a teenager, for him Nureyev is "God". However, I cannot bring myself to agree with him. I was rather disappointed at some of the ballet videos that Nureyev was in, such as Giselle with Lynn Seymour, filmed in 1979.
  14. Part of Marguerite & Armand is also included in the video "Nureyev" directed by Patricia Foy in 1991. It is a version that was performed by Nureyev and Fonteyn on stage in 1977. I thought it was quite interesting and different to see this ballet on stage. By the way, the video I mentioned above is very fascinating, if you can find a copy in your local library, I highly recommended it.
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